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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A Used Car 

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A Used Car 

Over the years, brand new vehicle prices increased significantly. In 2019 only, the average price of brand-new vehicles increased by about $1320 compared to the year before. Here are some mistakes to avoid when selling a used car so that you can buy that new car that you've been wanting!

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Automotive experts are predicting that the used market will sell up to 41 million units. People are more and more interested in purchasing used vehicles as not everyone could afford a brand-new car.

If you have a used vehicle and are interested in selling it, it's very important to make the most cash because there is a clear demand in the market. While there is a lot of advice is available online on how to sell a used vehicle, less focus was put on mistakes to avoid.

This article lists 10 mistakes to avoid when selling a used car. These mistakes are very common, and some expert car sellers might fall into them. To get the most success out of your car selling process, keep these mistakes in mind. 

  • Missing something inside the vehicle – Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Used Car


It might sound a little square that everyone should remove all valuable items from the vehicle before selling it. However, it's not very rare for very careful people to forget important paperwork or items, even like their phones.

Did you know that recent studies showed that people forget about four things every day, and these studies also confirmed that many people tend to forget about 1400 things a year?

If that's true, getting an item in your used vehicle should not be surprising. 

The more you owned the vehicle, the more it turns like your second home, and you will gradually move stuff from your house to the car. 

Thus, before you sell your car, make sure to check the pockets of the doors, the Cup holders, the glovebox, and the center console for any item. Don't forget to check under the seats and areas in between cautions. The last thing you would want to forget is to open the trunk and remove any important equipment you forgot there. 

  • Forgot to detail clean your vehicle's interior 


Your vehicle's first impression is the most important look that will determine the final price you could get out of this car. It's very important to maintain this vehicle and clean it up thoroughly from the inside and outside.

Simple things like vacuuming the surfaces and washing the Max or seat covers. You can also remove any old and accumulated otters in the vehicle by adding some air fresheners.

Using an air freshener can improve your car's overall condition and give the buyer a sense of a brand-new vehicle just by using this hack. 

  • Neglect to clean up the exterior 


Since you're selling a used vehicle, this doesn't mean that you want to make it look like it's used.

You can use simple hacks like washing your vehicle from outside and sometimes taking it to the next level and waxing it. By providing additional touch-ups and paying attention to your vehicle's cosmetic appearance, you can make a great difference and enhance the chance of selling your vehicle fast and receiving the most cash out of it.

Did you know that your vehicle's external look gives the buyer a feeling about the condition under the hood? Yes! If the buyer saw that your vehicle looks dirty from the outside, it directly indicates to him that you didn't take care of what's under the hood. 

  • Not researching for current cars values – Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Used Car


It's never recommended to meet with a car buyer without having a number in the back of your head. You need to justify asking for this specific number by doing some research beforehand.

You can visit many online tools that help you evaluate your vehicle and provide you with a price range based on your car's type and condition.

Once you have this number, you will be confident when negotiating the price with the buyer, and you understand whenever you get a good deal or not. Some of the available tools include Kelley Blue Book, which is one way to go tools to determine your vehicle's ballpark value. 

  • Skipping considering repair costs 


You need to be very clear and honest about the value of your vehicle. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is repair costs.

You can't ask for a very high cost for a vehicle with major problems requiring a significantly high repair cost.

One way to consider this is to do a preselling evaluation for your car by visiting your professional mechanic and have him tell you what the current problems with your vehicle are.

Once you understand that all the issues with your car, you can be wise about the number you asked for without scamming the buyer. I don't think that it's smart to ignore major problems. The buyer will also bring his professional mechanic, who will also evaluate the vehicle and inform him about the different problems.

Thus, be prepared and do your homework first. 

  • Accepting the first offer 


It's never recommended that you accept the first offer you get. If you have a ballpark range in your mind indicating whether this offer is within your target, you might need to accept it.

For example, if there is a high demand for your vehicle around your area car, you won't be able to tell what's the right offer that you should accept. Thus, keep yourself open for multiple offers while comparing them to our goal range. 

  • Skipping high-quality images for your vehicle 


If you decided to go with online tools to sell your car, your best and primary way to give your car a good first impression is using high-quality images.

If you skipped this stuff, you will most likely not receive any good offers or any offers at all.

Using low-quality images for your car in the advertisement, you underestimate your car, and it's like showing the car to the buyer without washing it or cleaning it from the inside.

Thus, even know if it will take you sometimes, it's very important to use high-quality images representing your vehicle's actual status. 

  • Using faulty information – Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Used Car

Never try to use inaccurate information and inaccurate description of your vehicle. There is no point in wasting your time and the buyer's time by giving him hope and high expectations that don't exist.

In most scenarios, online platforms allow customers to provide some reviews. Using false information, you're encouraging customers to provide you bad reviews, which reduces your chances of selling your car to a different customer. 

  • Forgetting to prepare the vehicles documents 


When a car buyer comes to you and is interested in your vehicle, he expects you to have all paperwork ready on hand. Thus, you never want to tell him that wait until I get the paperwork ready because you will most likely lose the chance.

Therefore, a pro tip is to get your paperwork ready, including your vehicle registration, title, and any other necessary paperwork.  

  • Trusting old buyers – Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Used Car


The last mistake that you need to avoid is to over trust every buyer. Unfortunately, it's not very rare to deal with scams in the car selling process. 

For example, if you're not very careful about who you are dealing with, you might end up with fake checks or payments with wrong names and other more complicated problems in the car selling process.

There are many tips available online to help you determine the correct buyer that you could trust to some extent. 

One of the important things to avoid when dealing with buyers is to provide your personal information. It's recommended that he use whatever communication is available on the platform you are selling your car to communicate with your buyers. 

Another tip to consider is never to meet the buyers in your private property; Instead, find a public location with some video recording and have many people around you.

You can also consider using the cash payment option as the safest way to prevent dealing with scammers. If you can't, and they insist on using checks, it might be a good idea to have them meet with you at the bank location and make sure that the check went through without any problems. 



There is a great demand for used vehicles nowadays, especially with a significant increase in brand-new vehicles' prices.

If you own a used car, you have a very high chance of getting the most money out of it. However, people could make many mistakes in the car selling process, and you must avoid them.

The article listed to you the 10 most common mistakes car sellers make that you should avoid. Once you consider these mistakes, your chances of selling your vehicle quickly and for the most money get higher. 

While avoiding these mistakes increases your chances of getting the most offers, you need to also consider additional pro tips on how to get the most value out of your used vehicle.

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