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How To Tell If Your Car Has a Bad Fuel Pump? 10 Symptoms

How To Tell If Your Car Has a Bad Fuel Pump

How To Tell If Your Car Has a Bad Fuel Pump? 10 Symptoms

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Here is “how to tell if your car has a bad fuel pump?

  1. Issues starting your vehicle
  2. Engine stalling
  3. Rough idling
  4. Engine misfiring
  5. Hesitation when accelerating
  6. Significant variation in engine speed
  7. Power reduction
  8. Reduced vehicle performance
  9. Higher fuel consumption
  10. Check engine light illuminating

If your car relies on gasoline or diesel to perform, it must have a pump that delivers fuel from the gas tank to the engine. This pump is very durable and should last for quite a good time. However, we might deal with some complications in this pump and realize that it's completely failed in some instances.

Before you get to the point where the fuel pump completely fails, you must detect the problem as early as possible. Otherwise, you'll deal with other complications that could be inconvenient and might cost you thousands of dollars on repair.

This article walks you through the 10 most common symptoms of a bad fuel pump. Once you notice any of these symptoms, you must consult your mechanic and have him replace your pump as soon as possible.

bad Fuel Pump

What is the fuel pump, and what does it do?

The fuel pump is a critical component in your vehicle. It is responsible for transporting fuel from the fuel tank to the engine when needed. Therefore, this form must perform properly over time. Otherwise, you'll deal with some complications and issues in your vehicle's overall performance, and you might end up consuming more fuel than your vehicle needs.

How long should a fuel pump last?

The fuel pump is a pretty durable component in your vehicle, and it's expected to last up to 100,000 miles. However, this threshold might differ depending on your vehicle type and the pomp quality.

Don't be surprised to deal with some fuel pump complications before hitting the threshold, and that's why you get a family-like yourself with any information that could help you answer the question, “how to tell if your car has a bad fuel pump?”

How to tell if your car has a bad fuel pump?

Although the fuel pump is expected to last for a specific time, there are some instances where you might deal with premature fuel pump complications. Therefore, every driver should familiarize himself with the different symptoms indicating that you are dealing with a bad fuel pump.

The list below provides you with a detailed answer for “how to tell if your car has a bad fuel pump?”

1-    Issues starting your vehicle

The first and most common symptom you have to watch for is when you have difficulty starting your vehicle. Typically, difficulties starting have to do with the battery and the starting system, but if all these components are in good condition, you got to check out the Fuel pump because it could be the culprit.

You don't necessarily need to immediately replace the fuel pump because there are some more common symptoms and other reasons that could cause your vehicle to have difficulty starting. For example, you should first check the battery and alternator and probably the starter motor before moving to replace the car fuel pump.

2-    Engine stalling

When the fuel pump is not working properly, you can easily deal with engine installation. However, engine installation is not a simple situation, and it can put your life at risk of major car crashes, especially when you cannot have your vehicle moved at the right speed.

And just stalling is another problem that is very broad and might be linked to different issues in the engine itself and other components. So therefore, before your mechanic goes ahead and replaces the fuel pump, he must perform a full inspection of all potential culprits first.

Can A Bad Fuel Pump Trigger A Check Engine Light
Can A Bad Fuel Pump Trigger A Check Engine Light

3-    Rough idling

When you idle, your vehicles shouldn't be very rough, and if this happens, it could be a sign of internal problems that could range from very simple to supercritical. For example, about fuel pump might cause rough idling, but watching rough idling only, you cannot confirm for sure unless your mechanic does his homework first.

4-    Engine misfiring

Engine misfiring happens when there is a problem with one of three important components: the air supply, the fuel supply, or a spark timing. For example, if you have a bad fuel pump, there is no consistent fuel supply to the cylinders, and it's not surprising to deal with the engine misfiring immediately after the fuel pump fails or is about to fail.

Fixing the problem is a must because otherwise, you won't be able to continue driving your car, and you might even deal with other complications that could cost you a lot of money.

Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump Relay

5-    Hesitation when accelerating

Have you ever tried hitting the gas pedal and realized that your vehicle hesitates before it accelerates? That could be a potential outcome of a bad fuel pump.

However, tons of other potential culprits also might lead your vehicle to hesitate when accelerating.

6-    Significant variation in engine speed

When the engine does not receive the right amount of fuel all the time, it will not provide you with the constant speed that you're looking for. As a result, you realize that your car is switching and variating speed significantly without your control. This is a very dangerous situation that might put your life and the life of other people at risk of crashing.

10 Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump

7-    Power reduction

When the engine does not perform as it should, you'll notice a significant reduction in the overall engine power. There is no consistent supply of fuel, which causes lots of stress on how the engine performs here. As a result, over a couple of days, your engine will start to give up, and that's where you'll notice a significant reduction in the overall power and probably a complete vehicle shut off.

8-    Reduce vehicle performance

Performance is not limited to power because your vehicle must immediately behave and respond to your actions. If you notice that the car is not doing as it should, it could indicate a bad viewpoint, but it can also be linked to some other issues inside your car.

Is Higher Octane Fuel Better
Is Higher Octane Fuel Better

9-    Higher fuel consumption

This symptom might sound a little bit strange to many inexperienced drivers. However, when the fuel pump is not working properly, it leads to fuel overconsumption. This is because the engine will be continuously under stress, and that's why it will ask for more fuel to provide you with the required energy and performance.

Therefore, if you realize that you need to visit the gas station more frequently than before, it could indicate a bad fuel pump.

10- Check engine light illuminating

Finally, all dimensioned symptoms can easily trigger the check engine light. The check engine light is a critical symptom indicating that your vehicle has some internal issues.

It is never a good idea to ignore a check engine light because, in many instances, the check engine light could be linked to a minor issue that you can solve by yourself without needing a professional. However, ignoring this minor issue can easily damage your vehicle and corrupt important core components.

Will A Bad Fuel Pump Give A Check Engine Light

How much does it cost to fix a bad fuel pump?

Fuel pump replacement costs differ significantly depending on your vehicle type and where you get the job done. Typically, to replace a bad fuel pump, expect to pay somewhere between $220 and 1065 dollars. But, of course, this is a wide range of repair costs, and to get an accurate estimation, you get a consult your mechanic.

Keep in mind that labor cost is a huge component of fixing a bad fuel pump. That's why some people might decide on replacing their fuel pump to save on labor costs. However, that might not be the best decision, especially if you haven't done this before. There is a very high chance that you can introduce other problems by mistakes which increases your final bill for fixing your vehicle.

Can I drive with a bad fuel pump?

It's not going to be safe. However, driving with a bad fuel pump might deal to major car accidents or other catastrophic situations you would never want to get involved in.

When the fuel pump is not working properly, the fuel supply is not consistent with your engine. Therefore, the vehicle might start shuttering or show some of the symptoms we mentioned earlier but also, you might not even be able to start your car.

Therefore, you must take it seriously and consult your mechanic immediately before dealing with other complications whenever you deal with any symptoms indicating that the fuel pump is failing.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Is it worth fixing my vehicle if it has a bad fuel pump?

Whether it's worth it or not, you must fix the fuel pump to be able to drive this car. Your options would be to fix the pump or get rid of the vehicle completely. To be able to make an educated decision can let you get to evaluate the whole situation.

For example, all remove experts recommend starting by calculating the total repair cost to vehicle needs. This should include every simple and major reporting vehicle needs. For instance, you can add the costs to fix the fuel pump, the money you'll need to pay for changing the oil, the costs for stating the tires, etc.

Once you have a total repair cost, the next step is to determine your vehicle's overall value. This information can be found online through tools like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.com here at these tools should provide you with an expected minimum and maximum value for your car.

Then, the final step is to compare the total repair costs to your vehicle's overall value. Again, if you get a sense that these numbers are getting close, this is a strong signal that you should sell your car instead of wasting your money and time.

To sell this vehicle, you have one of many options:

  • Private buyers: most private buyers might not be interested in purchasing a vehicle that has a bad fuel pump


  • Dealerships: dealerships will not pay the top dollars, and if money is your top priority, you should pass this option



  • Junkyards: there are plenty of junkyards that will accept your car, but you got to do some research about what to ask for and how much you get paid


  • Cash cars buyer: cash cars buyer is the ultimate option for a cylinder car if it has any problems, including those related to the fuel pump. We Guarantee to buy your car and pay the top dollars no matter what!
bad fuel pump symptoms
bad fuel pump symptoms

Final thoughts

The fuel pump is a core component in your vehicle, and without it, your engine won't work, and your car won't start. Therefore, every driver must understand when this part is expected to fail and what are the common symptoms of a bad fuel pump.

This article provided you with all the details you need to know to answer “how to tell if your car has a bad fuel pump?” It is critical to notice any of the listed symptoms, but you get the pump fixed immediately.

If repair costs for fixing the pump pilot and if you consider other repairs and realize that you cannot afford it, it could be the perfect time to sell your car and buy a better one. Suppose no one wants to buy your vehicle with the mentioned problems, so Cash Cars Buyer is always the perfect solution for you!

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