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Sell My Car in Hanover Park, IL

Sell My Car in Hanover Park, IL

Is it finally time to sell that broken-down car sitting in your backyard? Are you tired of paying car insurance for a car that won’t run?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Are you sick of looking at the rusted van sitting in your garage?

Cash Cars Buyer is here to buy the cars that you no longer want. We offer top dollar as well as free towing!

We Are Local to Your Area and Offer Cash for Cars!

Here in Hanover Park, IL, you have choices when it comes to selling your car. Our coverage areas include 60133 as well as 60193. Our agents are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable about car buying. So, you can count on warm and welcoming car buying experts from the beginning of your car selling experience, to the very end!

Additionally, our free junk car removal is definitely an added bonus that just about all of our customers love. How convenient we make it to junk any car for top dollar!

All you have to do is provide us with a few details about your car for a stellar cash offer!


Can I Sell My Car for Parts?

Over half of car can be recycled. Therefore, the answer is yes! Check out some of the parts and assets of car that can be recycled!

  1. Used engine oil– Old motor oil can be cleaned and reused.
  2. Tires– Did you know that the old tires of a car can be repurposed into asphalt for roads and highways?
  3. Plastics– Many of the plastics of an old car can be reprocessed into tools and valuable items for others as well as environment.
  4. Old transmissions and engines– In the hands of an experienced mechanic, both old transmissions and old engines can be rebuilt!
  5. Cracked and broken auto glass– The broken and cracked glass from your junk car can be turned into new glass bottles and fiberglass insulation.

I Want to Sell My Car. What Steps Must I Take?

Once you decide to sell your junk or damaged car, you must follow a series of steps, according to the state of Illinois.

  1. Take off the license plates on your junk car and place them somewhere safe.
  2. Secondly, you must give the car buyer a signed, dated and valid title certificate at the time of sale. Both you and the buyer must complete the title assignment section.
  3. Move on now to filling out a Notice of Sale form which is attached to the bottom of the title. After completing it, be sure to mail that in to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  4. Take the time to exchange contact information with your car buyer.  Then take the time to complete and prepare a bill of sale.
  5. After filling out the Seller’s Report of Sale (Form VSD 703), take it to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department too. This document releases you as the liable party for the sale of the car.
  6. Have you damaged or lost the original car title and need a duplicate title? Illinois can help with that. Click here to learn more.

Can I Sell My Damaged Car Without the Car Title?

Although we prefer that you have the car title, we understand that in certain situations, you may not able to get the original or a duplicate car title. So, please be sure that you have a valid driver’s license or picture ID as well as a valid car registration at the time of sale.

Need more information? Contact us today and let’s discuss getting your car sold, and cash in your hands, fast!

How Much Money Will I Get Once I Sell my Car Fast?

This depends on the year, make, model and condition of your car. Cash Cars Buyer takes into account a variety of factors when we make you an offer on your car.

Some of the factors we look at include:

  1. The location of the car.
  2. Wholesale value of your car.
  3. The amount (if any) of body damage on the car.
  4. The mechanical and electrical problems the car may have.
  5. The current market demand for your vehicle.
  6. The amount of mileage on the car as well as other factors.

As a licensed, bonded and insured car buying company, you can be assured that the price we offer you, will be one that won’t be beat by others. Begin the process of selling your car by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Cash for Cars

  1. Can I get at least $500 for my car? Again, this depends on lots of factors surrounding your particular car. We will offer you the best price on your car, guaranteed.
  2. Will you really haul my car away for free? Not only will we tow your car away for free, but we will even handle all of the documentation for you!
  3. What is the first thing I do? First, type in your car’s information using our online tool.
  4. What kinds of questions will you ask? Our questions will center around the condition of your car. The information will help to create a great cash offer for you!
  5. After the questions you ask, how long will it take for me to get an offer on my car? Once we have the answers to the questions we asked, you will have a cash offer on your car in under a minute!
  6. Then what happens? When you accept our offer, we will make plans to visit you at your Hanover Park, IL home, for an in-person inspection of your car!
  7. Then will I get the cash? When we have completed our in-person examination and you’re happy, we will put cash in your hands!
  8. What fees do you charge? There are no hidden fees! Processing fees? No! Hauling fees? Never! We will never charge you fees, to sell your car to us!
  9. OK, what number do I dial to sell my car today? Just dial 773-791-4363! Let’s get your car sold and cash in your hands, fast!