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My 2010 Dodge Journey Won’t Start: Causes and Solutions

My 2010 Dodge Journey Won't Start

If you are wondering, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start,” here are all the potential causes:

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  1. Troubles with the battery
  2. Issues with the battery terminals corrosion
  3. Weakness in the key fob battery
  4. Damage in the starter motor
  5. Problems with alternator
  6. Issues with a fuel filter
  7. Troubles with the fuel pump
  8. Malfunctioning in the fuses
  9. Issues related to engine failure
  10. Troubles with rodent damage

The 2010 dodge journey is an interesting vehicle that many people have loved and still love. It has many great features and is one of the very reliable vehicles. However, several customers complain about issues related to starting, especially after long stops.

Dealing with starting problems is never a fun situation. Imagine starting your morning heading to an important meeting or errand and realizing that you’re to 2010 dodge journey doesn't start!

One of the best ways to resolve the issue is to figure out what causes the starting problems in your 2010 dodge journey. The good news is that automotive experts focused a lot on this vehicle and provided some details about potential faulty components that could lead to starting problems in your 2010 dodge journey.

This article provides you with a detailed summary of all potential causes for the situation where you wonder, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start!” It also provides you with some advice about what to do to resolve issues.

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My 2010 dodge journey won't start: causes and solutions

Whether you are driving a 2010 dodge journey or any other vehicle, there are general potential causes for starting problems. However, in this vehicle, it turned out that there are a couple of potential causes for the persistent reported starting problems.

Let's take a closer look at some of these causes:

1.    Troubles with the battery

The first and most common reason for your starting issue in the 2010 dodge journey is if you have a weak battery. The battery is expected to last for a certain amount of time, and if it exceeds that amount of time, it approaches the end of its lifetime; therefore, it's not surprising to wonder, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start.”

Therefore, a good solution to this problem is to inspect the battery. Sometimes it could be an issue with expiration, but it could also be a problem with the battery itself due to external factors like excessive temperature and other factors.

Check with your mechanic and see what he recommends for battery repairs. Sometimes he might be able to resolve it, and in other instances, he might recommend installing a new battery. For example, if what you're dealing with has to do with rules connections, for instance, the mechanic needs to tighten these connections and confirm that the battery current is freely running through the pathways and reaching the starting system.

2.    Issues with the battery terminals corrosion

Sometimes your 2010 dodge journey might not even have a problem with the battery itself. Instead, it could be an issue with its terminals and connections. For instance, over time of use, these connections are expected to develop corrosion or rust, and that's where the battery current won't be able to reach the starting system. So, as a result, you also wonder, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start.”

A good solution to this problem is to inspect the terminals and remove any corrosion. Keep in mind that this process has to happen in a certain way to prevent dealing with electric shocks. For instance, if the terminals are broken, or there are any signs of damage around the connections, it’s better to leave it to professionals to resolve the issue and clean them.

Remember that fixing terminal corrosion doesn't get resolved by only cleaning them. In some instances, the corrosion could be very severe, so you cannot replace them instead of cleaning them up.

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3.    Weakness in the key fob battery

If your key fob battery doesn't work properly, your 2010 dodge journey won't start. Thus, one might not focus on a minor issue like the key fob battery and, therefore, try inspecting it and using another battery.

If your 2010 dodge journey was able to start by switching the batteries in your key fob, then the problem has to do with the key fob. Otherwise, you need to check on other components that we will describe in this list.

4.    Damage to the starter motor

If you confirm that the battery, the terminals, and the key fob battery are all in good condition, the starter motor's next step is to check. Unfortunately, your 2010 dodge journey won't start when the starter motor goes bad.

The worst part about this problem is that there is no workaround which means you cannot simply perform a quick jumpstart or anything else to get the vehicle going. The only solution is to buy a new starter motor and have your mechanic install it in the vehicle so the car moves again.

5.    Problems with the alternator

Did you know that the alternator is a critical component that does not only support the electric components but also it helps in the signing process?! While the alternator is not typically involved during the starting process, it is responsible for charging the battery as the engine is running.

You have to alternate, or it doesn't work properly; your 2010 dodge journey won't start, and you have to replace the alternator as the only solution to this problem. Thus, if your mechanic mentioned that your alternator is causing your issue, you must install a new one.

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6.    Issues with a fuel filter

Sometimes minor issues like problems with the fuel filter might lead to your 2010 dodge journey not starting. For instance, as the fuel filter gets older, it collects more debris and contaminants, and that's why not all the fuel will be supplied to the cylinders; therefore, even if the vehicle starts for a little bit, it won't continue, or it will crank but not start.

All these troubles with the starting process are sometimes related to the fuel system, and they can be resolved by simple solutions like replacing or cleaning the fuel filter. First, check with your mechanic and see how old this fuel filter is. If you follow the regular maintenance, you shouldn't get to this point because you will most likely be replacing the fuel filter at the right time unless you're using a very dirty fuel that causes the clogging Prematurely.

7.    Troubles with the fuel pump

In addition to the problems in the fuel filter, you might even deal with more difficult situations like damages or malfunctioning in the fuel pump. As the name suggests, when the fuel pump doesn't work perfectly, no fuel or very limited fuel will be pumped to these cylinders, and therefore, your engine won't produce any energy.

This, it's not surprising to deal with situations where you were 2010 dodge journey won't start.

To fix the problems with other components, you have to repair the fuel pump. Otherwise, your vehicle will be useless.

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8.    Malfunctioning in the fuses

Many people might underestimate the importance of having the right fuses in the vehicle. But, unfortunately, if there are a couple of fuses not working properly, they can easily lead to situations where you wonder, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start!”

If none of the mentioned components previously helped you resolve the issue, try checking on the fuses. You're typically going to see some signs of burns or other problems in some of these fuses that immediately indicate that you need to install or fix these fuses.

You can easily replace the fuses yourself if you have the right little mechanical skill set. However, we always recommend reaching out to a mechanic to prevent dealing with surprises that could introduce damage to other components and cost lots of money.

9.    Issues related to engine failure

Finally, unsurprisingly, your 2010 dodge journey won't start if your engine has some major problems. Therefore, if all the mentioned problems were not the culprit causing your starting issue, try checking on the engine and see if it doesn't have a problem.

Unfortunately, engine failures and other engine damages might need lots of money the repair. Therefore, since the 2010 dodge journey is not a very modern vehicle, it might be worth selling this car rather than wasting your time and money on solving a new engine for such an old vehicle.

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10.  Troubles with rodent damage

Finally, leaving your vehicle parked in areas where many rodents are expected to get inside the vehicle, you won't be surprised when your 2010 dodge journey won't start. These rodents might heat the electric connections and disturb the starting process in your vehicle. Thus, to resolve a problem, you have to figure out what types of damage the rodents cause in your car and discuss with your mechanic how to resolve it if you're in

Remember that sometimes detecting where the problems are because of rodents can be an extremely challenging job which means your mechanic will require lots of money, at least on labor costs. Let alone how much money you'll need to pay for the repair and parts replacements.

Therefore, depending on the severity of the rodent damage, you might end up giving up on your vehicle and deciding to purchase a new one. If at any point you decide so your 2010 dodge journey and looking for someone to buy it considering its damages, you can always consult Cash Cars Buyer!

How much does it cost to fix problems when my 2010 dodge journey doesn't start?

It all depends. For example, if your problem is rules connections related to the battery, you don't have to pay anything, assuming that you can tighten these connections.

On the other hand, if you're having troubles with the engine causing the issue, we're talking about thousands of dollars of repair.

Therefore, whenever you're dealing with starting issues in your 2010 dodge journey, check with your mechanic and get an exact evaluation of how much to expect for repair. Then compare your overall repair cost and see if it's worth it. When calculating the repair costs, don't forget to calculate any potential maintenance like oil changes or tire rotations because all this stuff adds up.

It's never too late to sell your 2010 dodge journey if it's not worth the repairs. If you're starting, the issue has to do with significant damage like those related to the engine and other significant expensive components.

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Final thoughts

Starting issues are extremely inconvenient, and they happen without any preparation. Many readers reached out to us wondering, “my 2010 dodge journey won't start!”

This article provides you with all you need to know about the starting issues in your 2010 dodge journey. It highlights the main potential causes along with recommended solutions.

Keep in mind that some of the solutions for resolving starting issues in your 2010 dodge journey might be complicated and might require a decent amount of money to get resolved. Therefore, we highly encourage you to evaluate the situation closely and determine whether it's worth fixing your vehicle or not.

Suppose you ended up with major complications in your 2010 Dodge journey, especially if you have other problems and other components. In that case, it's definitely worth selling it and using the value to purchase a better vehicle.

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