We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Sell My Car in Cicero, IL

Sell My Car in Cicero IL

Cash Cars Buyer offers top cash dollar for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and crossover vehicles. Cicero, IL residents can receive free towing of their car and quick cash!

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

Are you ready to rid your home of that jalopy in the driveway? Are you sick and tired of that old SUV in the backyard? No problem! We will buy your car and offer you quick cash for it! No hassles or gimmicks!

Sell Your Car INSTANTLY in Cicero, IL!

Cash Cars Buyer is right here in Cicero, IL. Our agents are friendly, fast, and knowledgeable about the car buying experience. You could instantly sell your car and receive cash with no out-of-pocket costs to you. Acquiring junk cars isn’t just a hobby to us; it’s a lifestyle.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured company in the auto buying business, we use the most advanced measures and know-how to reduce the environmental impact of old automobiles effectively. We take our business seriously and work diligently to make sure all auto parts are appropriately disposed of or recycled.

The secret to our success is treating each customer as a valued client. This means you will get the most cash for your car. That's our promise. Contact us today for an instant quote for your car, which means an immediate sale of your car!

We Buy Any Used Car, Used Truck, or SUV

Have you been thinking about selling your junk car to a junkyard? Before doing so, here are some things to consider. Some junkyards are happy to buy a car and will offer a customer an estimate on the phone. But, once that car and the car owner arrive at the junkyard, the estimate given over the phone isn’t the same estimate stated in person. This old practice of “bait and switch” is not only unfair but unethical. Junkyards will also put stipulations on the kinds of cars they will take. For example, they may look at your car and tell you that it has certain things that don’t meet their criteria. Now, your time and money have been wasted.

Cash Cars Buyer isn’t in the business of playing games. We purchase all kinds of vehicles. Those include cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and even crossovers made between 2000 and 2018.

Sell Your Junk Car or Truck for Instant Cash Now!

Here in Cicero, IL, a car seller must follow some guidelines Illinois has in place. First, you must remove the vehicle’s license plate. After that, you are required to give the car buyer a signed, valid, and dated title certificate. Then, you must complete a Notice of Sale form attached to the bottom of the title and mail that into the IL Secretary of State (SOS).

During the sale of your car, you may want to exchange contact information with the buyer. Illinois requires a Bill of Sale is filled out. It is a good idea for you to have a copy of your records too. After you've done all of this, you must send a completed Seller's Report of Sale, also known as Form VSD 703, to the IL SOS Vehicle Services Department. Click here to learn more.

Cash Cars Buyer will buy your junk car once all paperwork is in place. Selling your car may seem like a costly or time-consuming process. But it is worth it.  We want to make your car-selling experience awesome! When all paperwork is completed and submitted, you can get an instant offer for your vehicle!

We Offer the Best Value for Your Car

Maybe you have an old van sitting in your driveway that won't start. That may be a junk car. Perhaps you have a two-seater that is missing a door. So, what is a junk car? A junk car is a vehicle that costs more to repair, than it is worth, or the owner is able to pay for repair. Regardless of the condition of your junk car, we will offer you the best value for your car.

Even with that two-seater's missing door, or that non-running van, we will give you the best offer for both! We don't care about the condition of your car. Contact us and we will offer you top dollar for even the most beat-up and worn-down car!


Sell Your Car Fast with Quick Offer!

You may have been thinking about selling your car online. Although a good idea, there's much that must be done when selling on Facebook, Cicero, IL Craigslist, and other online marketplaces.  First, you have to take pictures of your car. Then, you have to write an excellent description of your car. You have to let potential buyers know everything that is wrong with your car. Then, you have to post that ad online and wait for a buyer. Waiting and selling could take days, weeks, and even months. Do you have that long to wait for cash for your car?

Cash Cars Buyer eliminates that wait to sell your car. We offer a quick sale of your vehicle with a fast cash offer! Forget waiting for days, weeks, or months to sell your car. Once you contact us, we can set up a time to see your car fast, then make you a quick offer!

Contact Cash Cars Buyer for Quality Deal on Your Car!

Cash Cars Buyer realizes that you have choices when it comes to getting cash for your car. You can sell it on Facebook or to the local junkyard.


You could even sell it in front of your home by sticking a “for sale” sign on it. But we have a better option for you: call us and get an instant offer as well as a quality deal!

Once you have entered your car's information, we will contact you and give you an honest assessment of your vehicle. Once you accept it, we will schedule a time to come and inspect your car at your Cicero, IL home. Our process is a simple one:

  • Receive an estimate and offer in under a minute.
  • After you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to come and inspect your car.
  • After the analysis of your car and everything looks good, you will have cash in your hands!

So, why not call us today? You have nothing to lose, but that ugly junk car! Say goodbye to that jalopy and hello to awesome and fantastic cash now!

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