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How to Sell A Car in One Day? What Is the Quickest Way to Sell A Car? 

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You're probably looking to buy a new shiny vehicle, its leather is glowing, and it doesn't have any problem! Maybe it's the vehicle you've been wishing for years now! Before getting this new car, you must get rid of the old one first and use the new vehicle's payment. The question always remains, “how to sell a car in one day?” Is that even possible? 

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Selling used cars is not an easy job, especially with the massive number of people using online platforms and following many scams. Things can get a little more stressful if you want to sell a car in a hurry and even harder if you're looking to sell it in one day!

However, it's not impossible. There are certain things if you followed, you could successfully sell your car in one day. 

To sell your car in one day, you must have an idea of your vehicle's value 


Because you are in a hurry, you don't want to get underpaid. You still would like to get as high an offer as possible.

Therefore, the first step is to evaluate your car and understand how much to ask for it.

There are many methods available online to help you determine your vehicle's minimum and maximum expected value.

For instance, you can use Kelley Blue Book to input information about your cars type, condition, mileage, and other information to get the estimated value. 

Honestly, if you would like to get rid of your car fast and in one day, you need to ask for a low price. Understand the different mechanical problems in your vehicle and subtract this information from the value you got from Kelley Blue Book. 

If you want to ask for a higher price, you'd better wait for a longer time than you are one-day threshold. Be as honest and as realistic as possible with your car price. 

The good idea is to add the term “or best offer” Within your ad description or title. This way, you're inviting more people and encouraging more responses. However, it also opens room for more haggling because you're not specific about your vehicle's price. Thus, be prepared for that. 

What are you selling your car in one day or not, understand your state's requirements? 


If you decided to sell your car in one day or prefer to wait longer, you must understand your states' requirements for selling used vehicles at the end of the day.

To do so, you can visit your local DMV website and look for information about selling a car requirement. 

For instance, some states like California might ask you to prepare a smog test completed within the last 90 days. Unfortunately, many people might find it challenging but, you have no other choice if you're living in that state.

Also, you might need to download any preferred Belle of sale from your DMV office website. Don't forget to get your vehicle's title ready! 

If you don't have a title, you can always obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office if you know that you are the vehicle's legal owner.

Give them a call first and check for the requirements to get a title replacement within one day. In most scenarios, many states might require a couple of weeks before obtaining your vehicle's title.

Selling a car without a title can be extremely challenging if you're looking to get rid of it within the same day. 

Decide on your online platform to sell your car in one day 


There are plenty of online platforms where you can list your vehicle to get it sold. These websites can connect you with millions of customers daily.

Some of these websites might be paid while others are free.

For example, you can try either cars.com, eBay Motors, CarGurus, Craigslist, Kelley Blue Book, etc. 

Did you know that Craigslist started charging used cars ads $5 to prevent scams? That's something to keep in mind. 

The other important information is that cars.com charges only $4.99 for the first 30 days? That is great because you will only need to use the website that first day! 

Get your car ready to be sold in one day 


If you were in a hurry and you can't wait for a very long time, it doesn't make sense to spend any time or effort fixing small dents or minor problems in your car.

If you decided to fix these issues, you can enhance the potential of getting a higher offer but not as much.

This doesn't mean that you don't need to give your car the car wash or sometimes wax. Washing your vehicle can provide a great first impression to the buyer, which encourages them to purchase your car and indicates that you are taking good care of what's under the hood. 

Spend time to make a killer ad! 


Your ad is your first and most important chance of getting you were out there. If you chose very attractive terms within your car ad, you encourage many people to get in touch with you quickly and, hopefully, purchase your vehicle within one day.

Don't forget to include high-quality pictures because that's what the customers will see. Customers might not read all the descriptions, but they will look at all photos, especially if they are high quality. If you didn't include high-quality pictures, customers might not bother flipping through the pictures and looking at your vehicle details even if you had the best car. 

Be upfront with the buyers and show them all the details about your car. Never attempt to hide any problems in your vehicle because you're just wasting your time and the buyer's time. He will come and see the problems on the spot. Must, it's better to be clear and upfront from the beginning. 

Review all potential buyers offers 


You are in no hurry, and you would like to sell your car in one day. Thus, you'd better be mindful about which customer to focus on and reply to his questions.

Not all customers will be serious, and some of them might ask you weird questions indicating that they are just wasting time. Therefore, look for a customer who is eager to buy your vehicle today and can bring cash immediately on the spot.

You don't want to deal with problems related to payment methods. For example, try your best to get to cash payments. On the other hand, if one decided that he only can pay using a check, make sure to meet with him next to your bank and ensure that the check goes through, so we don't deal with troubles afterward. 

Be mindful when choosing where to meet with the buyer 


When the time comes that you will have to meet with the buyer to show the vehicle, you need to select a public place like a mall or a coffee shop here; there are plenty of videotaping cameras in case something happens.


Some buyers might prefer to meet at the mechanic shop, which is fine you can also set up a meeting there. 

It's recommended that you meet with your potential buyer during the daytime or at least in a place that has clear light and surrounded by people. 

If the buyer decided to accept the vehicle and buy it's, do your best not to accept checks unless the deal is great, and you have good trust. Even if that's the case, most automotive experts suggest that you go with a buyer who's willing to pay you in cash to prevent any complications.

Finalize the price and complete the deal 


Once the buyer is happy with your vehicle, make sure to sign all paperwork and keep a copy in a safe place. This copy will be handy if something happens, and you will need it and filing your taxes for the next year.

How to sell a car in one day without any hassle? 


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