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Car Inspection After Accident Repair- Why Do I Need to Get a Post Repair Inspection? 

Car Inspection After Accident Repair- Why Do I Need to Get a Post Repair Inspection? 

You’ve had the misfortune of being involved in an accident, now it’s time to pick up the pieces and move forward. Part of the process, is getting a car inspection after the accident. But why do you need to get a post – repair inspection in the first place? We have the information you need to know! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

What is a Post – Repair Inspection? 

A post-repair inspection is a necessary evaluation in the post- accident process. The inspection is typically performed by an accredited and qualified third-party, that takes the time to evaluate and examine the quality of the vehicle’s repairs, as well as the condition of the vehicle- after the accident. That third-party inspector will take a complete and thorough look at car, while comparing the car’s condition to manufacturer guidelines. That inspector will also ensure that all of the guidelines were followed, and that the restoration is a suitable one. That inspector will also make sure that the vehicle has been restored to a state that meets all safety standards.


Understanding Diminished Value Claims Post-Repair Inspections – Car Inspection After Accident Repair

Many car owners will receive their post-repair inspections in an effort to receive their appraisal of the Diminished Value that they’re due. This can be a great reason to get that car inspection after an accident. An evaluation after vehicle repairs is done, should be an evaluation that helps to assess the monetary compensation that is owed to the vehicle owner. But even if you don’t have Diminished Value on your table, you should still take advantage of a post-repair inspection- ensuring that you’ve received a quality and upstanding repair, and that your vehicle is a safe one for you to drive in. 


The Necessity of A Post-Repair Inspection In Today’s World 

In the auto industry these days, there are so many pressures to deal with, in the aftermath of an accident. The vehicle owner has to deal with emotional trauma and even physical trauma. Then, there are the dealings of car insurance companies that can take days, weeks and even months. In today’s world, there are pressures that many vehicle insurance companies apply to vehicle owners. Auto body shops also feel pressure too. The techs there have to repair and restore a vehicle – while cutting no corners, and staying away from deceptive practices. Even though they have to turn out a high volume of repairs, those repairs cannot be such, in which corners were cut. Many post-repair inspections reveal that cornets did indeed get cut resulting in lots of unsafe vehicles are placed back on the road. Driving a car that’s unsafe can be dangerous for a multitude of reasons. 


Direct Repair Programs

These days, many repair shops have DRPs or Direct Repair Program partnerships with insurance companies. A DRP is a collaboration between an auto body shop and an insurance company- in which the claimant brings his or her car to the specific and participating body shop- in exchange for fees that are lower. These lower costs generally result in parts and items that are of lower or substandard quality. The workmanship on the car can also be questionable too. All of this can lead to DV or diminished value. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you receive a post-repair inspection. Why? Well, this will ensure that you followed the correct steps in ensuring that your car is a safe one to drive after the accident you were in. You also want to get that inspection, if your car insurance company insists that you take your vehicle to a specific auto body shop. 


“What Should I Look for After Collision Repair?” – Car Inspection After Accident Repair

What a joy and a relief to get your vehicle back, after the accident. All you can think about is going home and resuming life again in your newly-repaired car. But before driving away in your freshly- repaired vehicle, take the time to check and do the following: 

Be Sure That Your Vehicle Is Clean 

Is there dust, soda pop cans or even debris left in the car after the repair?  Did the techs leave candy bar wrappers or even paint chips in your car? Be sure that your car is clean and tidy. 

Look at That Paint Job 

Yes, you have your vehicle back and you feel happy. But what about that paint job? Are there chips where the accident happened? Can you STILL tell where the other car smashed you? Does the paint match the rest of the car? Or do you see a variation in colors? Check that paint job and ensure the paints all match. Look for blemishes and imperfections. If you see them, note them. 

Look at the Body of the Vehicle 

If the other car hit your passenger car door during the accident, does it still look like it after the auto body repairs? Are the dents gone and the car fully restored to its pre-accident condition? 

Look at the Appearance Of The Repaired Spots Both Close-Up & From A Distance – Car Inspection After Accident Repair

Sure, your car may look glorious as you look at with an “up close and personal look”, but does it look wonderful from a distance? Are you seeing anything that is lopsided? If you wear glasses or any kind of corrected lenses, now is the time to put them on. You want to be on the lookout for flaws, blemishes, shoddy work and repairs. Go close, go far and if you see anything wrong with that car, “go hard” with the body shop, and point out the blemishes! 

Take A Test Drive in Your Vehicle 

Now that your car’s repair job is complete, you should be able to drive that car around the block, or the freeway a few times. You want to listen for any noises such as clanks, squeals, or clacks. And if the car is vibrating, then ask why. Be sure to check for any issues. You don’t want to get into your car, drive home only to get into another accident. 

If You’re Not Satisfied, Speak on It! – Car Inspection After Accident Repair

Whoa… that headlight looks like it’s coming out. Why is the driver’s car door failing to close completely? What’s with the dirt on the bumper? Why is there chipped paint in the lower panel on the passenger side? If you STILL see something wrong with your car after it was repaired, then speak to the body shop owner or manager. Your car should look flawless. The shop certainly had time to perform a quality repair. So, don’t leave until all of your questions have been answered and you feel satisfied with the auto body repair job. 

Being in an accident can be a very stressful and traumatic event. Thankfully you are healing from your injuries and you are alright- ready to drive your car home. But allow for that post-accident car inspection – ensuring that you don’t have to relive any other drama and trauma again. And if you are looking to sell that freshly-fixed car, you can do so with Cash Cars Buyer. Click here to get started!