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How To Sell A Car in Nevada: Following All State Laws

How To Sell A Car in Nevada: Following All State Laws

Knowing how to sell a car in Nevada is important. You want to make sure to follow all guidelines and rules. Not doing so can cost you time, money and lots of effort.

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If you're selling your car in Nevada, here are some things you need to be aware of before you can effectively make the transaction.

The first and most important item on your “to do” list, is to make sure that you have all of the paperwork you need.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows persons to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to someone else, but it pays to know how to do it properly. So, once you know how to sell a car privately, you will sell it right the first time!

Important Laws to Know

Here in Nevada, it’s illegal to sell a vehicle on an empty lot in certain circumstances. The Nevada DMV recommends private party sales be completed at a private residence. As a seller, you should be honest, trustworthy and straightforward It may also help to have your ID available so that buyers can view it in an effort to feel safe and secure.

It’s also important to note that here in Nevada, it’s illegal to “take over payments” on a car. This is commonly known as “subleasing” a car. There should be no arrangements ever. Any lien or loan on a vehicle must be satisfied before it can be sold.

Additionally, it is illegal to sell more than three personally-owned vehicles per. For persons wishing to sell more than three, you must apply for a dealer's license.

Nevada also requires that salvage vehicles  be rebuilt, titled and inspected as Rebuilt before being sold to a private party.

A car or truck that has been issued a salvage title is not allowed to be sold or registered in Nevada until it has been inspected first and then repaired.

Odometer Readings

Odometer Readings

Nevada requires odometer readings. You are required to have your current mileage ready when you register your vehicle. Motorcycles and mopeds are the only vehicles exempt from this rule.

The Nevada DMV collects the required mileage data that helps legislators plan for future road construction. This is the law here in Nevada!

What About License Plates?

Nevada law demands that you keep your license plates. You have the choice to either use them on another vehicle you own. You can also turn them in and cancel them within 60 days of the sale. Then, you will receive standard issue plates. You can receive specialized plates within 30 days.

Check out Nevada’s information on Plate Surrender& Registration Fee Refunds.

For sellers who desire to transfer the license plates to the buyer, that seller can fill out a License Plate Release (SP 67).  Registration fee credits will not transfer to the buyer!

If you the seller have left the plates on a vehicle you just sold, you can fill out a Nevada Lost, Stolen or Mutilated License Plate Affidavit (VP 202). This document is required to be notarized or signed in person at the Nevada DMV.

Additional Vehicle Seller Responsibilities and Obligations

As a vehicle seller here in Nevada you are required to:

  1. Provide a proper title to the buyer.
  2. Fill out and retain a Bill of Sale (VP 104) for your records. This is your proof of the sale.
  3. Utilize the MyDMV Registration Cancellation & Vehicle Resale Notification to let the Nevada know of the sale and receive your registration fee credit
  4. You can keep your license plates, or transfer them to another vehicle. You can also surrender your plates.
  5. If the vehicle is registered to a family trust, you are required to fill out a Trustee Appointment and Powers Affidavit (VP 188).
  6. You are required to offer the buyer a properly signed-off title, in private party sales, family sales or gifts. For any lien or loan, it must be satisfied before selling!

Important Signature Information About the Title

  1. Nevada law states that if the title says ‘person 1' and ‘person 2', both parties are required to sign it.
  1. Additionally, Nevada law states that if the title says ‘person 1' or ‘person 2', either party can sign without the other being present.

For car sellers who do not have a car title, you must apply for a duplicate from the state where the vehicle was last titled. Exceptions apply only if the vehicle was 1) last titled in Nevada, 2) is more than nine model years old and 3) the owner of record has a lien release of there are no liens.

The Importance of the Bill of Sale and Online Notification

Both the Online Sale Notification and the Nevada Bill of Sale both serve as proof that you sold the vehicle.

This is will come in quite handy if for example, the vehicle is abandoned at a later date.

Visit your Nevada DMV for additional information!

How to Sell a Car Online

How to Sell a Car Online

We certainly live in a world that exists online! From the buying and selling of practically anything, cars are no exception. So, how do you successfully sell a used car online? There are several components to a successful online sale.

The first aspect of selling your used car online, is taking sharp and focused pictures. You also want to make sure that you have a great number of them.

Be sure that you have different angles of your car for potential buyers to see too. For example, you want to take pictures of the front of the car as well as the back of the car.

You may also want to get pictures of under the hood as well.

Secondly, you want to let your buyer know about the car. Of course, your online description for your ad should include the year, make and model of the car. But you also want to add information about any trim that the car has.

Finally, your ad should conclude with your contact information. Whether you want perspective buyers to reach you by email or a phone number, be sure your method of contact information is reliable. You have to continue to answer messages and phone calls from buyers who want to learn more about your car.

What About Damage to the Car?

If your car has damage, you certainly want to let your buyers know. This doesn’t mean that your car won’t sell, but it will show that you are an honest car seller.

How About Non Working Parts?

Just as you want to let your buyer know about the damage of your car, you also want your buyer to know about any parts that don’t work on the car. For example, if you have an engine that needs to be replaced, or a faulty starter, you want to let your perspective car buyers know this. Just because you have damaged parts or unreliable car parts, doesn’t mean that your car won’t sell. Lots of people love fixing cars as a hobby or as a living.

What About Selling My Car Privately?

For car sellers who want to wish to sell a car privately, your safety and security should be the most important thing.

First, you may opt to go to the hardware store and buy some “for sale signs”. Make sure that you put the correct contact information on the sign.

Then position the sign in the car so that perspective buyers can see it. You also want to position your car in a way that drivers and see it.

Once you have some calls about your car, you want to begin to make appointments for people to view the car.

As the seller, it may help to have a flyer about the car so that perspective buyers will have some basic information about the car. For example, have some “handouts” that include the car’s make, model and year. You may also want to include the car’s mileage as well.

Setting the Price for Your Car

Once you have welcomed buyers to view your car either through your online ad or through your private selling efforts, it’s time to discuss price.

It’s important to set a competitive price, but one that will garner a profit from you.

Are you firm on the price? Be sure to let buyers know. Do you have room for negotiations on the price? Let buyers know that as well.

You are in charge for the sale of your car. Buyers should never threaten, low-ball or bully you. If this happens, thank that buyer and move on!

Remember that you have to remain safe at all costs!

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