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Dodge Intrepid Problems – How Many Miles Does A Dodge Intrepid Last?

Dodge Intrepid Problems

If used car shopping has led you down the road of a Dodge Intrepid, then we have the information you need. From Intrepid owners voicing their issues, to the mileage that a Dodge Intrepid may give out on you, we provide you with the details you need, to make an informed decision! Forget doing the research, because we’ve done it for you! Let us answer the questions you need answers to, FAST! 

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Is A Dodge Intrepid A Good Car?

It would depend on who you ask. According to RepairPal.com, The Dodge Intrepid receives an average rating is “…4 out of 5 stars.” 

History of Dodge Intrepid 

The Dodge Intrepid was produced by Dodge (Chrysler) from 1993 to 2004. As a vehicle that is related to the Chrysler 300M, Chrysler LHS, New Yorker Eagle Vision and the Chrysler Concorde, the vehicle was a front-wheel drive, four-door sedan. While the Intrepid was sold in Canada as the Chrysler Intrepid. The Intrepid replaced the Dodge Monaco in the United States- it was once Dodge's largest car. As time progressed, the Intrepid continued to evolve with the times. The 2003 Dodge Intrepid was a well-equipped sedan, that seated five passengers comfortably. It also offered luxuries such as a keyless entry and auto-off headlights. The 2004 Intrepid was seen as a slight step above, as it offered owners a choice between two V6 engines, as well as additional interior space compared to the Stratus. When it comes to quality, there are good a well as bad stories that owners share regarding the Dodge Intrepid. Some testimonies include: 

Owner Number One- 2004 Intrepid 

2004 Dodge Intrepid 4 door SE Paid $2250 to original owner ($200 more than Honda dealer was allowing him as a trade in) 160k miles at time of purchase 5 years ago. Current miles 212k Repairs: $550 at175k for front wheel hub assembly, brake pads and rotor. cd player no longer works and the cruise control is finicky, but AC, power windows etc.… all work. Comfortable to drive, solid, safe and reliable for winter driving with a good heater. A great 2nd car with $550 in repairs in 5 years and 52,000 miles of driving I'm well pleased.” 

Owner Number Two- 2004 Intrepid 

“Everyone always knocking Dodge cars and trucks. I'm a total and loyal Dodge Mopar buyer, driver and fan! I have never had any major problems with anything I've owned! Except the paint issues! But I take care of my vehicles! Service them when needed! I've owned many in my 50 years. And I have a 2000 Intrepid now with 247000 miles and the only thing I've replaced is battery, shocks and wipers! And tires and brakes! Great car! I love it! And it has the 2.7 in it. But was made in Canada. Bought it new. Oh, and I've recharged the air conditioning. I also have a 97 Dodge RAM four by four with a 360 in it. Bought it three years ago. [The]only thing I've done to it is brakes, radiator, and tires! Never had [transmission] problems with any Dodge product to be honest! You have to service them when needed!

Owner Number Three- 2004 Intrepid 

“…I have had too many problems with this [2004 Dodge Intrepid] car. I purchased it a 1 1/2 years ago with the mileage at 81,000. Within this time frame, I have had to replace the battery, brakes, coolant compartment (which I was told was worn out causing coolant to spill all over the engine) and currently, the water pump broke at 106,000 miles. My mechanic says the cost will be $700 because of where the water pump is stored in the car. This is one of the worst cars I have seen. Now I know why Dodge isn't making this model anymore.” 

How Many Miles Does A Dodge Intrepid Last?

Depending on maintenance as well as upkeep, some Intrepid owners have kept their cars over 100,000 miles. The Intrepid has also been documented to last over the 200,000-mile threshold. 

Check out what some Intrepid owners have to say! 

Intrepid Owner Number One 

“I have a Dodge Intrepid 2000 and I've been driving 200 miles every week. Average speed is 65 miles per hour and my current mileage is 133,257.” 

Intrepid Owner Number Two 

I had 140K on my 2000[Intrepid] when it was traded off. My special has 152K. 

Intrepid Owner Number Three 

You can get as many miles as you want on it, it'll last forever granted you replace parts that ware-out and break as you go along. The biggest part will be if you maintain it properly. Routine oil changes, following the service schedule and doing preventative maintenance, rust control and repair…
Your mileage will vary given the mention variables. My 2.7 went on forever, and it was used like a race car, driven like I stole it. Never a WP/TC job, but what made me decide to yank it out at 252,000 was the oil pressure switch let all the oil out without any sign or warning. Motor still runs but she'll knock on the bottom end very, very lightly when you started it up at operating temperatures (egged out the rod bearing(s)). Swapped it out for a 3.5L and I won't ever look back.” 

Top Dodge Intrepid Problems

Despite its longevity with some owners, the Dodge Intrepid is known to have some issues. We examine the top problems with the Intrepid below. 

Fuel Leak Recall 

While many Intrepid owners reported gas smells in the car, there was one owner who had issues starting the Intrepid purchased. “[I experienced] long cranking time[s] when trying to start the car cold or after a half hour of sitting. So far all [the mechanics have] done is change the spark plugs and the cam sensor. But I'm reading that it might be cracked fuel rail. After six weeks of this problem the car still does not start properly. Does Dodge still honor the recall?” Another owner experienced a fuel leak on the passenger side fuel rail. One other owner experienced gas leakage: “Gas is leaking from the bottom of the car while gas is being pumped. Once the gas is in the tank is does not leak.” 

Faulty Cam Position Sensor Which May Result in Engine Problems 

Another well-documented issue are the faulty cam position sensors that may contribute to engine issues. One owner wrote on the REpairpal.com website: “…car will not start with sensor plugged in. [So,] what can I do? I replaced the cam sensor.” While another owner cited problems with the engine starting, one additional Intrepid owner cited issues with the Intrepid (s)he had, stalling: “…intermittent hard starts, intermittent stalling when stopped to long at light or stop sign, cruise would not work intermittently, sluggish on acceleration, sputter also. [I] changed crank sensor and cam shaft sensor with after-market parts according to readings on check engine light. [This] resolved issues temporarily. All signs [of problems] returned. [The] check engine read camshaft sensor again. [Then], I changed cam shaft sensor once again with aftermarket [parts] 8 months later same symptoms, [things] progressively got worse [and it] would take up to 6 cranks of the key to start and it would run poorly!!! Read check engine light which had also become intermittent! Just said random misfire!
Took a chance on all I have read on internet and purchased dealer camshaft sensor, installed and so far, everything is [now] running correctly. [I have] no engine light [and the] cruise is working all is good.” 

Noise Traced to Front Suspension

One 2002 Dodge Intrepid owner cited the following: “[I] replaced struts with assembly kit and car is still making a noise like the bottom’s falling out [any time I] hit a small bump. [I] have been told it was the tire rods [but that is not the case].” While one 2001 Intrepid owner cited an issue with the front suspension clunking all of the time, another Intrepid owner also added: “Nothing on my dash works”. 

Engine Refuses to Start 

Over a dozen Intrepid owners cited issues with the engine failing to start. One owner wrote: “Engine stops while driving. [The car] Will not start for 20 minutes. [I] Replaced to the crankshaft sensor [and paid] $136.20. [The] Labor [was] $419.78. [And the] sensor? $70.50. [The] Tax  [was] $43.86. [I spend a] Total [of] $670.34 [Three weeks later I had the] same problem[s]. Will return to dealership tomorrow.

Engine Overheating

Another issue with the Intrepid cited by owns is the engine overheating. One owner stated: “…my car overheats [and I even] had water pump put in in August. [Despite that fix,] still overheats. [I] was just driving not even a mile [and the car] overheated so bad that the overflow busted and [I]was told might need a fan sensor. I hope this problem can be solved.” 

How much is a 2003 Dodge Intrepid worth?

Reports indicate that a 2003 Dodge Intrepid is worth between $459 and about $2100. We found some common problems with the 2003 Intrepid that are worth a mention. Check out what owners had to say about their 2003 Intrepid vehicles. 

2003 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L

“Bought car used, drove less than 100 miles, power steering unit went out, drove it 300 miles, transmission started shifting irregular, drove it a total of 700 mile and the engine blew. 2003 Dodge Intrepid with 2.7 engine. I will never buy another Chrysler product. Hard to believe they could sell such junk. come on Chrysler fix the piece of crap.” 

2003 Intrepid ES 2.7L V6

“Driving home when my car started to overheat. (never happened before…) pulled over and “burp valve” on top of manifold was leaking and no oil reading on dipstick. Have changed oil religiously like clockwork every 3K miles. Had car towed home and now she sits in my driveway. Thinking of installing new burp valve, adding oil and see if she even will start up. Have heard about all the oil sludge problems with the 2.7 Chrysler motor…” 

2003 Intrepid SST 3.5L

“We loved this car very much but when we bought it back in 2007. [Then,] we noticed the engine light was on. The garage fixed it before we would even buy it. We then had no problems till June 2009 when it started overheating. We spent 1200.00 fixing that problem but in February 2010 we were driving home from my mom’s house and the car started stalling then we noticed smoke coming from under the hood. We then pulled over and stopped and immediately noticed the puttering noticed like something was boiling over, along with seeing the gauge shooting up to hot (in the red) It hadn't moved till we stopped. but we let it cool off and went through heck trying to get it home stopping every mile or so to cool off. Once we got home, I found that a rod was thrown through the motor and antifreeze was gushing out of it everywhere. Don't be tempted by its beauty. [This car has some] real engine problems!” 


What Replaced The Dodge Intrepid?

The Intrepid vehicles were replaced by the new rear wheel drive LX vehicles. Those replacements included the 2006 Dodge Charger and the 2005 Dodge Magnum. The last Intrepid drove off the assembly line on August 30th of 2003.

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