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Is Oil for High-Mileage Engines Worth it? What Your Mechanic WON’T Tell You!

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High mileage oil is worth it if your vehicle needs it. It provides many benefits like conditioning the seals, preventing premature tearing were, and others. However, before switching to this type of oil, you must consult your mechanic and confirm that your vehicle is ready to use it.

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If you're reading through this article, you can tell that there are different types of motor oils are available in the market. In other words, motor oils are not the same, and choosing the right one might be challenging, especially for inexperienced drivers.

One of the very common motor oils that you might come across is the high mileage oil. However, this oil is not very cheap and affordable for every driver. Thus, is oil for high mileage engines worth it? That's what we're going to answer in this article!

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What are the different types of engine oils?

Did you know that motor oils are not all the same? Yes! There are plenty of different types you will come across in the automotive market. Each type has its characteristics and main drawbacks.

To understand whether another high mileage engine oil is worth it or not, we must understand the different types of motor oils available in the market in the first place.

Let's take a closer look at the different types of engine oils along with their pros and cons:

1.    Conventional oil

Conventional oil is the standard type of oil that you will come across in most vehicles. It's the cheapest option, and that's why it's very affordable, and many people like to use it. In addition, it's made of a certain material, allowing it to provide your engine with the required lubrication and have it work properly without issues with friction that could result in overheating.

On the other hand, conventional oil is not the best, and you'll have to change it frequently because it breaks down faster than any other title engine. Thus, if you're concerned about frequent visits to the independent shop, this oil might not be the best for you.

2.    Synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is the top and highest quality motor oil that you will ever find. It is designed from specific material to provide your vehicle with the maximum lubrication possible, making it suitable for very sensitive engines and many modern vehicles. Luckily, by using synthetic oil, you don't have to worry about changing the oil frequently because it doesn't break down fast, and you might even wait up to 15,000 miles or one year without needing to change your synthetic oil. What's better than that?!

Despite the great features of this synthetic oil, there are some drawbacks to the air. For example, it is the most expensive type of motor oil, which might not be very convenient for every driver.

Also, synthetic oil is made of strong chemicals, making it unsuitable for all vehicles. For instance, if you're driving a very old car, you'll need to check with your mechanic before choosing synthetic oil because the strong chemicals in the synthetic oil might break down the different seals around your engine. Thus, choosing synthetic oil might be the worst decision for many older engines.

3.    Synthetic blend oil

Considering the main pros and cons of conventional and synthetic oil, manufacturers and companies designed a specific type of oil lettuce between the two. In other words, synthetic blend oil is a combination of both conventional and synthetic oil, which means it provides you with certain characteristics in between the two types of oils without breaking her budget.

For example, by choosing the synthetic blend oil, you don't have to worry about frequent oil changes because it doesn't breakfast like conventional oil. However, this type of oil still breaks down before the full synthetic oil. Thus, you might want to evaluate the different pros and cons about each one of them before making a final decision and choosing the right or what works for you.

4.    High mileage motor oil

Finally, the high mileage motor oil is designed specifically to provide additional strength and prevent breakdowns and vehicles with a lot of mileage. Read on the following sections for more details about this type of motor oil.

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What's so special about the high mileage engine oil?

High mileage oil is designed from very robust oil, and it has a combination of both synthetic add natural oils. As manufacturers claim, choosing this high mileage oil should enhance your vehicle's performance, especially if you decided to go with the high mileage oil with certain additives.

That brings us to the point that not all high mileage oils are the same, and depending on the type of additives; you'll get different benefits. But in general, choosing the high mileage oil should be a good recommendation for those driving vehicles with very high mileage.

How much does it cost to use high mileage engine oil?

High mileage oil costs the first significant load pending on what type of oil brand you're using and what chop you're going to. In general, it should cost you around $40 to get a higher mileage oil than conventional oil.

Keep in mind that oil change also differs by labor costs which means that your costs will be impacted by where you get the job done, whether you're choosing conventional or high mileage oil. For example, if you get the oil change done at an independent shop, your price will not be as high as someone else doing it at a dealership. Similarly, if you have the right skills and decide to change your oil yourself, you can also save all labor costs.

Is oil for high mileage engines worth it?

Of course, it is! By choosing high mileage oil, your engine will enjoy the following benefits:

1.    Fewer leaks

As we all know, the older your vehicle gets, the higher the potential it will have some internal or external leaks. This is because the seals will become rougher and become very old, making them break down easily.

When choosing the right type of high mileage oil, you benefit from conditioning the seals and preventing leaks from happening prematurely. Leaks are very severe and can lead to major damage to your engine. Of course, the high mileage oil will not permanently eliminate any of these leaks, but at least it will delay them from happening and will give you some more time to enjoy your car without sudden major breakdowns.

2.    Eliminate sludge

If you don't already know, as your engine runs and gets older, a lot of sludge builds up between the different pathways. This lodge impacts the engine's pressure and causes different damages that will impact your vehicle's drivability. That's why we feel that our vehicles are not the same As they get older.

By choosing high mileage oil, you're giving life to your engine by getting rid of this sludge that gut collected because of older oils.

3.    Reduce oil consumption

Another big challenge that you might face when driving an older car is the overconsumption of oil. This happens as the vehicle gets older because of oil escaping due to excessive burnouts.

Running low on oil is never a good situation, especially for older cars. Therefore, you must address the problem and eliminate the cause resulting in consuming too much oil. One of the best ways to do so is to choose a high mileage oil designed for this purpose which means it doesn't burn out very fast and does not allow oil to escape and get lost.

4.    Reduce tear and wear

The biggest benefit you'll get from switching to high mileage oil is reducing the tear and wear. Of course, this is a normal thing to happen to your engine as it gets older. However, by providing certain additives and choosing this type of oil, you're enhancing the vehicle's overall condition and health. Thus, you won't need to worry about the premature tear and wear that will cost you a lot of money to get fixed.

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Is high mileage oil right for your vehicle?

One might get very excited about the benefits of high mileage oil. However, does this mean that you should switch now to high mileage oil? Well, that all depends on your situation. There are commonly two reasons why you should switch immediately to a high mileage oil including:

1.    Your vehicle is at a very high mileage

While there is no accurate mileage threshold where you must switch to a high mileage oil, some automotive experts claim that by hitting 75,000 miles, you should switch to high mileage oil.

2.    Your engine is acting up

Even if your vehicle didn't reach 75,000 miles, your engine might start showing some signs of loosening. When this happens, you might want to switch to this better oil to prevent premature damages and be proactive about the problems so you don't deal with catastrophic outcomes that will cost you thousands of dollars in repair.

3.    You consulted the mechanic

The final reason that should encourage you to switch to a high mileage oil is when your mechanic said so. Have a conversation with your mechanic, show him your concern, and discuss different benefits you will achieve from Choosing a mileage oil.

Your mechanic should have a good understanding of larger vehicles and will provide you with an accurate answer about whether you should switch to high mileage oil or not.

4.    Your vehicle doesn't have other major problems

Finally, before switching to the expensive high mileage oil come, you must analyze the entire situation. In other words, even if your car hits 75,000 miles, it doesn't mean that you should switch immediately to high mileage oil to fix all your car's problems.

Sometimes your problems might need additional repairs and other expensive fixes that might not be affordable. That's why automotive experts recommend being careful about switching to a better minor element in your car, thinking that this will resolve the entire issue. You must discuss with your mechanic what other problems your vehicle has. If repair costs are extremely high, you might get to a point where you must sell your car instead of wasting your time and energy getting it to work or trying to work using a high-mileage oil.

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Final thoughts

Oil is one of the most critical fluids in your vehicle, and you have to learn about what's the best type of oil your vehicle needs to maintain the engine and prevent major complications. Among the different types of motor oils, high mileage engine oil is one of the very commonly recommended for high mileage vehicles.

Although the high mileage motor oil provides your engine with a lot of benefits, the biggest drawback about it is that it's a little bit more expensive than conventional oil. Thus, is oil for a high mileage engine worth it?

As we highlighted in this article, high mileage motor oil is extremely beneficial ais worth it, especially if you're driving a vehicle with a lot of mileage. It provides you with a car with tons of benefits, and the extra dollars you'll pay for this type of oil will prevent you from dealing with significant catastrophic outcomes that will cost you the entire engine.

Note that if your car already has a lot of problems, you might want to focus on what's more important than dealing with more expensive oil. In other words, if you confirm that the engine is not working properly and you think that repair costs are extremely high, then you might want to think about selling this car instead of wasting your time and energy.

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