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Does AutoZone Make Car Keys? Does AutoZone Offer Transponder Keys? 

Does AutoZone Make Car Keys

Your neighborhood AutoZone is your “go to” place for motor oil, rock salt and windshield wiper blades. But does AutoZone make car keys? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Does AutoZone Make Car Keys? 

You are indeed able to purchase blank automotive keys AutoZone. The keys sold at your AutoZone are well-suited for an array of car models. Some models include, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and more. The prices for the blank keys range between $3 and $6, not including any sales tax. 

Does AutoZone Offer Transponder Keys? 

AutoZone also sells transponder as well as remote key fobs that range in price from $15 to $90. Many of the key fobs for sale at your local AutoZone stores can be programmed by utilizing an On-Board Programming system; however, the availability of the program depends on the particular automaker. 

Additionally, you may still have to go to your dealership or visit your locksmith for programming of your new car key fob.


AutoZone offers both an affordable and a convenient way for customers to buy quality and high security transponder keys. More than half of the vehicles on the road use transponder keys containing a computer chip accompanied with a security code.  Only a quality transponder key with the correct security code can start a vehicle with the corresponding code. This ensures protection of a vehicle and keeps thefts at bay. 


AutoZone knows that transponder keys can become damaged and even lost. In fact, AutoZone sees customers who have lost their transponder keys on a regular basis. The chain further realizes that taking your replacement to a dealership can take time and cost hundreds of dollars. But at AutoZone, there is no appointment needed to receive a quality and affordable transponder key.  The chain also offers keys for a variety of vehicles including Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler and more. AutoZone takes the keys and duplicates them to a precise accuracy. The keys are also cut digitally, using state-of-the-art equipment, tools and technology. Your key will be cut to your satisfaction before you leave your AutoZone, or they will cut it over again. Getting your transponder key is fast and affordable and AutoZone promises only the best experience for any customer who needs a transponder key. 

What Does AutoZone Recommended When Your Key Fob’s Not Working? 

There’s never a good time for a key fob not to work. So, how can you remedy the issue and do it fast? Not many drivers think of a key fob needing regular maintenance, but that key fob does.  Your key fob is something you shouldn’t overlook because you may not be able to enter your vehicle unless it works. You also won’t be able to start your car either! 

So, if you have a broken key fob in your hands, the first thing AutoZone recommends, is for you to isolate the issue. Secondly, weigh whether it’s best to repair the existing key fob or get a replacement. 

Why Did My Key Fob Stop Working In The First Place? 

The most common culprit behind the failure of an electric key fob is the battery inside. So, your non-working key fob may only need a brand-new battery.  While this is an easy fix, you’ll have to of course get a ride to your local AutoZone to get a new battery. Another aspect of this issue to mention is this: since this is such a common issue, you may decide to buy at least two batteries so that you can replace them while you’re at home and there are no delays in you operating your car. As dead battery can contribute to a faulty key fob, there may be other issues why your key fob is not working. So, if you find that your faulty key fob goes beyond just a battery, you may need to decide if you need to fix your fob or get a another one. 

Is the Problem Your Car? 

Perhaps your key fob is failing but it may not be the problem. So, maybe your vehicle is where the issue lies, causing your key fob not to work. Has your car battery died? Is there a problem with your car locks or doors? Maybe you’re having an issue with your actuator. Sure, this may not likely be the case. But it is something to consider. 

Fixing or Replacing Your Key Fob 

If you get nowhere by swapping out your battery in your key fob, there are some other steps you can take, to remedy the problem. Start with taking the key fob apart and check to ensure that none of the buttons are sticking, or even sticking out. Be sure that they also fit perfectly into any opening that they are supposed to lie in. Are any of the buttons cracked or broken? If so, this may be why your key fob is not working. So, if you are able to place your buttons back into their appropriate place, then this may fix the issue. You can also see if you can get a ride to a professional who can take a look at your fob and readjust the buttons so that they are back where they belong and work properly. You may be able to fix your key fob, but it can be a bit frustrating and tedious if you are a bit short on patience. So, enlist the help of a key fob professional for help you need. You don’t want to get angry and slam your key fob in a fit of anger. Hey… it happens to the best of us, right? 


Depending on the model and make of your car, can cost as low as $50. But you can also spend around $100 for a new one, depending on the ride you have. Many of us don’t keep an “emergency key fob replacement cash stash” in our homes. But replacement may be the best option. You don’t want to fix your existing key fob, only to have it fail you again. It may work fine on the way to the store, but what if it goes bad as you try to get home? 


But What Do I Do About My Faulty Key Fob in a Pinch? 

So, you’re stuck somewhere, you’re away from home and you can’t start your car. You’re stressed, angry and ready to scram. You may use a button to unlock your car, but for many key fobs, there is a physical key located in the fob. So, at the very least you should be able to use the physical key to get into your car, even if you cannot start your vehicle. Many cars also have a key pad that you can use to get into your car. Did you take the time to write down or memorize the code? If your vehicle uses a push-to-start button to start the ignition rather than a turn-key ignition system, then a key that is not typically dead but has a low battery may not be recognizable by the vehicle from far away. Try holding the key right up to the button and try starting your car again. Many push-button ignition systems may also allow for you to insert the physical key to start the engine.  


What Kind Of Car Key Products Does AutoZone Sell? 

We took a look at the AutoZone website to see what car key /key fob/remote products the chain sells. 

Car Keys Express Vehicle Key

The Car Keys Simple Car Key is an item sold on the AutoZone website. Consumers are able to buy the product as a quality replacement for modern car keys. The product features a key blade that is able to be cut at many car dealerships, lots of hardware stores and even by your locksmith.  After the product is cut, the car owner will then be able to pair the universal-style OEM replacement key to their own car with no programming devices needed. Click here for more!

Dorman Keyless Remote Case

Are you a bit hard on your key fob case? Then this Dorman Keyless Remote Case may be the purchase you need to make. Located on the AutoZone website is this convenient and affordable solution for a broken or even a cracked key fob case.  Click here for more! 

Remotes Unlimited Keyless Entry Alarm Remote Control 

Located on the AutoZone website is a quality remote transmitter replacement. Not only do you receive a replacement for your keyless entry alarm remote control, but the item is a genuine OEM part, AND you also get free phone technical support with your purchase! Click here to learn more! 


Energizer 357BP-3N Remote Control Battery 3 Pack

Perhaps the only thing standing between you and a working key fob is a new battery. Thankfully, AutoZone has remote control batteries for sale. The Energizer brand is known for quality, durability and reliability. Having a few of these in the drawer at home will keep your remote and other electronic battery-operated car key components in working order. Click here to learn more! 

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