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How Much Does Hail Damage Depreciate A Vehicle? Is It Worth Buying A Hail Damaged Car?

How Much Does Hail Damage Depreciate A Vehicle

Mother Nature and her wrath can come upon all of us without notice. When a car is damaged by hail there are more questions than answers for car owners. How much does hail damage devalue a car? Should you buy a car that has hail damage? We’ll examine these questions and present you with sound answers! 

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How Much Does Hail Damage Depreciate A Vehicle?

It’s no secret that hail can seriously damage a vehicle. Whether that hail is the size of a golf ball or a baseball, hail can cause significant damage to a car in a matter of minutes. After an attack of hail on a vehicle, there can be dents, broken windows and damage all throughout the body of a vehicle. The owner of the hail-damaged car can feel defeated and damaged themselves. What needs to be done next? Why did this happen? Who does the owner call for compensation for damages? If the forecast is calling for hail, try to move your car inside of a garage or a covered car shelter, if you are able to do so. If not, try to find some old blankets (preferably thick as you can) and cover your car in anticipation of the hail storm. Be sure to secure your thick blankets to prevent them from blowing away. Many hail storms are accompanied by high and gusty winds.  While hail damaged cars offer a great deal for a vehicle buyer, they offer a headache for the vehicle owner. Hail repairs can vary depending on the amount of hail damage. 

Does hail damage affect the vehicle’s trade in value? 

Since hail damage varies from car to car, hail damage can affect the compensation the car owner can receive. Perhaps the damage from the hail is estimated at only a few hundred dollars. Or maybe car sustained thousands of dollars of hail damage. From just a few dents, to broken windows and tremendous body damage, hail damage plays a significant part in a vehicle’s resale value. Many vehicle owners have hail damage coverage as part of their vehicle insurance policies. If this is the case for you, then you may consider getting your car repaired before selling your vehicle. Lots of vehicle buyers will seek large discounts off of your average asking price for your vehicle. If you’re up to it, then sell your hail-damaged car to that buyer who doesn’t mind, and move on! 

How Does A Professional Assess Hail Damage On A Car?

Each dent from hail on a car can cost up to $100-$150 for a shop to fix. If there are broken windows to replace, then the cost may vary. Chances are, the auto professional who is repairing the hail damaged car, will have to special order new window glass replacements. Then you’re looking at additional time to have your car in the shop, if this be the case. Dents in plastic bumpers can also be fixed, as many vehicle insurance policies cover this too. A car owner will receive an estimate and then pay deductible. You may visit a shop that may also pay your deductible, depending on factors such as you going out of “auto body network” for your car repairs, or staying in your “auto body network” for the hail damage fixes. 

Your vehicle insurance adjuster will evaluate the car and write or type in the information he or she needs for the claim. This may take a few days, as that adjuster probably has a few cars that he or she has to evaluate – due to widespread hail storm event. It’s easier than done to say “please be patient”, but it’s a necessary component as you wait for the estimate on your hail-damaged car. 


How Does An Auto Body Figure Cost For Hail Damaged Cars? 

The cost of repairing dents from a hail storm can vary. So, there is no concrete deal or a rulebook that auto body professionals work from. While this may not bring you any comfort, you have to keep in mind that the auto body shop has to look at the car from all angles. Some of the questions that the auto body shop professional will ask and seek answers to include: 

  1. How many dents does the vehicle have? 
  2. Are there any broken windows, due to hail flying into the car, and if so, how many broken windows does the car have? 
  3. Is there any paint damage due to hail flying on the car? 
  4. How much damage do the doors of the car have? The hood? 

Auto body professionals will write down the number of dents that the car has, the panels of the car affected by the hail storm, and whether they can repair the car with the dent tools that they have in the shop. They will also have to see if any windows or car parts need to be ordered and get a cost for that too.  Many vehicle insurance companies only provide coverage for hail damage – not PRE-EXISTING damage. So, if you want any pre-existing damage fixed and repaired at the same time you’re getting your car repaired from the hail storm, then you’ll have to pay for that out of your own pocket. 


I’m In The Market For A Used Car- Is It Worth Buying A Hail Damaged Car?

If you’re in the market for a car and you want to buy a hail damage car, then you should exercise some caution before buying. Make sure that you understand completely- the extent of the damage-due to the hail the car endured.  You also want to know the complete cost to repair that hail damaged car. For you the car buyer, see if you can get a few estimates on repairs for the hail-damaged car. Are you looking at about $300 to fix the entire car? Or is every auto body shop you visit, quoting you thousands of dollars, to fix that hail-damaged vehicle?  Sure, you may get a sweet deal on a hail dented car. But then you have to turn around and pay $4000 for repairs. Are you up for that possibility? 

If you the car buyer are looking at the car damaged by that recent hail storm, consider the following as you prepare to buy:

  • Whether or not the electrical components in the vehicle work, in the aftermath of the hail storm. 
  • Any water damage and rust inside and outside of the vehicle. Remember: hail is composed of water and eventually all of those hail pellets will melt. 
  • The warranty. Does this hail-damaged car have a warranty on it? some of the car parts may not be covered or be voided due to the hail damage. 

Does Hail Damage Show Up On Carfax?

According to reports, if your car is deemed totaled due to hail, then the Auto Hail Repair Claims will report that information to CARFAX. If the cost to fix your car- due to the hail damage- surpasses (or goes beyond) the value of the vehicle, then the car will be reported as “totaled” or a total loss. If you’re upside down in the car- meaning you’re still making payments on your car- you may owe more on the vehicle, than it is worth.  For vehicles totaled by hail, your vehicle insurance company will pay out the vehicle’s actual value- NOT the amount that you owe on the car. 

How Much Do You Usually Get For Hail Damage Car?

Generally, the average vehicle claim for hail damage is approximately $3,000. If you have light hail damage, you may not have enough of a repair to meet your vehicle deductible.  On the other hand, if you have heavy hail damage-typically cosmetic in nature- then the damage can cost the same as a brand-new car.  If you find that your car insurance policy includes a provision for just “the bare bones of hail damage”, then you may find that your policy gives you little to no protection for your car. Check your policy after you have your hail damaged car assessed. 

Reports indicate that there are some states that provide more of a headache when filing a hail damage vehicle claim. What state had the most hail damage claims between 2017 and 2019? Texas. According to reports, Texas documented the largest number of hail loss claims with a whopping 638,000 claims reported. 


Can You Fix Hail Damage Car Yourself?

If you are a whiz at removing dents out of a car, then you may be able to repair your hail damaged car yourself. The average DIY cost to fix a dent from hail damage ranges between $30 and $50. If you’re looking at fixing a lot of medium-sized dents, then that cost can go up to about $75 for each dent. While there are ways you can fix dents yourself, your most reliable option is to get a professional from a body shop, to fix the hail damaged car.  You may save on aggravation, supplies and time. In the end, it may be worth it to get the car professionally handled and fixed from that horrendous hail storm. 

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