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How To Increase Your Cars Resale Value? 10 Simple Tips

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If you're planning to sell your car and looking for “how to increase your car's resale value?” Here are 10 simple secret tips:

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  1. Perform regular maintenance
  2. Inspect the tires regularly
  3. Change the brakes as needed
  4. Implement minor repairs
  5. Change the headlights lamp
  6. Take care of any windshield chips
  7. Consider a vehicle's shine and detail
  8. Collect proofs of previous minutes
  9. Clean the headlights
  10. Park inside

Let's face it, over time of use, your vehicle will lose some of its value through depreciation. According to experts, vehicles might lose up to 11% of their value right after they go out of the dealership parking lot! So, this is a reality, and you will face it no matter what.

However, you might not realize this when you get excited about purchasing your car. You will see this when you try to sell it in the future. You'll notice that your car probably lost about 40% of its value over time of use. So, what are you going to do?

While depreciation is a reality, there are some tips and tricks that you can implement to increase your vehicle's resale value. Of course, these tips will not return the original car value, but it is way better than selling your car with significant depreciation.

This article will walk you through simple tips on “how to increase your car's resale value?” Implement as many of these tips as possible if you want to get the maximum profit from your car.

While these tips are great, choosing the right location to sell your car is another important factor, and that's why if you're looking for getting the maximum profit out of your car, you can always call cash cars buyer at (773) 791-4363!

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How to increase your car's resale value? 10 simple tips

Implementing simple tips can make a huge difference in your vehicle’s resale value. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with as many of these tips as possible helps you maintain your vehicle's value and prevent significant depreciation. Paragraph let's take a closer look at these tips that own motive experts put together:

1.    Perform regular maintenance

One of the first and most critical things you must keep an eye on is your regular maintenance. The manufacturer knows the vehicle exactly, and they know what went into designing it and what could go wrong if not taking care of it immediately.

So, the manufacturer put together a list of regular maintenance that you must perform between certain internals. Failing to perform these maintenance leads to significant complications and requires severe repair costs. As a result, new vehicles' resale value will be impacted significantly.

Therefore, you must make your vehicle's owner’s manual your friend and view it as often as possible. You'll experience how often things need to be replaced, or you own your car. In other words, once you do the brake pads replacements, you have a sense of how often you replace them based on a discussion with your mechanic. This also goes to other components like tire rotation and fluid changes.

Keep in mind that failing to maintain your vehicle according to what's specified in your vehicle owner’s manual impacts your car’s value and might lead you to lose the warranty. This is a big issue, especially if you're trying to sell a relatively new car because the buyer will ask you about the existing warranty.

2.    Inspect the tires regularly

Although the tires should be included in your vehicle owner’s manual, we would like to discuss them separately. This is because the tires are the first elements interacting with the world continuously. Therefore, any minor problem with the tires might show up to the driver who will buy your car.

Also, when the tires go bad, they don't only impact the tires but also could result in other issues in the suspension system and the surrounding components. Therefore, it's not going to stop needing to replace one or two tires. That is fine, but it can evolve to impact other components.

Note that if one of your tires is in bad condition, you'll have to check with your manufacturer about whether you should replace two tires on the same axle or the four tires simultaneously so you don't cause issues to your vehicle's balance and the suspension system.

Tires problems can range from simple issues like inflating the tires properly in each season to other problems like completely failed tires. Therefore, you must follow the manuals or commendations about how often you should replace the tires and what exactly you should perform tire rotation.

According to recent statistics, if your tires are in good shape, they can maintain your vehicle's overall mileage and fuel consumption. Unfortunately, this is a huge loss by just maintaining the tires pressure.

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3.    Change the brakes as needed

The brakes are extremely critical because they have to do with your safety. When you have a bad break, you won't be able to slow down and stop your vehicle on time here. That's why you'll be putting your life at risk of major crashes. This also impacts the lives of other people driving around you.

In most scenarios, you need to replace the brake pads once every 25,000 miles. However, depending on your vehicle's condition and driving habits, you might need to place them prematurely. You must pay attention to the signs of bad breaks and consult your mechanic when needed.

4.    Implement minor repairs

If you're ready to sell your car and there are some minor problems in your vehicle, it doesn't hurt to perform some minor repairs. For example, installing a new battery is not super expensive if you have a bad battery, but it makes a big difference in terms of how much you'll get for your car.

Similarly, if your vehicle is due to oil changes, changing your oil prevents severe consequences and other complications that might make your vehicle look terrible in front of the new buyer.

You must balance how much is considered too much repair versus minor repair. In other words, you don't want to go and replace the engine, for instance, to improve your car's value because slowly, your new engine is a big investment in many instances; it doesn't make that significant of a difference in vehicles resale value. Plus, you're looking to get rid of the car, not focus on buying a new engine which is a huge investment.

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5.    Change the headlights lamp

Taking care of minor things like the headlights lambs will make a difference. For example, if you look at a car and see that the headlights are super bright and they're doing the job, how do you feel versus seeing another vehicle that has very dim headlights?

Well, you’ll feel that the shiner the nicer the car. So, replacing the headlights lamp is not super expensive, and it's not going to take so much time for you. It's something you can do on your own.

6.    Take care of any windshield chips

There are some instances where you have minor chips and cracks in your vehicle's windshield. Taking care of these chips using certain methodologies helps you improve the overall resale value of your car.

However, these cracks might be significant in some instances, which means you'll have to replace the entire windshield. If that's the case, you must compare your situation and evaluate whether it's worth it. In other words, if you're trying to sell a luxury car that is already expensive, changing the windshield might not be a big expense compared to the vehicle's value which adds significant value to the resale part of it.

Note that people get scared to buy cars with chipped or cracked windshields because these minor cracks can evolve significantly and blow up the entire windshield in no time. Therefore, it is not only about the money, but also about your safety. What you decide to sell this car or keep it, taking care of minor windshield chips and cracks should not be a low priority.

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7.    Consider a vehicle's shine and detail

Even if your car is used and even if it's very old, doing some quick detailed cleaning or probably some waxing to give it another sleek shine helps improve the overall sale value.

Imagine a buyer who comes with a very shiny vehicle; how will he feel when he wants to buy it versus coming to other people that is very dirty and has tons of spots on the exterior and interior. The cleaner the vehicle, the more attractive it is to buyers to consider purchasing it.

Also, some studies show that if the vehicle is dirty, it gives the wrong impression that put under the hood and is not being taken care of. So, even if your car is in good condition when it's not super clean, the buyer does not understand that it's good and does not understand that it's just an external official. Will immediately tell that your vehicle wasn't being taken care of, reducing the resale value.

8.    Collect proofs of previous maintenance

You can also encourage the buyer to accept asked price by showing proof of previous maintenance. For example, if you've recently rotated the tires or installed new tires, that is a strong case to convince the buyer to accept your asked price.

Similarly, you can also show proof of regular oil changes, brake fluid changes, tire rotations, etc. The more you can prove that you've been taking good care of your car, the higher the chance to get a higher resale value for your car.

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9.    Cleaned the headlights

Considering that the headlights are not very cheap, some people feel hesitant about replacing the headlights before selling the vehicle, which makes a lot of sense. Instead, you can perform some simple methods to clean the headlights and give them more shine.

You can rely on simple household products like toothpaste, baking soda, vinegar, etc. However, if your headlines are in terrible condition and are very dirty or cloudy, you can consider some of the commercial kits that have everything you need to clean the headlights and restore them.

10.  Park inside

Finally, maintaining parking your vehicle inside protects you from extreme weather conditions. For example, if it's snowing outside, you don't have to deal with deicing all the ice layers and removing the snow off the vehicle. As you might already know, removal in the snow might involve the risks of scratching the car paint and causing some internal and external components issues.

Similarly, by preventing parking outside, you protect your car from excessive heat and temperature along with new V radiations that could be harmful to the vehicle’s exterior and some of the leather upholstery, especially if you're driving a luxury car.

If you don't have an internal garage, you can invest in simple car covers designed specifically to protect your car from extreme weather conditions. Many are designed specifically for the winter season, while others are designed specifically for the summer season to protect your car from heat and UV radiation.

We highly encourage you to review the main pros and cons of each of these covers before making a final purchase decision. Many of them might come in specific sizes, and others might not provide you with the best quality you're looking for.

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Final thoughts

Selling your car is big stuff, and you want to get the maximum money out of it as much as possible. Therefore, you must ask yourself the question, “how to increase your car's resale value?”

This article summarized 10 simple tips to help you improve your car's overall value and prevent significant depreciation. If you're looking to get the maximum profit out of your car no matter what cyber condition, cash cars buyer is the perfect location to sell it!

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