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Infiniti Reliability – Are Infiniti Good Used Cars?

Infiniti Reliability

Infiniti, the luxury brand of Nissan, began to officially start selling vehicles in North America, on November 8, 1989. The brand was established as a competitor to the US premium auto market in comparison to brands such as Audi, BMW and Lexus. While sales of their first model, the Q45 were fairly poor, the auto makers worked to draw attention to their other models; as a result, and a shift of focus, to create ad campaigns that were “Zen-themed” and showed tranquil surrounds while someone drove an Infiniti. 

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With new and redesigned models, Infiniti worked to appeal to the US market with such cars as the G37 and the luxurious SUV FX. Today in 2020, customers have their selection of coupe and sedan vehicles such as the Q50 and the Q60. Infiniti also offers to date- the SUVs: QX80, QX60 and QX50. 

Are Infiniti Reliable?

While there have been mixed reviews about the reliability of an Infiniti vehicle, the company works hard to stand on the cutting edge of technology and longevity. According to J.D Power Infiniti was given rating of four out of five for overall dependability; with this rating the brand scores above average. Let’s take a look at some of the praise that specific Infiniti models have received from owners. 


Used 2014 INFINITI Q50 Review 

I've had this car for 6 years and every time that I park it I still looking back and admire it's style. In terms of performance, the 3.7L and 333 horse power never disappoints me, every time that I need that extra boost always delivers. In comparison with BMW or Audi, this vehicle has everything you need for much less money. In terms of maintenance I have not seen any major issues @ 40k mile point except for normal wear and tear parts. My biggest issue is depreciation. The market value today of these cars is 65% or more below the actual price tag that I paid. The best option is to get a used car with about 10 to 20k miles on it. Fuel efficiency is about 19 on city 25 highway on premium gasoline.” 

Used 2015 Infiniti Q50 Review

This is a great car, and a rare find if you don't like front wheel drive, but the tires are just awful and the entertainment system is frustratingly slow. It would be an easy 5.0 rating with better tires or better GPS/Stereo system. Being able to remote start, ‘find my car’, and track it down if it is stolen through the Infiniti app is a huge bonus.” 

2016 Infiniti QX60 Review

“After debating between the 2017 MDX and the 2016 QX60, it is definitely clear to see who the winner is. Infiniti blew us away with the use of getting to the third row and the amount of legroom in the third row compared to the MDX. I also liked what features were available on the QX60 than compared to the MDX, as the QX60 had more practical features for a vehicle in this segment in packages that made more sense than it did in the MDX. For example, the around view monitor, heated steering wheel, and USB ports in the third row require the highest-level package from Acura, while Infiniti has these features offered in its mid-level package. Additionally, the service that the Infiniti dealership gave us compared to Acura was another reason to go with the QX60; I feel more at ease for any services in the future.” 

2017 Infiniti QX80 Review

“Top priorities for this purchase were safety, luxury and value. The QX80 delivers in all these areas. Great ride and comfort, top of the line safety features and a big luxurious package. Only small things I can pick out include a hard time getting the SUV in gear from park, maintenance light already popped on after 2 weeks (I thought this brand was more reliable than it's turning out to be) and the fuel economy is worse than I thought. That said I'm very pleased with the purchase and I'm happy knowing my family is in big safe SUV.” 

2018 Infiniti Q50 Review

“My original lease for the 2014 Infiniti Q50 is reaching the end. Based on my past 3+ years’ experience driving the Q50 on a daily basis, I have decided Q50 is worthwhile to own for the long term. After reviewing the Q50 2014 vs 2018 model, I decided to purchase the 2018 Q50 due to a newer engine, improved onscreen response time, updated SOS communication module, etc.). For someone that drives 90 miles every day, the active safety features (adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, etc.) is literally a life saver, and help to avoid accidents.” 

2019 Infiniti QX60 Review 

I think this is one of the best 3 rows SUV available today in terms of price/value, performance, comfort, style, safety, and technology. Maybe It doesn’t score any A+ in every Category but pretty much get a solid A- or B+ on each so it’s a very well around vehicle. Never a fan of any of the CVTs but at least I don’t hate it on the QX60. Yes, the suspension is a bit too soft but no one would take a 3 rows SUV for any spirit driving. And the value here is just unbeatable. Q7 and xc90 are better cars but cost $15-20k more similarly equipped.” 

Are Infiniti Good Used Cars?

Reports indicate that the Infiniti brand makes for a reliable used car. Generally speaking, many owners ensure that they keep up with the maintenance of their vehicles, to preserve their longevity. One Infiniti owner says that the best used Infiniti to own, is a G37: “I’ve owned several G series as well as the new Q50 and find them to be great handling, incredibly fast and dependable rides. For years Infiniti had a reputation as a less expensive alternative to BMW. In recent years they have moved to more generic offerings that diminish some of the sporting and performance nature of the brand. The really “good” cars are the 3.0 and above Q50 and Q60. For their SUV and crossover line-up the new QX50 and QX70 are a blast to drive. The QX80 is a great full-size luxury SUV. The rest of the lineup is just meh – though the QX60 is a decent family hauler. If you are looking at pre-owned instead of new, the G37s are probably the best made and most bang for your buck performance sedans on the pre-owned market,” states the Infiniti owner. 

What are the Top Infiniti Problems? 

With each automobile maker, there are points to praise, and then there are points of improvement. Some of the top issues we found with the Infiniti brand include: 

  1. Faulty crankshaft angel sensor 
  2. Noise originating from timing chain area 
  3. Problems with the rear power door 
  4. Faulty mass air flow sensor 
  5. Automatic transmission may cause harsh downshift and more. 

Additional issues documented from Infiniti drivers include: 

Infiniti 2009 G37 Owner 

The failure of the Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) has been known by Nissan/Infiniti for YEARS. Nissan had a special warranty extension program to “fix” (bypass) the problem – ended in 2015. Nissan even admits on their web site this was a part design flaw that has been corrected. But INFINITI HAS DONE NOTHING – they don't even acknowledge that there is a problem. So, we have a supposedly luxury, high end, customer focused manufacturer who totally ignores this issue. We have a local dealer who sold the car with a KNOWN DEFECTIVE PART and when approached by an owner where the part has failed, WILL DO NOTHING and ASSUMES NO PART in the problem. Hardly a glowing recommendation for Infiniti or the local dealer. Will definitely go to a different dealer and likely to go to a different manufacturer from now on.” 

Infiniti 2016 QX80 Owner 

“[I] acquired the Infiniti Q80 brand new from our local dealer in Lafayette, LA. Within a few days we noticed a chatter/vibration from the power steering system when turning the steering wheel at low rpms and slow speeds, especially backing up then starting off in a forward direction. [I] returned it to the dealer where it stayed in the shop for several days. (apparently couldn't locate a pump) they agreed that there was an issue and changed out the power steering pump. We are still experiencing the same power steering chatter/vibration with the new pump. The chatter/vibration is actually noticeable to other passengers who are riding in the vehicle. The shop foreman even stated he has noticed the same issue in brand new Q80's on the lot. Reached out to corporate Infiniti to file a complaint. Received a complaint number and spoke with a representative. Currently we are still in discussions.” 

Infiniti 2007 G35 Owner

Transmission in reverse started to be delayed by 1-2 sec. During a visit to Infiniti Service, mentioned to adviser who brushed it off in 2011. Saying it normal to have a delay when shifting from drive to reverse with only 35k. Then worsened in 2013 Oct, put in storage until May 2014 when reverse only worked when flooring to above 2000 rpm, now out of warranty by a few months but only 45k miles. Infiniti warranty refuses to replace, wants me to pay $8,500. After appeal to corporate they would give me a discount of 25%, dealer felt bad and was already giving me a 15% discount, so not much of a discount. I was treated unfairly by warranty and offered a trivial discount, for being 5months out of warranty and 45k miles. Plus, I notified service adviser well under warranty.” 

Infiniti Recalls 

Infiniti has recalled some of its SUVs as well as sedans for an array of problems. Some issues include airbags that may fail to deploy, fuel levels that may be too low and pressure sensors that are loose.  Some of the affected Infiniti models included the Q60 coupe, Q50 sedan and QX30 crossover.

Back in 2017, Infiniti recalled over 14,000 vehicles. Under that recall, the 2016-2018 Q50 were recalled- as well as the 2017 Q60 vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engines. The issues lied in the wrong software accompanying the fuel pump. The effect of this issue would be a fuel level that was too low to supply the engine, increasing the risk of stalling.  Additional recalls in 2017 included the for the 2017 QX30 vehicles. The problem with the vehicles originated from the front side passenger and side window airbags failing to inflate in the event of an accident. 

Another recall took place in in 2016 that addressed an error in the adaptive steering system of specific 2014-2016 Infiniti Q50 and Q50 Hybrid vehicles. Infiniti stated that a software update was needed to fix the unresponsiveness in the steering. Back in 2015, Infiniti recalled 2012-2013 QX56, M56, as well as specific 2014-2015 Q70 and Q80 vehicles. The issue was with loose fuel pressure sensors. You can check your Infiniti’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number of VIN and enter it into the NHTSA website, to see if your Infiniti has any open recall on it. 

Is Infiniti Or Lexus More Reliable?

When it comes to the reliability of an Infiniti compared to a Lexus, many vehicle owners cite Lexus as the more reliable of the two. One owner adds: “Lexus is more reliable but the Infiniti looks and feels better. It’s comparing apples to oranges really. Do you want superb reliability with modest looks (Lexus)? or do you want Modest reliability with superb looks (Infiniti)? Depends on your preference. Either one is going to provide pretty decent reliability compared to other cars but the Lexus IS just the top reliable of them all. Me personally, I’d go with the Infiniti. Stunning looking, fun and comfortable to drive but still offers a respectable level of reliability.”

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