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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Range Rover? Everything You Need to Know!

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Range Rover? Everything You Need to Know!

All car owners know that vehicle repairs are inevitable. It is one of the most dreaded moments of a car owner especially if your car is very costly to repair. For Range Rover owners, one might ask how much does it cost to repair a Range Rover? The answer may vary depending on the part that needs repairing but car websites say that the estimated price to maintain and repair a Range Rover is somewhere between $80 to $6,000, with an average annual repair cost of $1,174.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The maintenance repair cost of a Range Rover may vary depending on the vehicle's age, mileage, and the parts that need to be repaired. To know the specific answer and details of the question, how much does it cost to repair a Range Rover, continue reading! We will go through each of its most common issues and the estimated cost to repair it. 


How much does it cost to repair a Range Rover?


Many automotive websites have included the Range Rover in their list of the top 10 most expensive vehicles to maintain and repair. It goes to show that the price of the car is not the only thing that you need to pay for or consider, but also the expenses for its maintenance and repairs during your ownership. That is why when you purchase a vehicle, may it be a used car or brand new, you need to consider a lot of factors and think about it many times so you won’t end up regretting it later. 


Now back to the question, how much does it cost to repair a Range Rover? 


As mentioned earlier, the estimated cost of repair can vary. Here is our list of the most common services or repairs made and completed on the Land Rover Range Rover.

  • Car AC Compressor Replacement


The estimated cost of an AC compressor replacement is $1,380. Some of the common symptoms of a faulty AC compressor include a clicking sound under the engine, no cold air coming from the vents, and an AC that is not functioning. 


To avoid experiencing this problem on your Range Rover, make it a habit to turn on your AC regularly to keep the seals lubricated and won’t dry up. Make sure that you have it inspected if you notice any change in the air temperature from the vent.  

  • Brake Caliper Replacement


For a Range Rover brake caliper replacement, it could cost you about $630. You will know if your Range Rover has a bad brake caliper if you notice the symptoms like leaking brake fluid, brakes feel soft, and squealing noise from the brakes. A car that pulls to the right or left when braking is one of its symptoms too. 


This problem and the replacement can be avoided if you follow the regular brake service schedule set by the manufacturer and its schedule for a brake fluid change. Plus, if you see a clear fluid on your tires or on your driveway and your brake pedals feel soft or spongy, it is best that you have your brake system inspected right away. 


  • Noise Diagnosis


If your Range Rover has strange noises and you want to have it diagnosed, it would cost you between $154 and $200. A noise diagnosis can help you determine the problem that’s causing your vehicle to have strange and abnormal noises. It is usually an indication that something is wrong and there is something that needs to be repaired or replaced. Strange noises from your vehicle are usually coming from the engine, brake, transmission, and suspension areas. 


Noises coming from vehicles are quite common and noise diagnosis is normally done even with brand new vehicles. Rattles, squeaks, noises, and vibrations heard and felt from the vehicle are some of the problems that warrant a noise diagnosis. These problems can be experienced anytime but it usually starts to show up in the first 25,000 miles. After 125,000 miles, the noises and problems can become more frequent. 

  • CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement


The estimated cost for a CV axle or shaft assembly replacement is around $576. If you feel your car vibrate especially when you are speeding on a highway, it can be your car telling you that you have a faulty CV axle. Some of its symptoms also include a clicking sound from the front of your vehicle when turning while you are driving, and lots of heavy black axle grease in your wheels or on your driveway. 


It will not be safe to drive a car that has a bad CV axle. It is best that you have it checked and repaired immediately as it is the only part that transmits power from the engine and transmission to your wheels. 

  • Oil Change


An oil change is one of the most common repairs or services are done on your vehicle. Range Rover oil change will usually cost you about  $136. If you notice that the amount of time since your last oil change has exceeded way beyond your vehicle’s recommended miles, then it must be time for an oil change. You will also know that you are due for an oil change if you have an illuminating service maintenance light.


It is important that you follow the regular oil change schedule set by the manufacturer since it is its most important maintenance service. A regular oil change can help prevent a lot of car issues that can lead to problems that are expensive to fix. 


  • Brake Light Switch Replacement 


The brake light switch replacement of a Range Rover has an estimated cost of $123. A faulty brake light switch has symptoms that include an irregular operation or late operation of the brake lights, won’t be able to shift out of the park, and having no brake lights at all. 

  • Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement 


It has been reported that a faulty camshaft position sensor is one of the common problems of a Range Rover. The estimated cost to fix this problem is $363. The common symptoms of a bad camshaft position sensor include car not starting or stalling, car struggling to accelerate, misfiring, sputtering on startup, running rough or poorly, and an illuminating check engine light. 


If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure that you have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. This sensor is the one that sends valuable data about the camshaft position to your car’s computer then uses the data to determine when to inject more fuel. Ignoring it can result in engine troubles. 


  •  Cabin Air Filter Replacement


Cabin air filter replacement can cost you about $108. The cabin air filter is different from the air filter and you usually need to replace the cabin air filter if you notice that the vent has low or weak airflow. It is the cabin air filter’s task to clean the air that goes out through the vents since the air that goes through them and enters the cabin is taken from outside your vehicle. 


It is a good habit to follow the recommended cabin air filter replacement schedule to make sure that you are breathing clean air inside the cabin. It can also help maintain your car’s air conditioning system. 


  • Strut Assembly Replacement


A strut assembly plays an important role in your vehicle’s suspension system. It is the one that makes sure that you have a smooth ride. The strut assembly is basically shock absorbers that can be found in the front or rear of your vehicle. The assembly wears down over time and then the problems will start to occur. Symptoms of  a bad strut assembly include excessive body roll, bumpy ride, excessive and uneven tire wear, and a knocking noise over bumps.


Strut Assembly replacement has an estimated cost of $1,424. It is a problem that you need to repair since it is essential in ensuring that you get a smooth and comfortable ride. A faulty strut assembly can also cause issues on your engine because of the unnecessary amount of force that can be damaging.


  •  Transmission Repairs


Range Rover transmission repairs can have an estimated cost of $1,800 to $3,400. Symptoms of a failing transmission include not engaging or staying in gear, delayed shifts, missing gears, engine revving high, transmission fluid leak, clunking noise, burning smell, illuminating check engine light, and the car has little power or no power at all.


It is important you don’t ignore symptoms of transmission problems to make sure that the problems don’t become worse and become too expensive to fix. 


Other common Range Rover repairs and services.


  • Ignition coil replacement – $203
  • Exterior car door handle replacement – $328
  • Intake manifold gasket replacement – $440
  • Headlight bulb replacement – $425
  • Control arm assembly replacement – $514 
  • Car radiator replacement – $806
  • Car thermostat replacement – $273
  • Oxygen sensor replacement – $372
  • Throttle body replacement – $873
  • Turn signal switch replacement – $431
  • Gear oil replacement – $116
  • Window motor regulator replacement – $664
  • Gearbox replacement – $1,333
  • Engine oil level sensor replacement – $220
  • Door lock cylinder replacement – $198


How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Range Rover? – Are Range Rovers reliable cars?


Asking how reliable the Range Rovers are is a legit question after knowing the answer to the question, how much does it cost to repair a Range Rover. One just has to know if it is really worth it to purchase or own a Range Rover. If you already own one, you would want to know if it is worth keeping. 


Range Rovers used to be built sturdy and were commended for their off-road capabilities. They used to be the embodiment of a great and strong car. But it seems that the times have changed and the once-great reputation of the Range Rover has been flushed down the drain thanks to the consistent reports of unreliability from its users and owners.  


Sad to say that the Range Rovers have been included in the list of the most unreliable vehicles on various car websites for years. It is also said to be a vehicle that is very expensive to repair. Although brand new Range Rovers give a four-year or 50,000-mile warranty when purchased, reports say that people are still skeptical about purchasing one because of the reliability issues. 


How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Range Rover? – How long do Range Rovers usually last?   


Like any other vehicle, Range Rovers can last longer with proper care and maintenance. It can last for more than 100,000 but you might need to pay for some needed repairs and services along the way. The repair bills can be pretty expensive, too. It is not always like that though. There are also some Range Rover owners that are sending positive reviews. 


If you are planning to purchase a Range Rover, make sure that you do your research first and get all the information you need. You need to consider all the repairs that might occur during your ownership. Make sure that you do a thorough pre-purchase inspection. Keep in mind that the purchasing price is just the beginning and you need to have a budget prepared for the vehicle’s maintenance and services. 


If you are buying a new Range Rover, it is advised that you lease one instead of purchasing. This allows you to enjoy the car while it is still under warranty and then cut when the lease ends. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Range Rover? – Final Word


We hope that we have answered the question, how much does it cost to repair a Range Rover. The prices or costs for Range Rover maintenance, repairs, and services can still go up as your vehicle gets older. The price may also vary depending on your location. 


If you are considering buying one, make sure that you follow the experts’ advice and do your research before purchasing. If you already own one and you can’t keep up with the cost of repairs, consider selling your Range Rover to us and we’ll be glad to take the problem off your hands.