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Is It Possible to Trade in Car with Bad Engine? Here’s the Right Answer!

Is It Possible to Trade in Car with Bad Engine

Nothing worse than dealing with engine problems, right? Your professional mechanic told you that your vehicle's engine is just blown out! Well, it might be the right time to get rid of this vehicle and trade it in to get a better brand-new car. Is it possible to trade in car with bad engine?

Our team conducted an in-depth review of automotive experts' opinions about how you can trade-in car with bad engine. The short answer is yes! You can trade-in car with bad engine. However, the offers that you will get might not be very pleasing, and you need to think twice before trading in a car with bad engine. 

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Why would someone trade-in a car with that engine? 


That's a great question!

Even if your car has a bad engine, it's a very smart idea to use this vehicle and take advantage of its value towards your brand-new vehicle.

What happens in trading in, dealerships evaluate your car and depending on its type and condition, it will provide you with an offer. This offer goes directly to your down payment, and therefore, you would have to pay fewer monthly payments if you decided to go with a financial plan.

Similarly, if you decided to buy your car and pay full upfront, you can use these funds towards the vehicle's payment.

While this might sound exciting and could get you a lot of money, dealerships are very smart at providing you with the offer, and they will usually not be generous. In other words, most dealerships offer are beyond and below what your expectations are. 

How to trade in a car with an Engine Problem? 


Decided to go with trading in your car? You can follow these steps: 

  • Understand your vehicles overall worth 


It's crucial, to be honest with yourself and understand how much your vehicle could ever make. You have multiple options: you could either use online platforms like Kelley Blue Book, which takes information related to your vehicle type and condition, to provide you with an estimated offer.

If you're looking for a more accurate offer, you can go through a professional mechanic and have him evaluate your car. Usually, personal mechanics are good at providing you with an upper and lower limit to look for.

Unfortunately, most dealerships will pay towards the lower end of your vehicle's value, if not less. Therefore, it's very important to understand how much your vehicle could make before shopping for dealership appraises.

Even if your car isn't in the best condition and your vehicle's engine is just blown out, your vehicle might be unique, and there might be a lot of demand for Parts replacements from similar vehicles. 

  • Perform some repairs 


While it might sound a little strange, you need to take care of any possible simple repairs possible.

The first impression is the most important when selecting any used vehicle, whether it's in good condition or not. Therefore, if you notice that your vehicle has some minor problems, don't let the dealership have a chance to tell you and pinpoint this problem so they can drop the offer significantly.

For instance, you can fix any small dents around your vehicle's external body. You can also wash or replace the carpets and fix a small broken mirror. 

When doing these repairs, it's very important not to do extensive and expensive repairs; otherwise, it might not be worth the offer you will get from the dealership. 

  • Shop for at least three appraises – Is It Possible to Trade in Car with Bad Engine


As we mentioned earlier, most dealerships will never provide you with the offer you're looking for, and it's going to be most of the time towards the lower end of your expected values.

Therefore, it's very important to shop for at least three appraises from three different dealerships. Go to each one of them and evaluate your car and see what they are offering you.


Keep in mind that many dealerships do not provide free appraises, and sometimes you might need to keep them from your pocket. A better option for you is to request a free CarMax evaluation, which most dealerships do. To encourage them, you can hand them your vehicle history report showing that you took good care of your car and don't have any other major problems except the one dealing with the engine. 

The more offers you could get at this point, the higher your chances of getting the offer you're looking for. 

  • Take care of these items before and after trading in your car 


When you landed on a good deal, it's very important to make sure that you take care of all necessary items.

First, before you go to the dealership, it's very important to get your vehicle ready and remove all personal items. Many people tend to forget their phones, important paperwork, laptops, etc.

It's also essential that you make sure to cancel your vehicle's registration by taking the vehicle's plates and visiting your local DMV office.

Lastly, don't forget to contact your insurance company and cancel the policy, so you don't have to pay for a vehicle you don't own. Once you cancel the policy and the insurance company knows about the trading process, you might get future discounts for your brand-new vehicle. 

What if I can't trade in a car with bad engine?


It's not you can't trade in a car with bad engine; it might be that the dealership did not provide you with a decent offer.

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