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How Much Does It Cost to Tow A Car? All That You Need to Know 

my car got towed and I don't know where

If you're wondering how much does it cost to tow a car? The average national towing service price is about $109. Towing service price significantly depends on your vehicle type, location, and towing company.  

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At some point in time, your vehicle might need to be towed to the nearest repair shop due to unexpected mechanical breakdowns. Even if you've been taking good care of your car and you maintained every single regular maintenance, you might face these measure breakdowns at some point.

While no one wishes to get to this point, as a driver, you need to be prepared and familiarize yourself with car towing service prices. This way, no one can take advantage of you when you're under stress thinking of what to expect to get your vehicle going.

While towing a car might sound like moving your car from one place to another, the process involved more compliance than this. For example, the towing service might involve certain fees associated with your vehicles on problems and differ depending on your location and the towing company. So, there are more details than what you might be aware of when it comes to towing a car from one place to another. 

This article provides you with a detailed overview of “how much does it cost to tow a car?”  

Why would I need towing service in the first place? 

Before we jump into their details about how much it costs to tow a car, let's step back and understand why you would need to tow your car in the 1st place? There are different reasons, and some of them might be avoidable while others might not. 

  • Avoidable reasons for towing your car 

There are some situations where you need to tow your car for the reason that can be avoidable. 

For instance, if you left your key inside the car by accident, you might end up requesting a towing service to help you get in the vehicle. Again, simply avoid this by remembering never to leave the key inside the car and the next time.

Similarly, if you didn't keep an eye on the fuel gauge, you might end up stuck in nowhere and requesting a towing service to help you get your vehicle moving by providing it with some fuel supply. 

  • Unavoidable reasons for towing your car 

Some of the unavoidable reasons that you might be aware of include getting involved in a car accident. After a car accident, your car might not be drivable, which means that only one option is to get in touch with its own service and have them tow your car to the nearest repair shop or dealership.

Similarly, if your car ran into some unexpected major troubles related to the engine or the transmission, your only option here would be to request a towing service because your car is also undrivable. 

How much does it cost to tow a car? 

Towing service price differs significantly depending on your location, the towing company, vehicle type, etc.

In general, the average cost of towing services around the United States is about 109 dollars. However, this average cost might not mean anything to your situation because you might have your circumstances.

A good rough estimate to keep in mind is that each mile might cost you somewhere between 2.5 dollars and seven dollars.

Another way automaker broke it down by driven thresholds. For example, if your car needed to be tow less than 7 miles, expect to pay between $30 and $100. On the other hand, if you're looking for towing service up to 40 miles, prices can range from $100 to $250. Finally, any towing service beyond 100 miles might cost you somewhere between $250 and $600. 

What services does the towing company provide? 

When you hear the term towing company, all that comes to mind is moving your car from one location to another. However, the towing companies provide you with additional services, and it's essential for you as a driver to be aware of these services. This way, you can reach out to the towing company not only to get your vehicle moved from a spot to another.

Let's take a closer look at some of the services that you might get when reaching out to a towing company: 

  • Getting some fuel supply, which can be handy when you were at out of you 
  • Providing jumpstarts, which is a great option, especially if your battery died due to any reason
  • Changing your tires. This is an amazing option for those dealing with tires issues and doesn't have a replacement
  • Moving your vehicle from one spot to another. That's the most obvious and common type of service for any towing company where they move your vehicle from your location to the nearest repair shop or dealership
  • Pull your car. Pulling your vehicle can be very handy, especially if your car got stuck in snow or in an area where you can't get it out yourself

How to avoid towing services scams? 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake companies who understand that when a driver requests a towing service, he is stuck and is waiting for any help despite the price.

That's why it's not rare to deal with towing service companies requesting extremely high prices just because they argue that there is no standardized price for towing service.

To avoid getting involved in such a situation, it is always important for you as a driver to keep good contacts information with a reliable towing service recommended probably by a friend or a dealership where you reach out to them whenever you are in need.

It is known that when a person is under pressure or stressed out because of any situation, it's hard for him or her to make a wise decision, especially when it comes to paying a service that will help you get out of your problem. Therefore, do not get yourself to that point and be prepared for such emergencies. 

Will my insurance company cover towing service costs? 

It all depends on your insurance company and your policy. Some companies have additional features like roadside assistance, where you can add it on top of your base policy.

Do not expect that this feature will come automatically with your regular base price auto insurance option.

Once you figured out that your insurance company covers the towing service, it is very important to understand the details. For example, your insurance company might have a specified mileage range where they provide you with roadside assistance, and after this mileage range, they will start charging you on top of that. Therefore, do not get surprised with additional fees because you don't know the maximum mileage; they are willing to help you.

If you don't know for sure whether your insurance company covers the towing service, it is recommended that you give them a call immediately after needing the towing service and before reaching out to the towing company. It doesn't hurt to spend additional minutes investigating this because it can save you tons of money. Does it make sense to pay extra fees where you might be covered under the insurance company you're already paying for them over the last month? 

What is roadside assistance? 

It might be worth investigating whether it's a good option to have roadside assistance on top of your insurance policy.

The roadside assistance basically indicates that your insurance company will help you when you are stuck on the road due to any reason. The coverage depends heavily on the mileage.

For example, some insurance companies might charge you $50 if they will tow your car up to 20 miles.

There are other options for charging roadside assistance. For example, your insurance company might tow you that they have a flat rate for every 100 miles despite what the towing service will charge them.

There is no correct answer and best choice about whether to go with the dollar amount or the mileage amounts. It all depends on your goals and needs. That's why we recommend that you discuss the roadside assistance in detail with your insurance company and have explained to you the different options to see what works best for you.

Some drivers don't think it's worth paying for roadside assistance, especially if they drive relatively newer vehicles. Think about how often your car might break down while you're driving it due to unavoidable reasons. So, unless your car is expected to have major problems, it might not always be worth adding up to your entrance policy, including the road assistance service.

Keep in mind that there are some environments where you drive a lot in areas where there's no much assistance nearby, which means that you will always need to have a towing service willing to get you some hand in any emergency.

In conclusion, deciding whether it's worth adding Roadside assistance depends on your own circumstances. 

What does it mean if I needed to tow my car frequently? 

As a lot of experts suggest, towing service should not be something you need frequently. In other words, you might need to change oil or rotate tires regularly, but this should not be the case with towing service.

If you ended up with a situation in your car that needs to be towed frequently, this is a red flag indicating that your vehicle is in a serious situation.

In other words, the car has some major problems that are not repairable, and no matter how much time and effort you put into this car, you still get into some trouble needing to get it towed to the repair shop.

If you reached that stage, you need to step back and evaluate whether it's worth your time and effort getting this car working. Many people never think of selling they are old cars hoping that they will work at some point. However, you need to make a brave decision and get rid of this headache so that you can use the payment towards a better car.

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Understanding how much to tow a car is essential for any driver even if we don't expect that you will need a towing service.

Towing service price differs significantly depending on your vehicle type, your vehicle's problem, your location, and the towing company itself.

In general, the national price for towing service is about $109, and this price might be higher or lower depending on how many miles you're planning to move your car. 

Keep in mind that need a towing service is not expected to be something like an oil change or tire rotation. Towing service is only for emergencies, and if you realized that your car needs to tow frequently, it might be that this vehicle is beyond repairs, and there are major problems that are not worth your time and effort.

And if that's the case, you might need to consider evaluating whether it's the right time to sell your card to cash car buyer or not. 

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