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How Much Gold Is in A Catalytic Converter? All You Need to Know

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If you're wondering how much gold is in a catalytic converter, the short answer is that the catalytic converter does not have any gold. However, it has precious metals that are more expensive than gold.

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The catalytic converter is one of the most significant components in your vehicle. This converter plays an important role in your combustion process and how much harmful gases leave the vehicle in the environment.

There is a very increasing trend of stealing catalytic converters from vehicles. But, one might wonder, why would the thieves target catalytic converters more than any other components in the vehicle?!

The short answer is that the converters contain very precious metals that are very expensive and can get them a good amount of money. However, not everyone is aware of these metals, and understanding what exactly the catalytic converter isn't extremely important. Some people think it's gold, while others think it's something else.

This article provides a clear answer about how much gold is in a catalytic converter if any. It also highlights important information about why this catalytic converter is expensive and how much of these precious metals one can get out of it.

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What is the Catalytic converter, and what does it do?

Before we dive into the details about how much gold is in a catalytic converter, we must understand what this converter, in the first place, is and what happens if your vehicle runs without a converter.

The catalytic converter is responsible for converting the bad and harmful gases from the combustion system to less harmful emissions. In other words, your vehicle cannot release these harmful gases to the environment directly unless they're cleaned up a little bit through the catalytic converter.

Technically, your vehicle can drive without a catalytic converter. Still, if you do so, you'll be sacrificing the environment and causing harmful gases to lead the vehicle and get to people's lungs. Also, your car won't be able to pass the mission tasks without a perfectly running catalytic converter.

Why is the catalytic converter very expensive?

Unfortunately, you won't know that the catalytic converter is very expensive unless you're either looking to replace it or someone steals it, which is a common trend, especially in 2022.

The catalytic converter contains very precious metals, and these metals can sell for a lot of money. That's why when you try to place the catalytic converter, you will hear skyrocketing numbers approaching thousands of dollars, if not more, to replace this small component.

How much gold is in a catalytic converter?

There is a common misconception that the catalytic converter is expensive because it contains gold. However, that's not correct.

Your catalytic converter contains precious metals like Platinum, Palladium, and rhodium and row dim but not gold carrot new pick up; therefore, the second time someone asks you how much gold is in a catalytic converter, you should have a clear answer that there is none.

Catalytic Converter

How many precious metals do you get out of a catalytic converter?

While it might sound that the catalytic converter is very expensive because it has many of these precious metals. However, because bulleted converter contains very tiny amounts of precious metals, which is very surprising that still, when they are very small amounts, the catalytic converter is very expensive.

Let's take a closer look at how much of these precious metals you can get out of your catalytic converter:

  1. Platinum

Platinum is one of the most expensive precious metals on earth. Typically, in any catalytic converter, you should find between three and seven grams of this material.

  1. Palladium

Palladium is also one of the precious metals you will find in your catalytic converter. Typically, these converters contain between two and seven grams of this component.

  1. Rhodium

Finally, in any catalytic converter, you should find only between one and two grams of rhodium. Still, they can sell for a lot, so thieves are targeting your converter.

How Much Gold Is in A Catalytic Converter

How much is the Platinum in a catalytic converter worth?

Although we mentioned that Platinum is not found in very large quantities in your catalytic converter, it doesn't mean that it's not still very expensive. According to recent statistics, this tiny amount of Platinum in your catalytic converter should be between $110 and $300.

What catalytic converters have the most rhodium?

Rhodium is the most expensive metal you'll find in your catalytic converter; therefore, many people are interested to know which converters brands have the most amount of rhodium.

If you're driving a diesel-powered vehicle, you will most likely find more rhodium than those driving gasoline vehicles. This is because diesel-powered vehicles contain only rhodium and Platinum.

Therefore, if you're driving one of those vehicles with the most precious metals, you must focus on how to protect your car from the current catalytic converter theft.

Luckily, many manufacturers understand this problem and have added some built-in devices to help you protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft.

How Much Gold Is in A Catalytic Converter

What is the price of 1 ounce of rhodium?

If you're still not convinced about how expensive they were holding hands, it is worth understanding the current price of the one ounce of rhodium. Believe it or not, this one ounce should cost about $14,400!

How to protect your catalytic converter from theft?

As we indicated earlier, there is a growing trend in the number of people complaining about stolen catalytic converters in 2022. Therefore, it is essential for you, as a driver who owns one of those vehicles with the most expensive catalytic converter, to understand what needs to be done to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft.

Let's take a closer look at automotive experts' recommendations:

  • Choose your parking area and consider parking inside
  • Invest in anti-theft devices that help you get notifications when someone is trying to steal the catalytic converter
  • Consider home cameras to let you know and alerts you about any suspicious behaviors around your house or your car
  • Invest in tracking devices that help you know if someone took your vehicle and where did they go exactly

Keep in mind that no matter how much time and effort you spend to protect your catalytic converter, the thieves are getting smarter now, and there are a lot of approaches to make the process happen in no time. Therefore, you have to be prepared for a situation where this happens to you on your property.

You might want to consult your insurance company to see if they can provide options for certain premium policies that help you get money back when someone steals your catalytic converter.

It is also important to note that certain vehicle brands are more targeted for catalytic converter thefts. Therefore, understanding whether your vehicle is one of them helps you be prepared and protect when to expect such a situation.

The most important thing is that you should not panic. The more information you can collect, the easier it is for authorities to locate your vehicle and save it before someone breaks into it and steals the catalytic converter.

However, if things happen and someone steals the converter, it should be OK because if you're safe and your family safe, that's what's more important. You might be able to get some money back from your insurance company, but as long as you did not intervene against the thieves and risk your life, you should be in a better situation.

How Much Gold Is in A Catalytic Converter

How much gold is in a catalytic converter? FAQ

How much gold is in a castle to converter is not the only question we received from many more readers. So let's look at some of the most common ask questions about this topic:

1.    How to extract gold from a catalytic converter?

As we mentioned earlier, the catalytic converter does not have any gold. Therefore, there is no need to look into any details for extracting gold from catalytic converters.

2.    How much Platinum is in a catalytic converter?

As we indicated earlier, your catalytic converter has somewhere between three and seven grams of Platinum.

3.    How much rhodium is in a catalytic converter in grams?

Only one to two grams will hold you in any catalytic converter.

4.    How much Palladium is in a catalytic converter?

Between two and seven grams fall Palladium in you are catalytic converter.

5.    How do we separate the metals in a catalytic converter?

There is a specific way of separating the precious metals of your catalytic converter here; however, it must be noted that the process can be a little bit complicated, and if you don't have previous experience, it can be risky, especially since you might damage these precious metals.

If you're still interested and want to extract these pressure precious metals from your catalytic converter, you can follow these steps in this video.

6.    Where to sell Platinum from catalytic converters?

Typically, there are tons of online platform stats you can choose from to sell these precious metals out of your catalytic converter. For example, you might want to try posting on eBay motors or probably Craigslist. However, if you like a quick way, you might want to reach out to your scrap yard or junkyard in your area that might be looking for these metals.

Before reaching out to these junkyards and scrap yards, you must understand the value of your catalytic converter and these metals. In many scenarios, the junk yards can take advantage of any inexperienced sellers and might provide you with a very low offer.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is get multiple codes from different junkyards or scrap yards, so you can get an idea of how much you asked for.

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Final thoughts

The catalytic converter theft is one of the most trending topics nowadays, considering the number of stolen catalytic converters from vehicles around the nation.

One of the main reasons for thieves targeting this component is the precious metals that the converter has. But unfortunately, people are not yet educated about this converter and might think it's only gold.

Many of our readers reach out to us asking how much gold is in a catalytic converter. Unfortunately, the converter does not have any, and it's even having more precious and more expensive metals than gold.

This article provides all you need to know about these different metals you can find in your catalytic converter.

It's highly encouraged that you read more about the catalytic converter and understand how critical it is to invest in anti-theft devices to protect your converter from theft.

If you're a current owner of a vehicle that has a broken or stolen catalytic converter, unfortunately, you should be prepared for very high repair costs.

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