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A Complete Guide: How to keep your car cool in summer?

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It’s the summer season once again and the temperature is several degrees higher than normal. School’s out and there may be occasions you will drive for long hours on the road to go on trips. Summer can be fun and also a bummer if you find yourself unprepared on the road. You may have already asked, “How to keep your car cool in summer?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are many things you can do to keep your car cool in the heat. The simplest would be to equip your vehicle with sunshades. In this guide, we will help you know what problems to expect when you drive in the summer and what you can do if you encounter some of them. Well, are you ready to beat the heat? Read on.

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Extreme weather conditions, including the hot and cold seasons, affect cars so much. Most drivers dislike the winter more than the summer. This is justifiable since harsh cold weather can damage the engine and can also cause other components to freeze. However, the summer season has an equal share of disadvantages for your vehicle. You have to know how to keep your car cool in summer, and at the same time, how to drive safely. Here are some situations you might face when the sunny season hits.


  1. Give your car a quick check-up before you go

Nothing ruins summer road trips than having your vehicle give you problems in the middle of the drive. You can only get ahead of these problems by maintaining your vehicle as often as you can. During hot summer days, make sure that your cooling system, consisting of the following: car radiator, water pump, belts and hoses, and thermostat, are working optimally. Don’t forget to supply an excellent quality antifreeze to your car’s radiator. Without it, your car may suffer from a bad and corroded engine after only a short period.


  1. Mind your vehicle’s tires

Your tires take a toll during summer drives. Before you commence with your summer trip, make sure that your tires are in good shape. You must also check the tire pressure. Keeping your car tires well-inflated is how to keep your car cool in summer. If you have a flat tire, it’s near impossible to protect your car from the heat. Also, avoid overloading your car and driving too fast to save your tires from excessive strain. You may also want to bring extra tires and some tools just to be sure.


  1. Beware of summertime driving hazards

As much as everyone wants to be out during the summer, there are a lot of dangers on the road that are more common to happen at this particular time of the year. Vacation traffic is impossible to avoid during the summer which means more company on the road. There are also higher rates of encountering drunk or distracted drivers. Be cautious as you drive and keep your cool at all times. Slowing down is better than getting into trouble with other drivers.


These are just three common scenarios you will encounter in the hot sunny months. Make sure to not only keep your car cool but keep yourself cool as well. The next sections will help you when your car can't take the heat anymore.

How do I keep my car from overheating in the summer?

Aside from the conditions mentioned earlier, summer is an enemy to your car’s engine and cooling system. The car engine is one of the most expensive components to replace and repair. During the summer season, the engine is a bit more susceptible to overheating. How do you keep your car from overheating in the summer? The following are some simple ways you can do this. Though simple, these tips will save you from engine trouble and an uncomfortable ride or drive.

1.     Use window shades to block the sun

Window shades or sun shades are proven and tested to block much of the heat from entering the car. Do you want to learn how to keep your car cool in summer? Don’t overlook this simple tip. They may seem simple, but sunshades and window visors are effective in the job. In addition, these car accessories are cheap and can be bought at all car accessories stores. The best time to place them in the window is if you are parking your car under the sun. But you can also slide it in to make it easier for your passengers to doze off in the day.


  1. Keep the heat off the dashboard

Most, if not all car dashboards, are made out of durable plastic. But the sun can still wear off the color of the plastic through the high temperature. You can keep the interior of your vehicle cool during summer by protecting your dashboard from the heat. You can use dashboard covers each time you park your car out in the sun. You will feel more comfortable driving as well since you won’t have to feel the hot surface when you rub against the dashboard while you are driving. It’s also a wise decision to cover the steering wheel. This way, you’ll be able to grip the steering wheel firmly and drive safely through your summer trip.


  1. Find a better place to park your car

How to keep your car cool in summer? A car engine overheating is the last thing you want to experience during the summer season. Instead of the beach or a fun vacation spot, you may find yourself having your car towed and placed in the repair shop. Another doable way to prevent your car from overheating is to park your vehicle in the shade. This is the most effective way as to how to keep your car cool in summer. Without the heat of the sun directed to your vehicle, the interior is cooler and your car’s engine is not likely to overheat. If you can’t find shade for your vehicle, you can try covering it with auto sunshade. This car accessory can be easily stored in your trunk since it is foldable and portable. It will reflect the heat and protect your vehicle from extended exposure to the sun.


  1. Let some air into your car cabin

This next tip on how to keep your car cool in summer has something to do with ventilation. Letting some air into your car’s interior will help prevent your car from overheating. Because hot air rises, it can escape through the spaces of a slightly open window. Your window’s opening must be just wide enough for air to get out and narrow enough to not attract the attention of sneaky miscreants.

How can I reduce the heat in my car?

You can simply roll down your car windows to get rid of the excess heat inside your car. This is the easiest and most common thing to know if you are to learn how to keep your car cool in summer. However, for some, this may not be enough. It is good to know how to keep your car cool in summer but it is better to keep it cool all year round. As you might already be aware, your car is susceptible to an increase in temperature no matter what season it is. Whether it is overheating inside the car or within the engine itself, it is best to know how to keep your car cool. There are many ways to minimize heat in your car and these are just some of them:

1.Ventilate your car

Your car has a ventilation system such as an air- recirculation option that helps clear the air inside the car and the air-conditioning that keeps it cool inside even while the windows are closed. The ventilation system is of great importance especially to keep you comfortable while driving. It also has a direct effect on your health so you must make sure that you keep your car ventilated. Another way on how to keep your car cool in summer is to gear up your interior with beaded seat covers that contribute to your car's ventilation.


2. Paint your car's roof with reflective paint

Reflective paint is a unique way of how to keep your car cool in summer and any other season. The roof of your car is also capable of absorbing heat from outside the car thus increasing the temperature inside. You can effectively decrease the warmth you feel while in your vehicle by applying reflective paint on your car's roof. How long the reflective paint would last is dependent upon the climate but it can usually hold out for about 10 to 15 years. Additionally, an alternative for reflective or retroreflective paint is white paint. White paint is almost always accessible in any area, so that should make the task of keeping your car cool as easy as it can get.


 3. Switch to tinted windows

You can observe cars with windows that block your view of the inner part of the car. These are tinted windows and they are highly impressive not just in preventing heat from entering your car but also provides privacy for the driver and passengers of the car. It naturally blocks sunlight which reduces the temperature effectively. It may look too dim on the outside but your vision of the outside of your car will not be altered. Moreover, tinted windows offer your car exterior a sharper look while safeguarding your car against the dangerous effects of UV rays and help you better know how to keep your car cool in summer.


4. Keep your car clean

You might be thinking why this is related to how to keep your car cool in summer. Well, the ventilation of your automobile also depends on how well you manage your car. Good hygiene practices can prevent dust build-up in the ventilation system of your car. In short, keeping the cleanliness of your car can help improve air quality as the air inside your car is clean and dust-free.


5. Make use of universal curtains

Using universal curtains to block the rays of the sun is a great alternative for tinted windows. Although it may only present minimal results when it comes to keeping your car temperature down, it adds some personality to your vehicle's interior. So, the value of universal curtains might be placed more on its decorative feature than on its being a protector from extreme temperatures. Regardless of how you use curtains in your car, it will still contribute to keeping your car cool in summer and even during ordinary days.

How do I know if my car is overheating?

How to keep your car cool in summer should be a question after knowing why your car is overheating. Overheating is a common problem for cars and it can be caused by multiple factors. The leading cause of overheating issues is your car's cooling system. If you get the overheating problem out of the way, then knowing how to keep your car cool in summer will be easy peasy. To help you trace the root of the problem, here is a list of overheating indicators of your automobile:

  1. Your car's coolant is leaking

As previously mentioned, the condition of your car's cooling system has a lot to do with the increase in the temperature of the automobile and how to keep your car cool in summer. Coolant leaks indicate its over-combustion inside the engine or that there is damage to the coolant cylinder. You must address this problem as soon as possible since it can lead to other major problems with your car.

  1. Your car's engine power has been reduced

The engine power decreases due to the strain caused to the engine. You can refer to your car's temperature gauge to identify what seems to be the problem as well as to confirm overheating in your vehicle. Driving with a broken engine is a great risk, so immediate repair is needed for this situation as well.

  1. The car smells like something is burning

Your car is mostly made up of metal with features made up of plastic. When the car overheats, these plastic materials can melt. Make sure that your AC is working properly to prevent this from happening.

Car temperature plays a big role from the condition of your car to the comfort of the driver. This is the reason why monitoring and subsequent control of your car's cooling system must take priority when it comes to managing your vehicle. With this guide, you will be able to know how to keep your car cool in summer and even after that.

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