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What Are the Best Engine Oil Additives Stop Burning Oil? 

Engine Oil Additives Stop Burning Oil

Is your engine consuming so much oil? It's probably time to add some engine oil additives stop burning oil! These additives can help seal any internal leaks that you can't easily detect. They are very effective and could result in significant oil savings!

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If your engine started consuming so much oil, there are many cheap solutions that you could try first before thinking of buying a newer vehicle. Oil additives are great examples of products you can use to improve the overall engine performance and reduce oil consumption.

However, to select the best oil additive to stop burning oil could be a little tricky, and if the driver does not have the required experience, he might get lost in the market. 

There are tons of other advantages you could gain by adding oil additives to your engine's oil. We will discuss the most important adventures that your vehicle could gain. We will also highlight the best oil additives to stop burning oil in the market.

What should I buy oil additives? 

Some people think that oil additive only prevents oil leaks and helps the engine reduce oil consumption; However, tons of other adventures you can gain by adding these simple products.

Here are some of the benefits that you get in getting by adding oil additives to your engine’s oil: 

  • Protect your vehicle from rusting 

By adding oil additives to your engine's oil, you're increasing the level of lubrication your engine could get. These additives are made in a way that can provide much higher lubrication than regular motor oil.

As a result, you're contributing to lengthening your vehicle's engine's lifetime by reducing rusting and friction. 

  • Enhance your vehicle's engine's performance  

Your vehicle requires a certain amount of oil to continue driving smoothly. If the engine is continuously consuming too much oil, it will get to a situation where it can't drive properly.

By adding these oil additives, you prevent the engine from over-consuming the engine's oil, and therefore, you will end up with great engine performance. 

  • Get a clean engine   


Not all oil additives will provide you with a cleaner engine because some additives have detergent components.

These detergents help clean and remove any clogging in your vehicle's engine. As a result, you will receive a cleaner engine with better performance with a regulated temperature. 

  • Get rid of excessive smoke   


When your engine is consuming a lot of oil, it's burning this oil. This burnt oil could result in weird smokes coming out of your vehicle's tailpipe.

By ceiling your vehicle components and dropping the oil consumption, you reduce the excessive smoke coming out of the exhaust system. 

  • Seal the engine and prevent leaks 

The obvious and most important benefit your vehicle could get by adding oil additives is to prevent oil leaks.

These additives are made of certain components that can get through any cracks and seal them to prevent any oil leaks.

As a result, your vehicle's oil will not work in two locations where it should not go. Thus, you don't need to worry about adding more oil frequently. 

What are the best engine oil additives that stop burning oil?

Now you understand that there are many benefits to adding an oil additive to your engine's oil. Well, some of these additives are better in some benefits than the others.

For example, if you're looking for some oil additives to stop burning oils, here is the list of the best oil additives in the market to serve your needs:

  • Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive


This oil additive is one of the most famous oil additives in the market. It works for both gasoline and diesel engines and provides a long list of benefits, including: 

  • You will notice a significant reduction in oil consumption
  • This oil additive can help reduce any engine noises 
  • By using Archoil oil additive, you're expanding the life span of your oil and your engine.
  • Lastly, this oil helps clean up your engine because it has some detergents to remove any clogging or dirt. 

If you're interested in purchasing this foil, you can find it on Amazon for about $44.95. 

  • Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush


This oil additive was made in Germany, and it's featured here because of the great power in cleaning up your engine. The oil additive can deep clean your engine's components.

When using this oil additive, you have to leave your vehicle running for about 10 minutes for the oil to get in effect and clean up the engine.

According to these oil additive designers, your engine could restore its original performance after using it. The Liqui Moly Oil additive is also available on Amazon for Only $14.99. 

  • Lucas 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer


The Lucas 10001 is one of the top-rated oil additives, according to Amazon. It not only reduces your vehicle's oil consumption; it also controls heat, noise, and where.

This oil additive comes with special components that seal all cracks around the oil pathways, resulting in your vehicle's oil and engine's longer lifespan.

The Lucas 10001 is available on Amazon for Only $9.99. 

  • Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment


The seafoam is one of the oldest and premium oil and fuel additives in the market. It has a multipurpose and cleans the engine's oil paths and is used to clean the fuel system.

You can use simply pure the seafoam additive into the fuel tank and have a cleared fuel system within minutes. Similarly, you can add it as an oil additive to eliminate any harmful contaminants inside the engine. 

Seafoam oil additive is available on Amazon for $6.97. 

  • Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair


The bar's oil additive has two different purposes. The bottle comes with two sides, and each site has its purpose.

The first site is used to improve the vehicle's compression and horsepower. Simultaneously, the other side is responsible for improving and enhancing oil consumption by reducing leaks and excessive noise.


Bars are recommended for older vehicles where the engine oil consumption might be higher.

If you are interested in purchasing the bar oil additive, you can find it On Amazon for $17.15. 

  • BG MOA Part # 110 Engine Oil Supplement


Automotive experts describe the BG MOA as the food supplement for your engine's oil. Exactly similar to your food supplements, this oil additive type helps restore any missing supplements needed for your vehicle to drive smoothly.

Using this type of oil additive, you're enhancing the engine's performance and gaining a longer lasting oil. 

If you are interested in purchasing this oil additive, you can find it on Amazon for $17.93.

  • Tribo Tex


The Tribo Tex Is designed with a specific formula developed in 2017. This formula can restore your engine and remove any sign of aging.

Using this type of oil additive, you will notice significant improvements in your engine's performance, and you will use it continuously as part of your oil change routine. 

The additive is suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines. It's available on Amazon for $97.97.

As you might notice, the only one drawback about this oil additive is the price. Many people find it pricey; however, the benefits that you will gain are worth the money. 

  • REV X Diesel Oil Additive & Fuel Kit


The last oil additive on our list is the REV X. It is only used for diesel engines and is available on Amazon for $65.95.

Like gasoline engines, diesel engines can also develop signs of aging. By using this oil additive, you are bringing back the original form of your diesel engine!

If you've cleaned the diesel engine thoroughly and make sure that the oil additive got to clean the fuel injectors, you will be surprised to improve your vehicle's fuel economy and overall performance. 

How often should I change the oil additive? 


Every vehicle is different. If you're looking for accurate frequency, your best resource would be your vehicle's owner's manual.


Every manual has information about how often you could add more oil additives to the vehicle without causing any troubles.


If you don't have a copy of the manual, you can download a soft copy from the Internet or request a hard copy from your professional mechanic. 



Over time of use, and by gathering more miles on your vehicle, it's very common to deal with oil overconsumption situations.

You don't need to get rid of this vehicle and always have a newer vehicle to eliminate the problem; You can use cheap oil additives to improve the engine's overall performance and reduce oil consumption.

There are tons of examples of oil additives in the market and selecting the best one can be a little tricky for drivers who don't have the required experience.

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the best engine oil additives to stop burning oil. We also highlight the different benefits that your engine could gain after using these oil additives. 

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