We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Sell My Car in Glenview, IL

Sell My Car in Glenview, IL

Are you ready to sell the clunker disturbing your peace? Cash Cars Buyer is the ultimate car buying company operating here in Glenview, IL. We buy all kinds of cars and offer top dollar for each.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Do you need to get rid of the non-running junk car sitting in the garage? Are you sick and tired of looking at the three-wheeled SUV sitting in the backyard with the busted windshield? Then it’s time to call us today to exchange those clunkers for cash!

Can I Really Sell My Car for Cash?

You sure can! Cash Cars Buyer is a licensed, bonded and insured company, ready to tow those eyesores taking up space on your property, for free! We don’t even care if your cars are running or not. You can still get cool cash for those vehicles that cause so much distress.

Have you recently decided to visit a local Glenview junkyard and sell your car there? Although a viable option, you may wish to reconsider. Let’s say you call the junkyard first, to get an estimate for your car. You describe the car in great detail and the owner of the junkyard is confident about giving you a price you agree to. So, you and your car make way to the junkyard. Once seeing the car, the junkyard owner now offers you a lot less for the car. This angers you and now you have to arrange for your car to be towed either to another lot, or back home. Either way, you have to pay to have your car hauled away. This old “bait and switch” tactic lots of junkyard owners use is not only unethical, but unfair to you as the car seller. So, now all you have to show for the day are towing receipts and frustration for having your day wasted.

Cash Cars Buyer will not play “bait and switch” games with you nor waste your time. You can use our online tool to get an offer for your car now!  For each of our valued customers, we offer a straightforward and honest estimate of your car’s worth. You are never under any obligation to accept it. But we think you’ll like what you see.  So, call us today and let’s get cash for your car now!

I Can Sell My Car on Craigslist

You sure can, but there is some work that comes with that. If you have opted to sell your car on Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter, keep reading. The first thing that you need to do, is take great pictures of your car. You need at least ten great pics. Secondly, you or someone else need to write a description about the car. You have to include all of the information potential buyers need to buy your car. Thirdly, you have to post your ad and make it stand out in the “sea of online car ads.”

Don’t forget about the scammers who make it their job to swindle people out of their money.

Cash Cars Buyer eliminates the need for pictures, ad descriptions and online postings. We do the work to buy your car! You never have to pay a fee, or wait for a buyer for your clunker. We want it, and will come to you to get it!  In fact, our Glenview, IL coverage area includes: 60016, 60025, 60026, 60029, 60062 and 60082.  So, ditch the pictures and ad paragraph and give us a call and get cash for your junk car now!

I Want to Sell My Non-Drivable Car, But Where Do I Start?

You should start with the Illinois SOS. In order to sell your car here in Glenview, IL, there are a series of steps car owners must follow. Check out what must be done below:

  1. First, take off the license plates from the car and put them somewhere safe.
  2. Move on to obtaining a title certificate and get it validated, dated and signed.
  3. Next, be sure to fill out a Notice of Sale form which is found at the bottom of the title.
  4. Double check to make sure that you filled out the Notice of Sale form is filled out completely. If it isn’t, the Illinois SOS will send it back to you, holding up your car selling experience.
  5. Then, make that Notice of Sale to the IL Secretary of State (SOS).
  6. Now is the time for you to get the contact information of the car buyer and be sure that he or she has your contact information too.
  7. Moving forward, it’s now time to prepare a bill of sale.
  8. Once finished, make a copy of that bill of sale for your records and then give that bill of sale to the new car buyer. Need more assistance or have other questions? Feel free to click here to connect with the Illinois SOS.

OK, I Am Ready to Sell My Car for Cash and an Instant Quote!

Great! Check out the steps below to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer:

  1. First, enter your car’s information using our easy and convenient online tool.
  2. Second, give us a call so we can introduce ourselves to you and ask a few questions about your car!
  3. Then we will evaluate your answers, and offer you an estimate on your car in less than a minute!
  4. Once you accept our offer, we will make an appointment to come inspect your car at your Glenview, IL home!
  5. When we arrive, we will examine your car from all angles and areas.
  6. When all is well and you’re happy with our services, you will have the cool cash placed in your hands! Did we mention that we also offer free towing?  Oh yes, we do!

I Want to Sell My Car Today!

That is great news! We want to buy it today! Cash Cars Buyer offers our customers a pleasant car selling experience. You are never under any pressure or obligation to sell us your car. Our Glenview, IL agents are experienced, knowledgeable about car buying and will be happy to answer any question you have! So, say “goodbye” to that rusted out two-seater! It’s time to haul the two-wheeled van away! Contact Cash Cars Buyer for the quick and cool cash you need for your car, now!

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