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How To Sell A Car In Connecticut – Selling Your Vehicle The Right Way!

How To Sell A Car In Connecticut – Selling Your Vehicle The Right Way!

If you’re looking for a guide on how to sell a car in Connecticut, then look no further. While there are tasks that every Connecticut car seller has to take care of, we provide you a “how to” guide in the words and paragraphs below! So, read on and end the mystery of how to sell a car in Connecticut!

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Selling Your Vehicle – Steps to Follow for A Smooth Sale

  1. First, you must fill out and then sign the reverse side of the Certificate of Title.
  2. Once done, you must give it to the new vehicle owner, as well as a Bill of Sale (form H-31).
  3. Connecticut has a Bill of Sale you can access. But if you want to draft your own, you can! Connecticut doesn’t require a special Bill of Sale.
  4. If you decide to draft your own Bill of Sale, the following information be in that Bill of Sale:
  5. name and address of purchaser
  6. name and address of seller
  7. a description of vehicle (this includes the year, model and make and color of the car)
  8. the VIN or the vehicle identification number)
  9. date of sale
  10. sales price
  11. signature of seller.

Connecticut recommends that you as the seller, keep a copy of the completed Bill of Sale as well as the vehicle Title for your records.

Additionally, don’t forget to remove your plates from the vehicle. You must also end your registration with DMV.  If you decide to cancel your registration online, don’t forget to print out your receipt or write down your receipt number.

Here in Connecticut, it’s important to note that until you cancel your registration, the vehicle is subject to property tax assessment in the town of record for that car.

For any additional property tax bill for the vehicle be sure to check with your local property tax assessor and request a prorated bill showing your cancelled plate receipt. Also, be sure to include a copy of the Bill of Sale for the vehicle.

The state of Connecticut requires you to maintain liability insurance on the registration as long as it is active. This means that you shouldn’t cancel the car insurance, until the registration has been canceled with DMV.

The new vehicle owner must register the vehicle in his/her name as well as apply for a new Certificate of Title.

Click here for additional information!

Selling a Vehicle with Missing Title

If you’ve lost your original Connecticut Certificate of Title but would like to sell your vehicle to someone who will be registering it in Connecticut, the state invites you to follow the procedures listed ahead, to sell the vehicle without requesting a replacement title.

  • Fill out the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (form H-6B).  Don’t forget to sign the application!
  • Be sure to include an Original Connecticut DMV Supplemental Assignment of Ownership Form (form Q1). You can also get this form at your local DMV office.
  • The Transfer of ownership is not a valid document, unless form Q1 Supplemental Assignment of Ownership is included.
  • For a vehicle listed with a lien on the original Connecticut Certificate of Title, you must include a lien release to the purchaser. That release must also  include  the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (form H-6B). 
  • Additionally, the state will not process the transaction if a lien release is not submitted. The lien release has to be on letterhead paper from the lien holder.  If the date of the lien is that of more than ten years and it’s hard for you to get a lien release from lender (i.e. they are out of business or the business has chanced in some way) you have to fill out a Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit (form H-115) in lieu of the lien release.
  • For a car that is over 20 model years old, a Connecticut title will not be required to sell a car. If the title is not available, you must fill out a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership form (Form Q-1) that will indicate the buyer and the seller. Click here for additional information!

Click here to connect with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

How to Sell A Car in Connecticut – Obtaining a Vehicle History Report

When selling a car here in Connecticut, you must be an honest and trustworthy car seller. This means, that you should provide a vehicle history report to your potential buyers.

A vehicle history report shows the following about your car:

  1. Accidents
  2. Flood damage
  3. Frame damage
  4. Any thefts that may have taken place and more. Click here to obtain a vehicle history report and offer it to your buyers!

Do you need a particular form? Click here to access and download it!

how to sell a car in how to sell a car in Connecticut

Preparing Your Car for a Sale

Now that you have a good handle of the documents you need to sell your car, it’s time to get that car ready for sale! So, what do you do first? Check out our tips below to prepare for the sale of your car!

  1. Clean your car in and out! Be sure to clean your car. Even if it rains, make sure that you keep that car clean! Don’t forget to vacuum the inside mats and interior.
  2. Be sure to remove all belongings out of the car. Now that you’re selling your car, don’t forget to check your glove compartment as well as your trunk for personal items. And remember to remove all money out of your console.
  3. Make sure that all paperwork is in order for that sale. Our guide showed you how to get the documents you need to sell your car. Now is the time to organize them and get them ready as you greet buyers! So, have that car title ready to go and additional paperwork you need, for a fast, smooth and wonderful sale!
  4. Access your car. After you have cleaned your car and removed all personal items, ask a mechanic or a mechanic friend to inspect your car. You want to know as much about your car as you prepare to sell it. This will help you answer questions from perspective buyers.
  5. Fix what you can. When you have an idea of what kind of shape your car is in, fix what you can. For example, if you have a small dent or two, call a mechanic and see what it would cost to get it fixed.
  6. Learn the value of your car. You can visit the Kelley Blue Book to get a value for your car and then price your car accordingly. If you put new tires on that car or a new engine, then price your car to reflect your new asset!

How to Sell Your Car Fast!

There are instances that dictate you sell a car quickly. Maybe you’re going through a move to another city or even a divorce.

Perhaps you have to raise some money to pay some outstanding bills as well as to pay off creditors. Sometimes selling a vehicle under normal circumstances is difficult, but hurrying to sell a car fast can be downright stressful.

When facing a fast sale of your car, you may have to consider that you won’t get the intended amount you asked.

So, what can you do to sell your vehicle quickly? Check out some of the options we offer:

  1. Selling to a dealership. You have the option of selling your car to a dealership. Just be prepared for the fact that the dealership may not be willing to negotiate the price with you. Also, you will have to have all documents in order such as your car title.
  2. Selling your car at deeply discounted price. You have to face the fact that you may have to sell your car at a discounted price. For the fast cash you need, selling your car cheaper than what it’s worth may put some money in your pocket that supports you or your financial obligations.
  3. Sell your car to a car buying service. Lots of companies out there will buy your car. So, to secure a fast sell, you may think about selling it to a car buying service!
  4. Sell your car to a junkyard. You can sell your car to a junkyard and get the promise of fast cash. Lots of junkyards offer incentives as well as free towing. So, call around and get that money you need, FAST!

Selling a Car Online

Perhaps you had a friend sell a car online with lots of success and now you’re ready to do the same! Check out our tips that will assist with a great online sale of your car!

  1. Take lots of pictures! We recommend taking at least 10-15 focused and sharp pics of your car. Be sure to get all angels of your car too! You want your photos to tell the story of your car!
  2. Write an awesome description of your vehicle.  As your pics tell the story, allow your ad to answer the questions buyers will have about your car.
  3. Post to at least two sites. Once you have your ad and pics, you should post them to at least two sites. Sites such as Autotrader and Craigslist attract serious buyers!
  4. Include a form of contact. Be sure to include a number or an email so that potential car buyers can contact you about your car!

Selling a car requires great time and patience. But you can do it! So, work to get your documents in order and believe that with a crafty game plan and some know how, you will sell your car!