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Mazda 3 Won’t Start: Is It No Crank No Start or Cranking but Not Starting? 

Mazda 3 Won’t Start: Is It No Crank No Start or Cranking but Not Starting? 

When your Mazda 3 won't start, the problem is related to the battery, the starter, the fuel system, the ignition, the engine's timing, or the security. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Dealing with starting issues can be very frustrating, especially if you're driving your beloved Mazda 3. 

As a driver, it's recommended that you familiarize yourself with how he can get your Mazda 3 to start immediately by performing some quick tips and tricks for a temporary solution.

You also need to make sure that you clearly understand the permanent solution for your Mazda 3 starting issue. 

When your Mazda 3 won't start, there are a lot of possible reasons. These reasons can be grouped into two primary categories: your Mazda 3 cranking but not starting and your Mazda 3 no crank no start. These two categories have a list of potential causes behind the problem that you can check.

It's also crucial to keep an eye and ear for additional symptoms you notice while your Mazda 3 won't start. Some of these symptoms can help your mechanic identify the real culprit quickly without spending so much time. 

This article provides you with all the details you need to know about the two main categories causing your Mazda 3 not to start.

We will highlight all temporary reasons to get your vehicle going immediately. We will also indicate the potential final solutions for your Mazda 3 starting problem.

At the end of this article, we will highlight some of the common symptoms you might realize, and you need to note when your Mazda 3 won't start. 

Mazda 3 crank no start 

Although there is a long list that could cause your Mazda 3 not to start, when your Mazda 3 doesn't crank, or the engine doesn't turn over or, there are fewer potential causes that you might need to troubleshoot.

Let's take a detailed look at what would cause your Mazda 3 not to start or crank

  • Problems with the battery cables

Before jumping to check your battery itself, look at the battery cable. Sometimes, these cables might get corroded or loose, which prevents any electrical current from reaching the engine.

Before inspecting these cables, make sure that you don't touch the battery unless both the negative and positive poles are detached. As you're touching these cables, try turning them around and see if they are loose.

Also, look for any signals of corrosion on top of the terminals or the cables themselves. When corrosion builds up on top of these connections, it prevents or affects the electrical current from reaching the engine. 

  • Issues with the battery 

After determining and confirming that the battery cables don't have any problem, the next step for you is to check the battery itself.

Your vehicle's battery might be at the end of its lifetime wear it is not capable anymore of holding the charge.

A good check would monitor your engine's behavior as you're trying to start the vehicle. If you've realized that the engine cranks slowly and then dies, you might be dealing with a low-charged battery or a battery towards the end of its lifetime.

To check for your vehicle’s battery status, you can visit Walmart and have him perform a better inspection. You might be dealing with either a dead battery or low charged battery.

In both cases, you must reach a professional mechanic and advise you about installing a new battery or checking for something else causing the problem. 

  • Problems with a faulty starter 

When your Mazda 3 won't start, and you've confirmed that the battery doesn't have any problem, your next guess would be to check and troubleshoot the starter for any signs of damages.

The starter's main responsibility is to get your vehicle started, and if it's not working properly, your vehicle will no longer start.

Unfortunately, dealing with starter problems doesn't have any workaround solution, and your only option would be to replace your Mazda 3 starter. 

Mazda 3 cranking but not starting 

When your Mazda 3 won't start, but the engine still cranks, your potential list of causes can be a little longer than the previous scenario.

In most cases, you would need to obtain an OBDII scanner to help read your vehicle's errors to pinpoint the problem. Once you have the OBDII scanner, you can bring up the codes and search for them on Google to understand what they mean.

Some OBDII scanners might be advanced enough to advise you and provide a written description about the problem and help you resolve it. If you don't have one of those, you can always search for them online to better understand how complicated the problem is.

Once you pinpoint the problem, you decide to determine whether it's worth visiting a professional mechanic or resolving it yourself to save on labor costs. 

Here's a potential list of reasons behind your Mazda 3 cranking but not starting:

  • A problem with the fuel system 

If your engine is not getting the right amount of fuel at the right time, it might not start, or it probably might start slowly and then die.

Many potential reasons could affect and disturb your fuel flow to the engine.

For example, if your vehicle has a completely clogged fuel filter, the fuel will not pass through the filter to the engine, and therefore, your Mazda 3 won't start.

Another potential reason is a problem with the fuel pump or the fuel injectors, which prevent any fuel from getting to the cylinders to get burned. 

  • Issues with the ignition switch 

As the name suggests, the ignition switch is responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture and, therefore, getting your engine started.

When the ignition switch does not do its job, how will your vehicle generate any energy and then starts?

A faulty ignition switch needs to be replaced immediately, and there is no workaround to get their vehicle going temporarily.

Ignition switch problems might be associated with different items like the bad coil, bad plug wires, problems with the computer, and issues with the bad spark plug. 

To pinpoint the real culprits, you need to visit your professional mechanic or use the OBDII tool that might give you any hints about what's causing the issue and how to resolve it. 

  • Problems with the engine itself 

The last possible reason for your Mazda 3 won't start issue is related to the engine itself. If your engine is not receiving the right spark at the right time with the right frequency, the vehicle won't start.

There are several components in your engine responsible for the timing portion of the combustion system. Some of these timing components might be related to the camshaft or the spark plugs, etc.

Lastly, if your mouse the three won't start, it might be a significant problem with a completely failed engine.

Although you will notice any event engine symptoms beforehand, some people might miss these symptoms and end up with their Mazda 3 won't start without realizing the main reason. 

Mazda 3 won't start. Other potential symptoms to keep an eye and ear for 

There are some specific scenarios where your Mazda 3 won't start and has some potential other symptoms indicating the problem.

Let's look at some of these scenarios that you might be facing: 

  • Mazda 3 won't start push button 

If you tried pushing the start button and your Mazda 3 won't start, the problem could be related to either a low-key fob battery. If the key fob battery or the fob itself is not working, your vehicle's emergency start won't work.

Your best option here is to check the fob and reach out to the official mechanic to try another one.

If you determined that the problem is not coming from the fob, your next step would be to check the battery itself or the battery connections. 

  • Mazda 3 won't start clicking noise 

Hearing clicking noises when your mother free won't start indicates that the battery is about to drain, or it's already drained.

When the battery can't hold the charge or has very low voltage, it can easily make a clicking noise as you turn the key in the ignition. However, once the starter requests the high demand of electrical current, the battery depletes immediately, and therefore, you will only keep hearing clicking noises while your Mazda 3 won't start. 

  • Mazda 3 won't start, but the radio works 

When your Mazda 3 won't start, but your radio still works, the problem is most likely related to either the battery or the battery terminals.

Bad or corroded battery terminals prevent any electrical current from reaching your vehicle's different electrical components, including the engine. When the battery doesn't hold the large amount of charge necessary to get your vehicle started, it might only support the radio or the lights but not get the engine started. 

  • Mazda 3 won't start security light flashing

Similar to the radio, so now that we mentioned earlier when your Mazda 3 wouldn't start and the security lights flashing, it indicates that some electrical components are working in your vehicle. Still, the only thing that's not working is the starting part.

Thus, you need to check the battery and make sure that it has a sufficient charge. A quick tip would be to use a jump start and see if this helps. Once your vehicle starts after the jump start, the problem is related to either the battery or the battery cables. Otherwise, you might need to go through the list and see the other potential items. 

  • Mazda 3 won't start brake locked

Sometimes starting problems in Mazda 3 might cause the brake to lock. Usually, a locked or stiff brake is associated with a broken or burnt sensor within your gearbox. A quick check would be to switch from park to neutral and see if this helps.

It's not very rare for Mazda 3 drivers to complain about brake issues associated with a parking sensor that might go bad. Once you resolve the issue with your break, the next step would be to check the battery and the battery terminals. 

My Mazda 3 won't start: final thoughts 

Your Mazda 3 is an amazing vehicle that many people would love to drive. However, dealing with starting issues associated with this car can be very frustrating. Therefore, as a driver, you need to familiarize yourself with all possible reasons for your Mazda 3 starting problem.

These problems could be grouped into two main groups: Mazda 3 no crank, no start, and Mazda 3 cranking but not starting.

Each of these groups has its associated reasons causing the problem. The top and most important components you need to troubleshoot include your battery, starter, fuel system, ignition switch, and engine itself. 

The article provided you with all details and potential reasons behind your Mazda 3 starting issue. We also highlighted all possible solutions to resolve the problem permanently and temporarily.

If your Mazda 3 requires very high repair costs and other major problems, it might be the right time to sell it and use its value towards a good vehicle.

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