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How to Sell A Car Quickly? And Where Can I Sell My Car for The Most Money? 

How to Sell A Car Quickly

Are you searching for how to sell a car quickly? Are you also looking for the most money out of your old car? You are at the right location!

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We will provide you with smart tips to follow to ensure a fast and smooth selling process.

How to sell a car quickly: 7 important tips! 


The great things about online platforms are that you can quickly sell your vehicle and get in touch with millions of customers in no time.

However, if you don't follow the correct steps and accurate flow path, you might have many hiccups in the car selling process. He can get involved in many car scams or end up without selling your car with the right amount of money. 

  • Get your paperwork ready 


Now you're done with the vehicle, and it's time to transfer ownership to a new buyer. But, if you don't have all paperwork ready, you can affect the car selling process timeline, and you will never sell your car quickly.

Therefore, check with your state's requirements regarding any important paperwork you need to collect to sell your vehicle.

In general, most states require the following documents:

  • The title

Your vehicle's title is the most important document for selling any vehicle, and having it handy can make the process as quick as possible.

The title indicates the ownership. In other words, when transferring the ownership, the new buyer must sign on the title indicating that he is now the legal owner of the vehicle. 

Many customers reach out to us wondering what happens if they don't have a title? If you don't have a title, you could always visit your local DMV office and obtain a title replacement assuming that you are the vehicle's legal owner.

They will ask you for some paperwork to prove ownership, like your photo ID and valid car Registration, along with a small fee.

Make sure to check with them the timeline they need to obtain the title because some states might take a couple of days while others might take a couple of weeks. 

  • Any information related to the lender


If you still owe money on your previous loan for this vehicle, check with the lender and see their thoughts about the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership. Some lenders might not allow you to sell a vehicle if you still owe money on it.

  • Check the DMV online website


Some states might have special paperwork that is not usually required by other states. For example, you might need to download a specific form or bill of sale and print it out to finalize the deal. Also, you need to check whether the vehicle's plate should stay with you or be transferred with the vehicle.

  • Get a vehicle report history


It's very important to be clear and upfront with the buyer, and by providing a vehicle report history, the buyer feels more confident in purchasing your car, and it shows that there is nothing to hide from him. 

Therefore, while it might cost you a little bit of money to obtain a vehicle history report, it will save you a lot of time, and you no longer need to search for how to sell a car quickly because you have already done it! 

  • Ask for a reasonable price 


Before dealing with any customers or posting an ad anywhere, it's very important to understand your vehicle's value. Many people tend to underestimate their cars just because they've been driving them for a long time, and they know exactly what problems they have. On the other hand, other people might overestimate their car, thinking that vehicles should run. Right?


Thus, it's recommended that you visit any online tool like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to evaluate your vehicle and get a rough estimate about the minimum and maximum value to ask for.

If you think that Kelley Blue Book doesn't provide you with an accurate estimate, you can get a closer number from a professional mechanic who can inspect the car and pinpoint any problems. 

  • Get your vehicle ready 


The first impression is one of the most crucial things when it comes to selling a car quickly. You don't want to lose any chance when showing your vehicle to a potential buyer.

Therefore, even if your vehicle is used, you don't want to show it as used.

Thus, make sure to give your car a car wash, and in some scenarios, it might be worth waxing the vehicle.

Check if there is any broken mirror or dirty carpets. Consider installing an air refreshened in the vehicle to remove any food or smoke smells.

As you were getting the vehicle ready, you want to make sure that you balance what you're willing to invest and what's worth the investment. Therefore, it's never ended that's you there for major repairs like changing big components like the engine or the transmission. 

  • Decide on where I can sell my car for the most cash 


Once your vehicle is ready, and your paperwork is on hand, it's time to decide on the platform.

You can either sell your car online and offline. The easiest and quickest way is to sell your car to a friend or a private buyer that you know.

If you don't have one, you can also trade in your car with the dealership. However, most dealerships take a long time and might not provide you with the best offer.

Your other choices to post your vehicle on classified websites like Craigslist, Auto Trader, eBay Motors, etc.

With these websites, you must respond to a lot of messages full calls from many customers who might not be interested in purchasing the vehicle. Thus, the quickest timeline to get your vehicle sold on classified websites is at least a couple of months.

Lastly, you should try selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer even if it's in good condition.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation and is willing to purchase your vehicle despite its type or condition. While we are focused on buying junk vehicles, we are also interested in any operable vehicle and can pay up to $15,000 for the right car! 

Plus, we remove your car for free without charging you with any hidden fees and pay in cash for all customers to reduce the hassle in the car selling process. 

  • Check more than one offer 


Never go with the first offer unless it's a great deal. If you decided to go with private buyers or even to jump car buyers, the recommendations are to get at least three quotes.

When you get three quotes, you can better think about what makes sense and what your vehicle is worth. When you get the quotes, consider checking who will be responsible for towing the vehicle and whether it's your responsibility or the buyers. 

For example, Cash Cars Buyer removes all vehicles with no charge despite their living location around the United States. 

  • Prepare for a test drive (private buyers)


If you decided to go with private buyers, you need to be ready for a test drive. There are a lot of important recommendations that you must follow when dealing with test drives.

You need to choose a safe place where you can show the potential buyer your vehicle. A good place would be something like a mall or a coffee shop. It's also recommended that you have one of your friends accompanying you during the test drives just for safety. 

  • Keep paper works and finalize the deal 


Once the test drive is completed, you need to be prepared for a little negotiation process.

The buyer will not immediately accept the offer you decided to go with, and there will be some discussion.

Show that you're willing to slightly reduce the price and give the buyer a feeling that you're selecting a number that benefits both of you.

Once you agree on a number, it is time to sign on paperwork. Make sure that you save a copy of all paperwork if something happens in the future and because you might need them for the tax return paperwork. Thus, make sure to keep a copy in a safe place. 

How to sell a car quickly: Bottom line 


Selling your car can happen quickly as long as you follow the necessary steps of getting your paperwork ready, understanding your vehicle's price, preparing the car, deciding on the selling platform, reviewing the customers' quotes, performing a successful test drive, and finalizing the paperwork.

As we've mentioned earlier, one of the best methods for you to sell a car quickly is through Cash Cars Buyers service. 

If you would like more details on our process, you can always call us at 866-924-4608. Or, you can visit our website and click on the free instant online. 

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