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What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair? Are You Willing to Pay $10,000 on Car Repairs?!

Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair

Regular repairs are very important for maintaining an expanding lifetime of the vehicle. Any driver needs to perform all needed car repairs as soon as possible to prevent major damages that would cost significant repairs. The question always remains, what are the most expensive car parts to repair? And is it worth repairing these expensive parts?

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Our team reviewed all available cost estimates for repairing car parts. We highlighted the top and most expensive car parts to repair. We also provided some answers about whether it's worth these expensive repairs or not. With this information, you can make an informed decision about when it's the right time to get rid of your vehicle whenever repairs are not worth it. 

What are the most expensive car parts to repair? 


When we invest in a brand-new vehicle or used vehicle, the story doesn't end here, and there is some huge amount of money we need to put into car repairs. Many of these car repairs can set many people back financially because if they don't take care of them immediately, they can introduce additional complicated problems requiring much more money.

If the driver is lucky enough, he might be able to get repairs fixed under warranty. However, many are forced to pay out of pocket, especially when the warranty expires. 

It's very important to familiarize yourself with the most expensive car parts to repair. This way, you can be ready to determine whether you can afford to appear in your vehicle or it's time to get rid of it and purchase a new vehicle. 

Below is a list of the most expensive car parts repair, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

  • Air conditioning compressor repairs: $500 


If you're living in a hot environment, you can't imagine how serious the problem is to drive with faulty air conditioning during July or August. Most of the time, air conditioning issues are usually related to the compressor because it's responsible for separating the low and high pressures and allowing young gas to bring down your vehicle's temperature. 

Compressors get damaged because of faulty rods that could break easily, which results in stopping the compressor from working. 

Another common part that might also affect the compressor is the engine belt. When the engine belts get damaged, the compressor doesn't work properly, and you need to get it fixed immediately.

In general, the typical cost of fixing the air conditioning compressor is about $500. 

  • Brake line repairs: $1,000 


When vehicle damages affect safety, you have no other choice than to get the problem resolved. Nothing is more crucial than having a perfectly running brake in your vehicle.

Usually, replacing the brakes is not an expensive job. However, the brake line might be the most expensive part, usually costs about $1000 to get replaced. This $1000 doesn't even include the price you need to pay for labor costs.

Unfortunately, replacing the building line cannot be done by you without having a significant and high level of mechanical skill sets. Thus, you must get the job done at a professional repair shop. 

  • Catalytic converter repairs: $1,500 – Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair 


The catalytic converter is a crucial component of your engine block. It converts all harmful gases into less harmful gases to the environment. Without having a perfectly running Castle to the converter, your vehicle might not be able to pass the emission test.

The catalytic converter requires about one $1500 to get replaced, which is considered relatively a very expensive car appear. 

While some people might have their vehicle running with a bad catalytic converter, no one would want to keep harming the environment by spreading bad gases. 

  • Head gasket repairs: $2,000 


Although the head gasket is a small piece located between the engine block and the cylinder, it plays a very important major role in your combustion system.

The last thing as a driver you want to hear is a blown head gasket.

Without a perfectly working head gasket, hot gases can leave the cylinder and affect the entire engine block, resulting in significant engine damage.

When they had gasket gets damaged, you have no other choice than to replace it because otherwise, you will be sacrificing your vehicle's engine. Comparing repair costs for a small head gasket versus replacing the entire engine makes the most sense to get the head gaskets replaced immediately. 

  • Camshaft repairs: $1500 to $3000 – Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair


The camshaft is responsible for controlling the error that gets into your vehicle's engine. Over time of use, this camshaft might be clogged with dirt antifreeze, and without regularly cleaning it, it can get damaged.

To replace the camshaft, you can easily pay between $1500 and $3000. Yes! Repair costs are very expensive. While the piece itself is not that expensive, to change the camshaft, you'll need a high level of experienced mechanics who will spend a quiet time getting the piece replaced. 

Ignoring the camshaft problem is never helpful because it will eventually cause significant engine damages. 

  • Suspension system repairs: $2500 to $3500 


Your vehicle's suspension system is responsible for keeping you from feeling any bump or dip in your driveway.

Because the suspension system consists of many components, if any of these components got damaged, the entire suspension system gets affected, and most of them also get affected.

Unfortunately, it's very simple for your professional mechanic to tell you that you need to pay about $3500 to fix your suspension system.

We recommend that you get multiple calls specially for repairing suspension system issues, based on our expert opinion. 

  • Airbags repairs: $2500 to $4000 – Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair


There is no doubt that you can't run your vehicle without a perfectly working airbag. Airbags are one of the most important safety inventions in automobile history. When the airbags get deployed, you must get them replaced immediately. Otherwise, it will be unsafe to drive your vehicle.


Unfortunately, airbag replacement is usually associated with other replacements in your front seat, including your vehicle's steering wheel and the glove box. In most scenarios, replacing the airbags will cost you between $2500 and $4000. 

  • Transmission repairs: $4000 to $5000 


Transmission problems are those types of problems that you will never be able to drive your vehicle unless you take care of it. Your vehicle's wheels will not be able to turn if your transmission is not working properly.

To replace your vehicle's transmission, you might need to pay between $4000 and $5000. Of course, the price depends significantly on your vehicle's type and the problem severity.

The transmission is that it's very complex, and it's consistent with a lot of small components that are usually experiencing a lot of tears. We're causing friction resulting in transmission damages.

What you can do to prevent transmission require pairs is to keep your eye for signs of a bad transmission. Whenever you notice any of these signs, you immediately take care of your vehicle and have it inspected by a professional mechanic. 

  • Car battery in hybrid vehicles repairs: $6000 


If you are one of those people who are dreaming of driving a hybrid vehicle, so they don't have to worry about paying for gasoline, get ready for extremely high repair costs!

It's not very rare for hybrid vehicles to have issues with their car's battery because they tend to lose the ability to keep the charge for a long time.

In most scenarios, replacing a hybrid car battery requires about $6000 on repairs! That's just the general trend for these repairs; Other vehicles might require much higher prices! 

  • Engine repairs: $7000 to $10,000  


Unsurprisingly, engine repair costs are the most expensive in any vehicle. It can simply cost you between $7000 and $10,000, of course, depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year, and the severity of the problem.


Unfortunately, you can't ignore a complete engine damage problem because you will not be able to drive your vehicle. 

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to bond. I used the engine in good condition but, use engines tend to get damaged faster than a brand new one.

Is it worth the Most expensive car parts to repair? 


That's a great question!

The whole topic in this article is highlighting the most expensive car repairs.

Based on our expert opinion, you need to evaluate your vehicle situation before paying for these high repairs. 

You need to think and answer the following question to help yourself during the evaluation process:

  • Are there any major problems in your vehicle other than the current repair costs you are looking for?
  • Is your vehicle at very high mileage?
  • Did repair costs get close to your vehicle's worth?

If you've answered any of the mentioned questions with a yes, it's most likely not worth it to repair your vehicle, and instead, you should get rid of it and sell it to someone who might be interested in the other components of your vehicle. 

What are my options when dealing with the most expensive car parts to repair? 


If you got to a situation where your vehicle's repairs are getting close to 75% or more of your vehicle's value, it's never recommended to attempt to fix these repairs and pay for them.

Instead, you can always sell your vehicle to a cash car buyer. Cash cars buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation.

We are interested in your vehicle, whether it's in good condition or not. If you think that your car is a parable, we can pay up to $15,000 for the right vehicle!

If your vehicle is even completely damaged, we are still interested in it, and we see value in every component of your car.

Our company guarantees to remove your car from your house or office within one to three days free of charge! 

Here's how our process works: 

  • Share basic information about your car 

To get started with our process, we will need to collect some basic information about your car. Some of this information is related to your vehicle's make, model, and year.

We also need to know more details about the condition of your car. For example, does your car have a title? Are there specific major problems in your vehicle? Are there any missing components in your car?

The more details you provide at this stop, the more accurate you offer will be.

  • Accept our instant offer

Once we receive the information, our system will provide you with an instant offer usually sent to you within 30 seconds from submitting the information.

The offers represent the most cash your vehicle could ever make in your area, and we're confident that you know you don't need to look beyond Cash Cars Buyer. 

Once you're happy with the offer, you can proceed with the process and request a specific pick up time and location that works for you.

Our company is flexible, and we're willing to come to your house or office evenings, weekends, and same day. 

  • Get paid! 

At the pickup time and location, we will come and look at your vehicle and make sure that it matches the information we have in our system.

If you don't have a title, we will ask you to show some paperwork to prove ownership, like your photo ID and valid car registration. 

Then, we will hand you the cash payment immediately on the spot!

Before you leave, don't forget your move all valuable items from your car, including your phone, laptop, clothes, important paperwork, etc.


Conclusion – Most Expensive Car Parts to Repair

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