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How To Protect Your Car From Sunlight? 12 Tips

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This is how you protect your car from sunlight:

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  1. Give your car frequent car washes
  2. Consider waxing your car
  3. Select a shaded parking area
  4. Keep the windows slightly opened
  5. Test the battery
  6. Maintain your tires
  7. Consider investing in a windshield protector
  8. Don't forget the fluid levels
  9. Consider seat covers
  10. How about window tints?
  11. Invest in a car cover
  12. Park inside

Have you ever parked your car in a hot area, and when you returned after a couple of hours, you realized driving was uncomfortable? The extreme heat and the sunlight can impact your vehicle's interior and how you enjoy your car.

According to automotive experts, the more you keep your car exposed to sunlight and extreme heat, the shorter the lifespan you'll get out of this car. Therefore,  as a driver, you must protect your car from sunlight as much as possible.

The good thing is that automotive expert we're aware of the negative impact of sunlight on your vehicles. That's why they prepared 12 tips to help you protect your car from sunlight. Let's look at these tips in detail!

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How to protect your car from sunlight?

If you did a quick search on Google for how to protect your car from sunlight, you'd find thousands of articles providing you with overwhelming recommendations. However, not every recommendation is going to work, and you get a focus on the most important ones that help you achieve the best and protect your vehicle the most from sunlight.

Our team conducted an in-depth review of all available resources and provided you with a concise list of the 12 important tips to consider when protecting your car from sunlight. Let's take a closer look below:

  1. Give your car frequent car washes

Like people, your vehicle will cool down the more you give it frequent car washes. Therefore, consider washing your vehicle more often than before to allow the metal components to stay as cool as possible.

Once you wash your vehicle, it is essential to dry it out immediately because you don't want any remaining dirt to stick to the vehicle and cause damage to the car's paint.

When we talk about the car wash, it's not only focusing on the exterior because you also need to look at the interior. So you don't necessarily have to wash it, but in other words, we recommend wiping out the surfaces with certain products that do not damage the upholstery but give it some cooling down.

  1. Consider waxing your car

If you overwash your car and use public carwash systems, there's a very chance that your vehicle paint might get damaged because of continuous scratches from unsuitable components or equipment.

One way to protect the paint is to give your vehicle car wax. Many people think that Car wax might be a waste of time. However, it's worth it because if you think about it long-term and if you think about how much protection it adds to your vehicle's exterior, you will understand the value.

You want to research to select the right type of car wax you want to use for your car. Also, depending on your vehicle's paint and value, you might want to consider certain products more than others so you don't cause problems by waxing your car with the wrong material.

  1. Select a shaded parking area

One of the most important easy tips to implement when you're looking for how to protect your car from sunlight is to choose the parking area. For example, if you're going for a meeting or an appointment and feel that your vehicle will stay outside for a long time, consider selecting an area that's more shaded than the surroundings.

Even if the temperature is extremely hot outside, shades can add a little cooldown and prevent the bad sun rays from getting inside the vehicle and impacting your vehicle's upholstery. Also, the UV radiation might even cause damage to your vehicle's paint if you keep your car outside for extended times.

  1. Keep the windows slightly opened

While this might not work for everybody, experts recommend leaving Your vehicle's windows a little bit open. This way, your vehicle's interior is not only exposed to extremely hot air.

Of course, if you're parking in an area you don't know, you don't want to leave the windows slightly open because there's a high chance that someone might steal your car.

Therefore, we like to mention that this tip is recommended for those parking their vehicles in safe areas or driveways.

How To Protect Your Car From Sunlight

  1. Test the battery

One of the most important components that might get damaged by heat is your vehicle's battery. Therefore, the battery must be checked continuously. If you know that you are continuously exposing your car to extreme heat, looking at the battery should be one of your highest priorities.

When you continuously turn on the air conditioning, you add more pressure to the battery. Therefore, if the battery is expected to last four or five years, it might not do so because of this overload.

That's why you don't want to wait until the specific expiration date for your battery. Otherwise, you'll be surprised by sudden battery problems that could occur in areas where you don't have any help nearby.

If you confirm that your battery has any problems, you got to talk to your mechanic immediately and see what needs to be done. You might need to install a new battery, which is some maintenance costs, but if you think about it from the other perspective, waiting for someone to give you a handle in your car is stuck in nowhere is more expensive.

  1. Maintain your tires

Another important component that might be impacted by the sunlight and the heat is your vehicle's tires. Did you know that tire pressure should be set to a certain level in the winter and summer?

The reason for this different pressure level is because your ear inside the tires is expected to expand when the temperature is very hot. So, therefore, if you said your tire pressure is at very high levels, there is a high chance that your tires might explode and cause significant damage in dangerous situations that you don't want to deal with.

Therefore, check with your vehicle owner's manual and understand how much pressure you should set on your vehicle during summer.

  1. Consider investing in a windshield protector

If there is no way for you to choose your parking area and you feel that you have to park in an area that exposes your car to the sun, then your considerations for how to protect your car from sunlight will be a little bit different.

For example, you might want to invest in a windshield protector. It is a very cheap component that you can put on the top of your windshields to protect the interior and the windshield's glass.

While this will be an additional cost for you, if you think about it in the long term, it's worth it because you don't have to deal with problems on the vehicle dashboard or the different plastic components that might get damaged because of heat.

  1. Don't forget the fluid levels

There is another important tip you must keep in mind, which concerns your vehicle's slowed levels. Every vehicle has certain fluids that must do certain jobs. These floats are expected to evaporate when the temperature is very hot outside.

Therefore, if you are checking these fluids frequently, you want to consider increasing these frequencies.

For example, if you used to look at the coolant once every week, you might want to look at it every time you drive your car for longer distances.

If you realize any drops in these fluid levels, you must top it off immediately. Otherwise, you can deal with significant problems that might be beyond repairs, like those related to engine overheating.

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  1. Consider seat covers

In some areas, the sunlight can be extremely strong, causing damage to the vehicle's upholstery and closing the seat covers. Therefore, many automotive experts recommend investing in seat covers.

The market is filled with examples of great seat covers that do not only cover the seats but also provide you with additional characteristics. For example, many seat covers provide you with air conditioning or heating capabilities that you can enjoy during these extreme seasons.

  1. How about window tints?

Depending on how extreme the sunlight you're dealing with, there are chances that you might want to consider applying a window tint. This tint can prevent UV radiation and sunlight from getting inside your car and therefore protect your vehicle's interior.

However, you have to keep in mind that some states have certain regulations about how much and where you can apply the window tint. Thus, before investing any penny in covering your windows, you want to look at the state regulations, so you don't get in trouble.

  1. Invest in a car cover

Did you know that a simple action like covering your car can make a huge difference in the way you protect your car from sunlight? There are tons of examples of car covers out there that you can invest in.

The one thing to remember is that these covers have different capabilities and might come with different qualities. Therefore, we highly encourage you to do your research and understand the main pros and cons before making a final purchase decision.

For example, you don't want to invest in a very expensive car cover that provides you with additional features to help you protect your car from winter when you don't deal with a lot of snow or harsh winters in your area.

Similarly, you don't want to invest in a car cover that is smaller than your vehicle and does not provide full protection for your vehicle from sunlight.

  1. Park inside

Finally, although it could be a little bit easier for you to park in the driveway or outside of your house, sometimes, if the sunlight is very strong, you might find one to park inside.

This is a tip for those with an internal or a covered garage. However, if you don't have one, then the previously mentioned 11 tips should help protect your car from sunlight.

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Final thoughts

Sunlight can cause lots of damage to your vehicle, and that's why one of the most important things you must familiarize yourself with as a driver is how to protect your car from sunlight.

This article provided you with 12 tips to help you protect your vehicle from sunlight. Try implementing as many of these ships as possible to get the most protection possible.

If your vehicle has significant problems and you think it's not worth investing in a windshield cover or probably a car cover, it's not the end of the world because you can always sell your vehicle and use its value to buy a better one.

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