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Nissan Transmission Problems- Everything You Need To Know

Nissan Transmission Problems

Nissan offers a very popular car brand. They are very stylish and affordable cars. Despite all of this, hundreds of Nissan owners have been complaining about their transmissions slipping. Some individuals have stated that they have needed two transmission replacements for their cars under 130,000 miles. The transmission system is essential for the car to function properly. The transmission system is very efficient and always working to ensure your car runs properly.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The transmission allows the car to move forward when it’s moved into gear. If you start experiencing Nissan transmission problems, you could be facing some very expensive repair costs. Additionally, if this goes on for too your car could completely shut down. You might be wondering how much does it cost to repair your Nissan transmission? A mechanic will be able to give you a price quote so you can financially plan for the future. If you need to repair your Nissan transmission, you should plan on spending anywhere from $1,800 to $3,400. 


The History Of Nissan


This car company was founded in 1911 in Tokyo. When it first started, the majority of cars were trucks. This is because passenger cars were almost non-existent at this point. So, the company first focused on the production of its trucks. They started producing trucks for the military. As time went on, they started outsourcing different parts with the United States and that is how the partnership began. Once they built this relationship with the United States, they started selling their Nissan models worldwide. 


In the last decade, Nissan has been experiencing transmission problems with many of their models. For example, the Nissan Altima had the worst year in 2013 with their transmissions. The most common Nissan transmission problem was happening at 53,000 miles. Now, we all know that if your car is at that mileage, it is way too soon for your transmission to start failing. You haven’t driven your car much at all at 53,000 miles. That year was a rough year for Nissan as they experienced many transmission problems. 


Nissan Rogue Transmission Problems


The Nissan Rogue is one of their premier vehicles. It is a very popular car that you will see on the roadways. Owners have recently started to complain about this car having transmission problems. These owners have experienced acceleration difficulties that cannot permanently be repaired. They have also explained that their transmissions are making a humming sound. These owners have become very frustrated with the dealerships as well.


 The dealerships are claiming that there is no such problem with their Nissan Rogue transmission. They are telling owners that the transmission functions normally. This is happening because the Nissan transmission problems are difficult for them to reproduce. These owners are experiencing things such as transmission slipping and gear shifting. These are clear signs of transmission problems, but the dealership is not being receptive to this information. 


Nissan Rogue owners are able to get covered while they are still under warranty, but they are concerned for the time when their vehicle is outside of warranty. This has been an ongoing problem for years now. This creates further frustration with these car owners and many of them decide to sell their vehicle. When they go to sell their cars, they realize how much their Nissan Rogue has depreciated as their transmission problems continue. 


Nissan Sentra Transmission Problems


The Nissan Sentra is another common car that Nissan sells. This vehicle has come with great uncertainty in recent years in terms of its transmission. The faulty transmissions are typically determined based upon the year it was manufactured. In 2013, the Nissan Sentra saw its worst year. This year had the highest complaint numbers of any other vehicle on the road. This was a very overwhelming issue for Nissan. The majority of the customer complaints were due to Nissan transmission problems. 


Customers reported that their Nissan Sentra would start revving and the engine would start jerking around 70,000 miles. Many individuals had to get their transmissions replaced due to this issue. No car owner should have to replace their transmission after 70,000 miles. That is not many miles in terms of cars and the lifespan of transmissions. With many individuals fed up and angry with this issue, the 2012-2017 Sentra vehicles are subject to a class action. 


There was one claim filed in late 2017 due to transmission problems. As customers continue to complain about their Nissan transmission problems, Nissan tightens up the rules on filing a claim. Nissan has created a specific timeline for when you are allowed to file a claim before your ownership rights are limited. It is important to reach out to a Nissan dealership to determine when you can file a claim about your Nissan Sentra’s failing transmission. 


Nissan Versa Transmission Problems


The Nissan Versa is another model that car owners have complained about transmission problems. Many of the newer Versa models have the Nissan CVT transmission. This transmission is supposed to function better than their previous ones. The CVT transmission has no fixed gears. So, what does this mean? This means that there are no traditional gears that run from the first to the sixth. This system uses two pulleys that connect to each other through a belt. This is used instead of the traditional gears you will see in other transmissions. These pulleys connect to the engine and to the transmission. 


While Nissan has seen fewer problems with this transmission, there are still pros and cons to it. Some of the benefits of this type of transmission are that the car will adjust the best rev-range for your driving situation, it is more fuel-efficient, and there is no need to change gears, which means it drives smoothly. One disadvantage to this transmission is that the car will quickly get to a rev point and stay there so it can feel like the clutch is slipping. When this happens, it might feel like you are experiencing Nissan transmission problems. Another disadvantage is that it can be more difficult at times to gain faster speeds.


Some individuals who own a Nissan Versa have complained of leaking fluid, a burning smell, grinding or shaking, and a clunking noise coming from their car. All of these signs point to transmission problems. The Nissan Vesa transmissions are supposed to last on average between 130,000 to 180,000 miles. Individuals are experiencing issues around 70,000. This has become a large problem for Nissan dealerships. Many customers have looked into selling their Nissan Versa models to purchase a completely different car. 


Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems


The worst year for the Nissan Pathfinder was in 2005. Nissan experienced the worst transmission problems during this year for this model of car. The most common Pathfinder transmission problems were costing individuals about $3,900 to fix. Additionally, this was occurring when their car reached about 109,000 miles. Many individuals were reporting their transmission failures at 90,000 miles. No one expects to have transmission problems this early on when you first purchase a new car. 


Individuals who were experiencing transmission failure this year were complaining of coolant leaks in their transmission as well as a burning smell. When this occurs, very bad issues could arise. If your transmission does not have enough fluid running throughout the system, the transmission could overheat. This happens because the parts are not getting properly lubricated and they cause friction. This is also why you might start to smell something burning. If your transmission overheats, it could completely stop working. This will affect the overall function of your car. Your car will most likely stop working if this happens. 


As listed above, these repairs are very expensive. Some individuals had to replace their transmission twice already at an average cost of $4,000. That might be more expensive than your car's overall worth. If you are deciding whether to fix your Nissan transmission problems, you should always determine what your car is worth first. If the repairs are more expensive than the worth of your car, you should not spend the money to fix it. 


Nissan Altima Transmission Problems


The Nissan Altima had their worst transmission problems between 2007-2011. The problems that individuals were facing were a slight hesitation or surge when they were driving. They would feel their car hesitate when they tried to accelerate from speeds between 10 and 45 mph. They would also feel the engine occasionally rev. They knew that these were clear signs of transmission problems. They also experienced issues with their gears slipping, problems with their torque converter, and they were not able to reverse.


Many individuals experienced the problem of not being able to reverse with this model. This is very frustrating when you go to drive your car and realize you can’t reverse. Many individuals were experiencing these Nissan transmission problems before the average lifespan. The average lifespan is between 130,000 to 180,000 miles. Some transmissions should last even longer with the proper maintenance but individuals are finding that their transmissions are failing well before 130,000 miles. 


It is important to note that if you are experiencing any Nissan transmission problems, you need to take your car into a repair shop or talk to a Nissan dealership. They will be able to tell you if you are still under warranty. If you are, they are obligated to fix your transmission and you won’t have to pay for this repair. You have to get your warranty through the dealership so you should always check with them first before you take your car to a mechanic. You might be able to save money on your transmission repair. 


Nissan Maxima Transmission Problems


The worst year for the Nissan Maxima was 2004 as far as transmission failure. Many individuals were stating they had to spend over $3,000 to get their transmissions fixed. They were experiencing these issues at 106,000 miles. The average lifespan of Nissan transmissions is at least 130,000 to 180,000 miles. Nissan owners should not be experiencing transmission problems at 106,000 miles. You never expect to have transmission problems this early on when you first purchase your new Nissan Maxima. 


Individuals who were experiencing these Nissan transmission problems were stating that their cars were jerking when they were driving and their gears were shifting. They also said their car was making a humming noise and it smelled like something was burning when they were driving their car. Many individuals are frustrated with having to replace their transmission at 106,000 miles. No car transmission should be failing this early on. If you are put in this situation with your Nissan vehicle, make sure to call the dealership to explain your situation. Your car should still be under warranty and they should take responsibility to fix your transmission.




If you have experienced a great deal of Nissan transmission problems, you probably are fed up with their cars. Most likely you won’t want to deal with that make and model of car anymore. It is not worth it to continuously repair your Nissan transmission. We don’t blame you for being frustrated and skeptical since Nissan has reported many transmission problems.


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