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How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car a Different Color? 

How Much does it Cost to Paint a Car a Different Color? 

The price to paint a car a different color ranges from $300 to $1,000, on average. This price  varies depending on automobile size; repairs needed for the car prior to painting; color you are  painting the car; and quality of the materials you are using. There are also many steps that you  must take prior to painting the car.  

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Factors Affecting Price of Painting Car a Different Color 

A budget shop may be able to get you out the door, painting your car, for about $300. This  would be a basic one coat paint job with no rust work. If your car needs to be sanded down to  get the prior color off, or has rust, then the price will be much higher.  

Size of Vehicle to be Painted 

The size of the vehicle really affects the price. A Chrysler 300 will require more paint and  therefore cost more than a Smart Car. Just like for SUV’s a Cadillac Escalade will cost more to  paint than a Nissan Juke.  

Repairs Needed Prior to Painting the Car 

Any car that has prior paint on it, will need to be sanded down. If the car has light rust this too  will need to be sanded. If the rust is through the car, then that area needs to have body work to  be rebuilt. All of these factors need to be considered as they will add to the cost of painting the  car a different color.  

Color the Car is Being Repainted 

Different color paints are priced differently with basic colors being the lowest cost. These colors  are Black, Grey and White. All other colors are considered Special. These come at a premium  price.  

Also when estimating for paint you have to figure the paint that is for the door jams and the  engine bays.  

Quality of New Paint Car Color 

Just like everything in life, there are quality paints and less expensive budget paints. Also, the  quality can be affected by only doing one coat versus several coats. While a single coat with  grey, black, or white budget paint can be completed for $300-$1,000. Higher quality paint raises  the price, especially if you need body work due to rust or entire car sanding. A higher quality job  like that may run you upwards of $3,500 including body work.  

A multi-coat quality paint job with body work with specialty items like racing stripes or metallic  specks may run you as much as $8,000. 

Prior to Painting a Car a New Color 

Removal of Items From Car 

Prior to painting the car a new color, remove all trim from the car. Also, take off all emblems and  non-painted parts. With painters tape, tape around all windows and gaskets.  

Sanding Car Prior to Painting it 

All prior paint needs to be removed from the car. The power sander will be the easiest way to  remove all of the paint. Use the sandpaper to hand sand areas that are hard to get to. In areas  where there is light rust, carefully sand down so that it too may be painted. Expect sanding to be  a major part of the job.  

Prime Before Painting the Car a New Color 

Priming and Sanding will become the ways that you can turn it into a professional looking job.  Remove all old paint, sand, and then prime. After priming, sand again, and then prime again.  

Where to Paint Your Car 

Where you choose to paint your car, is one of the biggest decisions you are going to make with  this whole project. Do not paint your car outside. This is because insects can fly into your paint,  or one little gust of wind can blow dirt and dander all over your fresh paint job ruining it.  

The best place to paint your car is in a well ventilated garage. You should hang up plastic to  block off the fumes from entering your home, as these fumes are toxic and you do not want  anyone breathing them in. 

When Should You Paint Your Car 

 When should you paint your car is almost as important as where you should paint your car. The  key is temperature. You can only paint when it is 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit. In some areas this  really limits when you can paint. This is what temperature it is outside, not in the garage for  those of you with heated garages. Remember it will be well ventilated with the garage door open  a bit. It is best to start off early in the morning because less insects are out early in the morning.  If it is too cold in the morning well then start off in the early afternoon, or whenever it reaches  the right temperature.  

Just Before You Paint Your Car Another Color

Just before you paint your car, there is a two step wipe down process that you must do. First,  take a wax and grease remover. Apply to a soft lint free cloth, and rub the car down. Next, take  a tack rag and wipe it down. It is now ready for painting.  

Tips for Cars Painted a Different Color 

  • Do not go to the car wash or hand wash your car for one month. This is because  washing it before one month can ruin the paint and actually remove it.  
  • Give your car a break. Drive it only when necessary for the first month. Again this is  because the paint has not fully set.  
  • Stay away from trees like the plague. To your car, trees are the plague. Parking under  them could allow sap and other debris to fall on them destroying your paint job.  ● After you get done painting the car, don’t just run out of the garage, inspect your work  like a proud parent. This is the only time you can add paint to correct something, like a  spot you missed.  
  • Follow all safety tips, car paint is dangerous. Don’t think that you don’t need the  ventilator you do. The paint is designed to stay on the car for years which means it  would stay in your lungs for years too.  

Car Painting Safety 

All chemicals can be dangerous and primer and paints are just an example. Prior to painting you  should read all information that comes with the paint and primer. It is important to play it safe  when using paint and primer and a paint sprayer. Paint can easily get into your eyes or be  inhaled into your lungs. It is extremely important to follow all necessary safety precautions.  

  • Ventilation is important to have. Leave the garage door open a bit. If there is a window in  the garage open that a bit as well. Most important wear a ventilator that is designed for  painting. This is because paint for the sprayer will be very small particles so you want to  make sure your ventilator is designed to block all debris.  
  • Wear protective clothing. For painting you will need something to cover your head, this  can be a hat or a hood. You will also need gloves to protect your hands, again, they  make gloves specifically for painting. A one piece coverall is the best thing to protect  your clothing and your arms and legs. If you do not have one, you can wear old clothing  but do make sure that something is covering both your arms and legs. Shoe coverings  are made of paper or plastic and they save your shoes from paint.  
  • With particles so small in the air you also need goggles to protect your eyes and face.  ● Make sure that there are no open flames near you. This includes pilot lights. Check for  flammable chemicals in the garage and remove them as you do not want a spark that  causes a chemical reaction between the two.  

What Tools do I Need to Change the Color of a Car? 

Before deciding to paint your car a different color, make sure you can get all the tools you need.  Check with Home Depot as at one point they were renting out tools. Check to see if it is cheaper  to rent one for a couple of days or purchase one. 

The tools that you will need include an air compressor, sander, broom, dust pan. The air  compressor is used to spray paint the car and prime the car throughout the job.The sander,  along with sandpaper removes the car's old paint. The broom and dustpan is to clean up the  mess so that it doesn’t end up on the car after painting.  

What Supplies do I Need to Change the Color of a Car? 

While you do not need many tools, there are several supplies that are needed. Safety  equipment will be covered under another category. First, you will need sandpaper and  sandpaper pads for the sander. Primer is needed to get the car ready for the paint as is the  paint to actually change the color of the car. A wax and grease remover is needed so that the  car can get a good wipe down after sanding. Soft lint free cloths are needed in order to give it a  final wipe down.  

What Safety Equipment is Needed to Change the Color? 

Since we are dealing with chemicals that can cause harm, great care is needed when handling  them. First, a hat is needed to protect the head. Next, goggles are needed to protect the eyes  and prevent irritation. A respirator will keep your lungs clean and will help you to avoid inhaling  the paint, primer, and solvent particles. Mechanic overalls will protect your body and skin from  contamination from the paint, primer, and solvents. Shoe covers will make sure your shoes do  not get ruined.