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How To Sell A Junk Car On Facebook Marketplace? Your Ultimate Guide!

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Here's how to sell a junk car on Facebook marketplace:

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  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Prepare your listing
  3. Respond to the interested buyers
  4. Meet with the potential buyers
  5. Complete the car sale

Trying to sell a junk vehicle might be a very stressful process. You've probably tried talking to her family members or friends, but no one agreed to buy this vehicle. You might have tried listing your car on classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motors, but things were complicated. Did you know that you can get a decent amount of cash for your junk car through Facebook marketplace?

Selling an old car on Facebook might be a daunting job. However, automotive experts were able to put together a step-by-step process to help you go through the process without any hassles.

This article helps you answer the question of how to sell a junk car on Facebook marketplace. It provides you with all the details you need to know, from basic requirements like setting up your Facebook account to finalizing the deal and signing the dotted line on the bill of sale.

How to sell a junk car on Facebook marketplace?

Many people think that selling a used car on Facebook marketplace is a straightforward process. However, your process needs to be revisited if you're looking to sell a junk vehicle.

Our team put together a step-by-step process to help you learn how to sell a junk car on Facebook marketplace. Let's take a closer look below:

  1. Create a Facebook account

You won't be able to post any vehicle on the Facebook marketplace without having a corresponding Facebook account. Therefore, you need to start with one. You can start with your existing personal Facebook account, but you can also create a specific one just for sales, so you know people can't access your personal information.

Here's how you can set up a Facebook account through what easy wait:

  • Visit www.facebook.com and click on the button that says “create new account”
  • Once you click the button, you'll be transferred to provide details about yourself. For example, you'll be asked to provide your name, password, gender, date of birth, and e-mail address or phone number.
  • After filling in this information, the next step is to click the “sign up” button
  • Finally, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from Facebook to confirm that you're the actual owner of the e-mail and finalize setting up your account. The e-mail should have straightforward instructions that you can follow to complete your account setup.
  1. Prepare your listing

Whether you still need an account or you had an original one, the next step is to work on creating your Facebook marketplace listing. Once you sign in to your account, you need to follow these instructions to create a Facebook marketplace listing for selling your junk car:

  • Click on the “marketplace” button to the left side of the main home page on Facebook
  • Once you're there, you'll see another button saying “sell something” you need to click on that
  • After that, select “cars and trucks” in the drop-down menu
  • After clicking that, you'll be required to provide information about your vehicle. For example, you need to know your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Also, you need to describe your car briefly and list some basic information about what the buyers need to know regarding the vehicle's condition.
  • Since a picture is worth 1000 words, it is critical that you add quality photos to your listing so people navigate through them and get a better sense of your car. You also need to highlight all the details about your vehicle, including the good things and the problems, so buyers don't get surprised once they meet with you.
  • As you upload the photos, you'll also need to consider a detailed description. The description should have the basic information about your car that any buyer is looking for. For example, you can put something like: “2010 Honda Civic – has an engine problem but still runs!”
  • In addition to the basic description, you need to highlight additional information you would like the buyer to be familiar with.
  • Choose your asked price based on information about your vehicle's value. You can see how much your car is worth visiting websites like Kelley Blue Book or edmunds.com.
  • You also need to provide information about where you want this listing to appear. A location feature associated with the Facebook listing allows you to limit where your potential buyers should come from.
  • Finally, you need to click on “post” to finalize your listing and have it go live for people to see!

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  1. Respond to the interested buyers

Once your listing is live, you should wait for people to reach out to you. Sometimes it might take a long time for people to get interested in your car unless you have a really attractive offer. That's the biggest challenge about posting a vehicle on Facebook marketplace. Still, people always see value in certain vehicles and can only afford a limited amount of money to purchase cars.

Once interested buyers start reaching out to you, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind to help you go through the process without any hassle, including:

  • You need to be careful and professional in your communication with people
  • Do not provide false information about your car. The more accurate information you have, the less conventional you'll have once you meet with the buyer.
  • Allow room for negotiation when discussing the vehicle price. People will not accept your listed offer immediately, and you need to have a strong reason for asking for this price. At the same time, you need to be flexible.
  • Mentioned that you're willing to provide additional pictures for the vehicle if the listed ones are not enough.
  1. Meet with the potential buyers

If you are lucky enough, the buyer will accept your requirements and will agree on the asking price. The next step is to get ready to meet the buyers. Automotive experts typically recommend the following:

  • Meet with the buyers in a public location like a Walmart parking lot or a gas station
  • Make sure that you have all the paperwork needed to finalize the deal
  • Ensure that the buyer is aware of all the issues in your vehicle and do not hide any problem
  • You might need to negotiate the price one more time at the pickup time
  • Try getting paid in cash which is the safest method for getting paid in any car sale process. However, if the buyer insists on being in check, ensure the check goes through before you leave that area.
  • Count your cash and ensure that it represents the amount you're asking for.
  1. Complete the car sale

Once you get paid and the buyer is ready to pick up your car, you must sign all the required paperwork according to your state. Typically, you need to have a bill of sale that states that you're selling the vehicle as is so the buyer doesn’t come back for you with problems.

We highly encourage you to go through the local DMV website to get an idea about what needs to be signed in the car-selling process. Some states require keeping the plates with you, while others require you to keep them in the vehicle.

If you still need to get a car title, you must make sure that you communicate with the buyer earlier and that you do not surprise the buyer at this point. Some potential buyers might be willing to purchase your vehicle even if it doesn't have a title. However, if you struggled to convince buyers to buy your car without a title, you can still obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office.

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How to maximize your junk car value when posted on Facebook marketplace?

Since you're trying to sell a junk vehicle, you want to ensure that you're implementing whatever you can to get the maximum out of this vehicle. Automotive experts have some recommendations to help you get the most out of your junk car, including:

  • Select a competitive price representing the amount of money your vehicle is worth in your area. This might require some research using tools like killer blue book or edmunds.com. It also might require you to have a discussion with your local mechanic and get a sense from him about what your vehicle is worth
  • Ensure you choose high-quality photos during the daytime when your vehicle looks the best. Don't forget to highlight all the negative issues about your car, so the buyer doesn't waste his time buying the wrong vehicle.
  • Be upfront about the vehicle’s condition and do not hide any problem because the buyer will know about the vehicle once he tries or meets with you.
  • Make sure to respond to all buyers and never ignore requests or inquiries. You'll get a sense of serious buyers as you're talking to them, and you don't want to ignore any discussion that might lead to a great deal.
  • Be alert to car scams and be mindful of the buyers you are talking to.
  • Never provide any personal information to the buyer because this might lead to many issues.
  • Choose cash payment whenever possible because it prevents any negative consequences you might face as you're selling your car.

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Mistakes to avoid when selling a junk car on Facebook Marketplace

While it's great to follow the recommendations we provided you earlier to get the most out of your junk vehicle on Facebook marketplace, there are some common mistakes that people make that you need to avoid. Let's take a closer look at some of these mistakes:

  • Choosing an unrealistic price that will make the process very long and potentially discourage buyers from reaching out to you
  • Not including high-quality photos which might tell the wrong story about your car and have people think that your vehicle is not worth it
  • Not responding to buyers’ inquiries which also can be a red flag for those buyers and might impact your listing on the Facebook marketplace

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How can I make my Facebook marketplace listing for my junk vehicle stand out?

With the increased number of people using Facebook marketplace, sometimes it can be challenging to have your listing stand out, especially if you're trying to sell a junk car. However, automotive experts still have some workarounds to help you get the most out of your car and have people see it first. Here are some recommendations:

  • Choose the best photos were presenting the condition of your vehicle
  • Provide a detailed description that's attractive enough to bring in customers
  • Highlight the great features of your vehicle that will make people purchase it
  • See some examples for those who have standing-out listings on Facebook marketplace and learn about their best practices
  • Avoid putting much text in the vehicle description and try breaking out the text by leaving white space and using bullet points
  • Be realistic about your ask price and check the current listings for similar vehicles and try to put a slightly lower price than what is available

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Final thoughts

Selling a junk car on Facebook marketplace is a great idea, but it needs to be done right. Otherwise, you might lose great opportunities and lots of profits. This article provided a step-by-step process to sell a junk car on the Facebook marketplace. It highlighted basic things like setting up your Facebook account, preparing your listing, negotiating the price, meeting with the buyers, and others.

If you're not struggling to sell your junk car on Facebook marketplace, you can always reach out to Cash Cars Buyer at 7737914363. We're happy to buy your car and remove it away from your home or office within one to three days only!

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