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Electric Car Charger Installation: Here’s All That You Need to Know! 

Electric Car Charger Installation

Electric car charger installation differs significantly depending on the type of charger you go with. Level 1 chargers might cost you nothing, while level 3 chargers cost up to $50K and require hiring a technician. Keep in mind that you will most likely not be able to install a level 3 charger at your home.

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Electric cars are a new addition to many automakers. A good number of automakers are planning to switch most of their sales to electric cars by 2030. 

Electric cars bring a lot of benefits not only for you but also for the environment. When driving an electric car, you don't have to worry about making several stops at gas stations, and you can enjoy a quiet, reliable, and smooth ride.

Although electric cars come with tons of benefits, the only challenge is dealing with charging. Since the electric car does not require gas, it needs an electrical source somehow. This electrical source could be through a public charging station or at your own home. 

Charging the electric car is not a fast process, and it involves a long waiting time. That's why most owners of electric vehicles prefer to have their charging stations at their own house.

This article provides you with all I need to know about electric car charger installation. It highlights the main purpose of the electric charger, the different types of electric chargers, the cost for electric car charger installation, and additional details you need to know regarding electric car charger installation. 

Electric car charger overview 

Before we dive into the details about electric car charger installation, let's make sure that we're all on the same page regarding the definition of the electric car charging station.

To make the explanation easier for you, let's take any electrical device in your house like Your smartphone, for example. Your smartphone has a certain battery that needs to be charged continuously every time it runs out of charge. You use a charger and connected to the house outlets to charge the smartphone.

The purpose of the smartphone charger is to convert the electricity coming from your house wall outlet into a certain electrical current suitable for your smartphone. 

Similarly, the electric vehicle has a much larger battery that needs to charge every time it runs out of power. Thus, you need to plug in the car to your house outlets and convert the voltage from the outlets to a certain voltage suitable for your electric vehicle.

Although the process might sound simple, it is very time-consuming, especially if you decided to charge your electric car at your house if you're at. Usually, if you go to public electric charge stations, the process is faster because the electric chargers are much more powerful.

Many people think of installing some of the very powerful electric charging stations in their houses. However, installing such a charger is very expensive, and even though you are area and your house might not be equipped enough with a certain capacity for the charger to operate. 

What are the different types of electric car charger stations? 

Electric car charger installation differs significantly depending on the type of electric charger you're going to select. Some stations are very simple, while others are very complicated and usually more expensive. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the common electric chargers types: 

  • Level 1 charging station 

The simplest electric car charger is referred to as a level 1 charging station. This charger is simple enough, so you can connect it to your household outlet using the typical three-prong plug.

The nice thing about the level 1 charging station is that you don't have to worry about any conversion because it works directly with the common household electrical current. In other words, these chargers accept voltage between 110 and 120 volts. 

The biggest drawback about level 1 charging stations is that they are very slow. Did you know that if you own a car that requires about 200 miles range, it requires about 50 whole hours to be charged completely! This charging time can be a big headache to many drivers, and that's why they prefer to invest a little more in a more complex charging station to reduce the hassle in the waiting time. 

Level 1 charging stations are recommended for vehicles equipped with plug-in and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or the PHEV. These vehicles can be left charging overnight, so you don't have to worry about waiting for them to charge fully. 

  • Level 2 charging station 

Level 2 charging station requires 240 volts to work. If you have a dryer in your house, this dryer is most likely connected to a 240 Volt circuit. However, since it doesn't make sense to unplug the dryer every time you want to charge your vehicle, most owners of electric cars prefer to install a separate circuit in their garage for charging the vehicle.

Of course, if you want to install the circuit, you will need a professional technician to set up a circuit and have it ready for charging your vehicle in your garage. 

Despite the high labor cost for installing 240 Volt circuits, think about the efficiency and how much time you will save when charging your vehicle. For instance, if you have a 200 miles range car, you can charge it for only 12 hours compared to 50 hours when using a level 1 charging station. 

  • Level 3 charging station 

The last and most expensive electric charger on the list is the Level 3 charging stations. These stations are usually associated with commercial uses, and that's why you won't see them in any household.

Did you know that installing a Level 3 charging station requires about $50,000, if not more? Yes!

Even if you have this amount of money to install the Level 3 charging station, you might not be able to install it because your electricity utility does not support it. In other words, the grid in your area cannot support an electrical current needed by the Level 3 charging station. 

Level 3 charging stations are considered the fastest among the others in this list. It takes less than an hour to charge your electric vehicle completely! 

How much does an electric car charger installation cost? 

Electric cars bring a lot of benefits, as we indicated before. These benefits can be helpful for you and also for the environment by reducing harmful emissions from reaching the air.

You need to understand “how much does electric car charger installation cost?” because it helps you decide on what type of Turner to go with. 

  • How much does it cost to install a level 1 charger? 

In general, if you decided to go with a level 1 charging station, you don't have to pay anything because you can simply plug the cord into your wall’s outlet. However, some customers prefer to purchase a different level 1 electric charger, which costs them between $180.00 and $300.

  • How much does it cost to install a level 2 charger? 

On the other hand, if you decided to go with a level 2 electrical charger, the price king jump up to $300.00 and exceeds $700.00 in some scenarios depending on the complexity of the charger. Usually, installing a level 2 charger requires a professional technician who might need to adjust the electrical system in your house. The technician might also need to check the age of your house and decide about other considerations before installing the level 2 charger.

  • How much does it cost to install a level-free charger? 

Finally, the Level 3 charger is very expensive. It easily approaches the $50,000. As we indicated before, you're not allowed to install such a charger in your area because the community system is not supported unless your commercial building. 

Can I install my own electric car charger? 

According to experts, it's always recommended to hire a professional technician who knows exactly how to get the charger installed. The process might involve inspecting your house's electrical system and check whether it's suitable for and sterling a certain charger.

This recommendation becomes a must if you're planning to install a level 2 electric charger. Definitely, you won't be able to install a little free electric charger unless you're in a commercial area where you also have to bring a technician to install it because it involves several complicated steps that you won't be able to perform unless you are an expert. 

Should I charge my electric car every night? 

According to automotive experts, charging your electric car overnight is not recommended. When you charge your car every night, you shorten the battery's lifespan, which is the most important component in any electric vehicle. 

Can I put my electric car into our regular outlets? 

Most modern electric cars have cords or chargers compatible with your household outlet. Thus, you can simply plug in your electric car to the outlet without any problem. The only thing to keep in mind is charging time.

If you decided to charge your electric car through a household outlet, which is only 110 volts, you might need to wait for 50 hours in certain scenarios depending on your vehicle's miles range. 

Can you install a Level 3 charger at home? 

As we already mentioned, installing a Level 3 charger at home is not possible because you are electric utility will not allow it. The electric grid around your area is not compatible with providing the electrical current needed by the Level 3 charger.

Thus, even if you have the $50,000 for installing a little free charger, you won't do it because the utility company does not support it. 

Is the level 2 charger worth it? 

It all depends. The biggest benefit of installing a level 2 charger is the charging time. As we mentioned earlier, when charging at 200 miles electric vehicle using a level 2 charger, you only need 12 hours as compared to the 50 hours you need when using a level 1 charger.

However, the level 2 charger is more expensive, and it requires hiring a technician to install it in most scenarios. The technician needs to evaluate your house's electrical system and make sure that it's ready for installing a level 2 charger. The good news is that level 2 charger requirements are the same as the dryer’s requirements, which means that it's most likely that your house will be compatible to install such a charger. 


Electric vehicles are great innovations that provide benefits not only for you but also for the environment. These electric vehicles are known for their smooth right and reliability along with the quiet experience.

Understanding electric car charger installation is a must for any owner of an electric vehicle. Depending on the type of charging station, the installation process can differ, and some of them might be easy enough for you to do it yourself. In contrast, others are more complicated, requiring a professional technician. 

Electric car charger installation cost ranges from as low as nothing when using a little one electric charger to $50,000 if he decided to go with a Level 3 electric charger. Keep in mind that a Level 3 electric charger cannot be installed at your house because your community grid most likely does not support it. 

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