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How To Sell A Car In Montana: Knowing What Must Be Done

How To Sell A Car In Montana

Selling a car in Montana can be easy, if you have a system for getting items done.  The state of Montana has streamlined the process of selling a car for you. Just as in any state, here in Montana, there are specific documents as well as paperwork that you must fill out.

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So, give a read of our tips that will help you with how to sell a car in Montana!

Selling a Vehicle in Montana, Legally

As a car seller in Montana, you have to be the owner listed on the Certificate of Title. Additionally, each owner of the car has to be listed on that Certificate of Title, in order to sign over the title to the buyer.

Resolving any Liens on the Vehicle

For vehicle sellers who owe money on the vehicle, Montana requires that the lien be released before selling the vehicle.

What About Test Drives?

With you being the car seller, you must ensure that the potential buyer has a driver license. You must also agree on the party or individual, who will pay for the mechanic’s inspection.

Removal of License Plates

According to Montana law, the license plates belong to the car seller, not the car. Therefore, if you don’t take the plates off, you could be liable for citations, traffic tickets and other traffic violations that happen after the sale of the vehicle.

Record of Sale Documentation

You the car seller must record the sale of the car and store that document of sale in a safe place. Feel free to photocopy the reassigned title or get a document that lists the vehicle year, make, and vehicle identification number, or the VIN.

You may also want this document to include the buyer’s name, address, signature and even his/her driver license number. Don’t forget to include the sale date as well as the purchase price of the car.

Additional Forms

Montana offers additional forms you may need to complete the sale of your car successfully. These forms include:

  1. MV24 Bill of Sale
  2. MV1 Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle
  3. MV7 Application for Replacement Certificate of Title
  4. MV37A Release of Security Interest or Lien

Click here to gather more information!

How To Sell A Car In Montana

How to Sell a Car in Montana – Understanding the Importance of the Car Title

When it comes to selling a car in Montana, the car title is at the center of all sales. Check out some pertinent information you need to know, regarding your car title.

Steps to Titling A Motor Vehicle in Montana:

  1. You have to apply for the title at the county treasurer’s office in the county you live in. Next, present the previous year’s Montana registration receipt or out-of-state title.
  • If you recently bought a vehicle from a licensed auto dealer, the dealer will deliver the necessary paperwork to the county treasurer’s office.
  • The county clerk may request that you complete a Statement of Fact (Form MV100) to clarify certain details regarding the title transfer.
  • Be sure to pay title and security interest/lien filing fees.
  1. Once you are done with the done with the process, you are responsible for all taxes and fees. Additionally, your car or and your vehicle will be registered and license plates issued to you.
  2. You must keep a copy of the registration receipt in each vehicle at all times. You must also keep proof of liability insurance as mandated my Montana law MCA 61-6-301.
  3. Click here to learn more!

Steps to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Montana:

  1. As the car seller, you must assign title over to the car buyer with notarized signature.
  2. But you and the buyer must fill out a bill of sale.
  3. The buyer of your car has to complete a title application.
  4. Additionally, the buyer has to submit submits all documents, as well as monies for fees for titling and registration to the MT MVD.

Additional information regarding signing the title and handing it to the buyer:

  • All sections have to filled out in either blue or black ink only.
  • No “whiteout”, erasers or highlighted sections allowed!
  • Sellers have to fill out the odometer (mileage) disclosure for any car or vehicle that is newer than nine years.
  • All vehicle owners have to sign the title in front of a notary public.
  • The buyer's name and address must be written on the title.
  • The person who signs as the buyer has to be the same buyer that is written on the title.

Duplicate Car Tile Process

To sell your vehicle in Montana, you must have the title. If you don’t, you or the owner of record must apply for a replacement from the state where the vehicle was given a title. According to the Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division, the following must be done to obtain a duplicate vehicle title:

Montana License Plates

The State of Montana offers an array of license plate styles for cars. Some of which include:

  • Education
  • Collegiate
  • Antique style license plates and more! Click here to see designs!

How To Sell A Car In Montana

What About Forms for Buying and Selling?

Looking for a specific form? Read below and click the corresponding links!

  1. Bill of Sale Form – This document is used as a record of purchase during the transferring of ownership of a vehicle in Montana.
  2. Statement of Correction – Use this document to fix or correct any discrepancy or error on the title record.
  3. Certificate of Sale – This paper allows a vehicle subject to foreclosure, to be sold at a private or a public auction.
  4. Odometer Statement – this document provides verification under federal and state law to the odometer reading of a motor vehicle.

Need an additional or another form? It’s right here!

Selling a car in Montana Privately

The State of Montana is known for open roads and picturesque areas. So, to sell a car here will be hard, providing you have a great system! Check out our steps below!

  1. Assess the condition of your car and make note of that which is in excellent, good, fair and poor condition if applicable.
  2. If you are looking to sell car parts, make sure that you have details about each as well as how well each works.
  3. Mount “for sale” signs in conspicuous places on the car, or places that can be easily seen by potential car buyers.
  4. You my even share word of your car sale with friends, family and community persons. This way, the word about your car being for sale, will be saturated in your hometown and community.
  5. Make sure that your car is clean on the inside as well as outside. You may even hit that interior with a vacuum of the carpets. You also want to wipe down the console and the glove compartment!
  6. Don’t forget to remove your personal items! From the glove compartment to the trunk, be sure to take out all items that belong to you!
  7. Obtain a vehicle history report for interested buyers. Click here to get that!
  8. Make sure that you answer all calls and emails. You will be better able to gauge who is serious about your car and who is not, upon initial contact made with you.
  9. Finally, be warm and pleasant with your buyers. You could be day or two away from that car sale!

Selling a Montana Car Online

Are you ready to enter the realm of online car sales?

  1. Have at least 10-15 good pics of your car that are sharp or focused.
  2. Begin writing a descriptive ad that tells car buyers all about your car.
  3. You can begin to post to multiple websites such as eBay Motors and Craigslist!
  4. Have you been asked to wire money to someone? Run the other way! Sending someone money in order to make money is a scam!
  5. Make sure that you leave your ad with a way for folks to contact you. Whether you want your ad to include your phone number or email, make sure that the way to contact you provides you quick access to potential buyers.

Having a system or a strategy to sell your car here in Montana will ensure you sell it with little effort. Allow yourself time as well as patience, Use the state’s resources to help you and for you to obtain the papers, forms and documents you need.

Always remain safe and secure with each transaction too! Remember: you are in control of the sale of your car and you decide how things will go. With your plan of action, you are assured of a smooth and fast sale!

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