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How to Get the Most Cash for a Car in Tulsa OK

How to Get the Most Cash for a Car in Tulsa OK

Hey there, welcome to the ultimate guide for getting cash for cars in Tulsa. If you’re like most people with a vehicle for sale, you likely have a few questions. Such as what paperwork is required, who’s buying, and how to get top dollar. Well, great news, because in this article, we’re going to cover those in detail, and MUCH more.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The Quick Answer

Start by gathering the required forms. Including an Oklahoma title, proof of insurance, and an odometer disclosure. Depending on the vehicle’s age and the number of miles, consider selling to a dealer, private party, or scrapyard. For a quick sale, make sure it’s clean and mechanically sound. 


But what if I don’t have a title? What if my car is less than perfect? What if I already tried selling it, but nobody was interested? Whoa, take a moment to relax.  Ask yourself this question: “what would Oklahoma born and raised country music megastar Garth Brooks do?” He’d most likely grab a Pina Colada (or two) and continue reading. We suggest you do the same.


Who are We? We’re the Fastest Way to Obtain Cash for Cars in Tulsa, OK

Before we get into the conventional methods of selling a car for cash in Tulsa, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We’re CashCarsBuyers, and as our name suggests, we pay cash for cars. We don’t care about their condition, the number of miles they have, or whether they have a clean title.

Here’s how simple it is:


Step 1. Head to our site here and choose “Get Instant Offer.”

Step 2. Enter some basic info to help us identify your vehicle.

Step 3. In less than 1-minute, you’ll receive an estimate on its value.

Step 4. Once you accept the offer, our experts will schedule a quick at-home inspection.

Step 5. If everything matches up, we’ll pay you cash on the spot and tow it away for FREE!


Yes, you read that correctly. In less than 24-hours, you can sell your vehicle for a pocket full of cash, AND we’ll tow it away free of charge. Why wait? Oh, right, the “less-convenient” alternatives. Here’s who else pays cash for cars in Tulsa, OK (albeit not as quickly).


The Conventional Buyers Paying Cash for Cars in Tulsa – Should you Sell a Car for Scrap?

tulsa junk car buyers tulsa, ok

You’ve heard these names before – dealers, private buyers, and scrapyards.  But, do you know the specifics about each?  Like which vehicles they typically find interest in, and why?  Let’s review to ensure you’re spending your time most efficiently.


  • Dealers

There’s no shortage of dealers in Tulsa, especially in the 74145 area. Take a ride down S Memorial Dr, and there are more than a dozen slick-talking lots just waiting for their next victim. But, is that really how you want to spend your day, week, or month? We didn’t think so. But if you do, let’s make sure you know what to consider.


Dealers are in it for one thing – profit. Because of this, you’ll never receive an offer as competitive as what you might get through a private buyer. One of the main reasons many decide on going through a dealership is the convenience. As soon as you arrive, you’ll get swept away by a salesperson hoping to coerce you into a replacement, rather than just a sale. If you only want to sell your vehicle, a stern “NO” (or twelve) should do it. Once they determine you solely want to sell, they should produce an offer rather quickly. After that, you’ll sign a few forms and be on your way.


Dealers have several methods for coming up with their values. These include Kelly Blue Book and NADA Guides (which we’ll cover in the next section). They also look at how many similar models have sold in the area (typically a 500-mile radius). What type of cars do dealers usually purchase? Newer ones, no more than 10-years old that have less than 100,000 miles. Why? Because it’s much harder to get someone approved through a bank on an older, high-mileage unit. If they do make an offer on an older car, it’s likely for a reduced value, a solid reason to check out our pricing section further in this article.


You should also be aware that dealers rarely offer same-day payment due to the number of departments involved. Expect to wait several weeks before a check gets cut.  If there is a same-day option, it will likely be at a smaller lot with fewer hoops to jump through.


  • Private Party

Here’s where you’ll find the highest paying buyers. Why? Because cutting out the middle man means you can sell your car closer to retail rather than a trade value. The flip-side is that it usually takes more time to complete the sale. Is there a chance you’ll get lucky and find a buyer right away? Sure, but you’ll still need to account for the time it takes to prepare your vehicle, market it, and meet with buyers. The more likely scenario is that you’ll spend a few days answering inquiries, and several more before meeting anyone willing to make an offer.


One of the main things that lead to a successful private sale is your ability to market your vehicle. Thankfully, further in the article, we’ll cover the basics on how to do so using online listing sites like Craigslist. The other thing is the condition of the vehicle. The last thing a private buyer wants is to find themselves with someone else’s headache. For this reason, you should make your car as presentable as possible to create an emotional connection with shoppers.


What type of car sells well through private buyers? Any kind, so long as you’re honest in your listing. When is it better to sell a car privately rather than to a dealer? When it’s an older model with higher miles. Dealers tend to keep units that are newer than 10-years old, with less than 100,000 miles. Why? Because they’re easier to finance. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t list a newer vehicle. You’ll merely have more competition. Dealers typically offer a few things a private party cannot, like certification and help with documentation. Consider listing it below retail to stay competitive.


When you do meet with a potential buyer, you need to keep yourself safe. Be sure to let friends and family know if you plan to show your vehicle.  Or bring someone along. You should also always meet somewhere public, preferably in the daytime.


  • Scrapyards

And then there are scrapyards, the last resort method to getting cash for cars in Tulsa.  Why?  Because scrapyards deal in exactly that, scrap.  By selling to one, you’re acknowledging a simple truth, that your car is likely junk.  What do we mean by junk?  That it’s worth more when its parts are sold separately and the metal is melted down for repurposing.


The main factor behind the price you get at a scrapyard is the size of your vehicle.  Why?  Because the bigger it is, the more it weighs, meaning the more metal there is.  For this reason, trucks, vans, and full-size SUVs will yield the largest return over a smaller sedan.  Be sure to watch the current price of scrap metal to ensure you’re not selling during a low-point.


When is it a solid idea to consider a scrapyard for getting cash for a car in Tulsa?  When you have something with major mechanical issues, lots of body damage, or something with a salvaged title.  Other reasons include high-mileage or advanced age (think more than 150,000 miles or older than 15-years).  Regardless, you should always exhaust other options before choosing this route.


Be sure to only go through a licensed yard to ensure you don’t end up getting scammed.


Prepare Ahead of Time to Get the Most Cash for a Car in Tulsa


Now that we’ve covered who pays cash for cars in Tulsa, OK.  Let’s examine how to prepare your vehicle to ensure you get the most for it.


  • Clean Cars Attract

The first step in preparing a car for sales should include a wash inside and out.  You can do this yourself at home, or simply run it through a laser wash.  For the interior, be sure to vacuum the floors and seating surfaces, and wipe down the dashboard.  You can also hire a professional service for between $50 to $250 if it’s more of a chore than you’d like to handle on your own.


  • Mechanical Condition

Private buyers love it when they look at a car that doesn’t have issues. Be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic so you can provide the results to anyone viewing it. If you’re selling to a dealer, this is also a great way to ensure you don’t end up getting charged too much. An engine light signals a potential risk, and you’re likely to end up with a lower offer because of it. For this reason, if there’s a cost-effective fix, it might be a solid idea to have it resolved.


  • Price Matters

Price is likely the most critical factor behind finding a buyer, and if anyone says otherwise – don’t believe them. Thankfully, several online tools make this a breeze, mainly Kelly Blue Book and NADA Guides. The great thing about these two services is that every dealer and private buyer in the country uses them.


Start by entering the year, make, model, and trim package of your vehicle, as well as the zip code of your area.  As an example, a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT located in 74133.  Once you’ve done that, a set of values will show. For NADA, these include trade and retail amounts. For KBB, they range from fair to excellent. So long as you’re honest about what you’re selling, you should be able to come up with a price that matches what buyers might expect.


If some time goes by and you’re not having much luck, consider dropping the price a small amount. Many people use search filters as they browse, and a modest decrease may put your vehicle in their range.


Marketing your Vehicle – Craigslist in Tulsa Makes it Easy

Car For Sale tulsa

Marketing a car for sale is simple in 2020 thanks to online listing sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. The two main things to keep in mind are that buyers love having an adequate amount of data. For this reason, you should list a decent number of high-quality photos. Including a detailed description of the vehicle mentioning both the highlights and any issues.


For a detailed guide into getting cash for cars in Tulsa on Craigslist, check out our previous article here.


The Paperwork – Make Sure you Have these Documents Before Seeking a Car Scrapyard Quote


Now that you know who the buyers are, how to prepare your car, and how to market it. Let’s review the documents needed to finalize a sale.


  • Title of Ownership

The first, and most essential form, is the title, which proves that you’re the registered owner of the vehicle. The owner of a car is the only one that has the right to transfer ownership to another person (to sell it). For this reason, you need to locate it to complete the sale. The current mileage must get written on the title.  Otherwise, you’ll also need to provide an odometer disclosure. When you sign the title over to the new owner, you should then get it notarized, which will allow the buyer to register it in their name.


  • Payoff Verification

You can’t get cash for a car in Tulsa if it still has a lien on it. For this reason, you need to pay the balance in full first. With that completed, the bank will give you a payoff verification form that allows you to transfer ownership.


  • Bill of Sale

While not required, a bill of sale is a great way to protect yourself in case legal issues come up at any point.  It does two things, it confirms the transfer of the title, and serves as proof of contract.  It should include the names of both parties, the date, the sale price, and a description of the vehicle.


Put on your Salesperson Hat – Or, Consider CashCarsBuyers for a Competitive Amount of Cash for a Junk Car, Clean Car, Any Car

Cash Cars Buyer


If you’ve made it this far, then you should have everything needed to obtain cash for a car in Tulsa. Depending on the age of the vehicle, the condition, and the number of miles. You can decide between a dealer, a private buyer, or a scrapyard. If you do choose a dealer or private party, you should have a full understanding of how to make your car presentable, how to price it, as well as how to market it. Once you’ve found a buyer, you should also know of all the required forms to complete the sale.


Then there’s the easiest way – CashCarsBuyers. As we mentioned above, our goal is to take the hassle out of selling a car. We aim to put cash in your hand in as little as 24-hours, and we’ll even tow it away for free. Why wait? Head to our site today for a free 1-minute quote. You can also contact us directly at (844)-663-7286.