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Cash For Unwanted Cars – Where Can I Take My Junk Car For Money?

We Buy Unwanted Cars For Cash

If you are looking for cash for unwanted cars, then you search ends with Cash Cars Buyer! Not only do we buy all makes and models, but we also buy all unwanted cars, for fair market value! You can obtain a FREE online quote in a matter of minutes and sell that unwanted vehicle in a matter of days. Whether your car is running or not, has damage or is in perfect running condition- you have a buyer! 

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Where Can I Take My Junk Car For Money?

When it comes to taking your junk car to receive money for it, you certainly have many options these days. 


Lots of junkyards may be close to you and will gladly accept your car. But at what cost to you? What will you have to pay and endure when you are ready to sell that junk car? Lots of junkyards participate in scams as well as schemes. They also participate in methods of buying a junk car that may not be seen as the most reputable. This is why when you choose to sell your car to a junkyard, you have to have a few things in tote. First, know what your car is worth. You can visit the Kelley Blue Book or even the Edmunds website to obtain a value for your car. You also want to know what the current price of scrap metal is. You can click here to view it currently. And finally make sure that you have knowledge of your car’s parts, the ones that will work. You always want to have a point of negotiation when selling your car to a junkyard. 

Or you can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Instead of the conventional way of selling a junk car at a junkyard, you can sell that old car to Cash Cars Buyer! We take the frustration, sting and hassle out of selling a junk car.  

How it works 

Tell us all about your car and be sure to be specific! 

When you enter your car’s details, you want to be as detailed as possible. This will ensure that you receive the best FREE online quote. One you have it, call us! 

Accept your cash offer! 

When you have your FREE online offer, take a few moments to call us so that one of our friendly agents can ask you some questions about your car. When he or she is done, you will receive a guaranteed cash offer. Once you accept it, we will make plans to come to inspect your car! 

Get paid on the spot! 

When we have your approval of the guaranteed cash offer, we will make plans to come to your home to examine your car. Once done, we will handle the paperwork and then pay you on the spot! No games! No hassle! No price-haggling! Just money in your hands, free and clear! 

Can I Sell My Junk Car for $500?

In today’s day and age, lots of our valued customers wonder if they can get $500 for their junk car. While it is certainly possible, you have to realize that there are certain factors that any junk car buyer will look at, before buying a junk car. Some of the most important factors that we look at include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Year, make and model 
  • Your car’s weight 
  • Current price of scrap 
  • Status of title 
  • Location and amount of damage as well as where that damage is located- and more factors. 

So, yes, in theory you can get $500 for your junk car; but ultimately it depends on your car’s full merit or condition. Thankfully, you can obtain a FREE online quote on your car, in a matter of minutes! Click here to know what your car is worth, NOW

Where Can I Take My Junk Car For Money & Bring Peace To My Home? 

We hear you “loud and clear” and we have the perfect solution: Cash Cars Buyer! We take the sting out of selling a junk car. When it comes to clutter or junk, research tell us that we are not our best selves when we are surrounded by it. In fact, on the prevagen.com website, it states: “Researchers have looked closely at the effects of clutter. They found that clearing away clutter at work and at home improved focus. It also increased productivity and made it easier for the brain to process information.” Additionally,, “Studies have shown that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are higher in people who have a cluttered home. Chronic clutter can leave your body constantly in a low-grade fight-or-flight mode, which is taxing on your body and mind.  Another bad thing – clutter is linked to poor eating habits. A messy environment can make you indulge in more unhealthy snacks. And the wrong foods have a negative impact on brain health and your overall health. Research shows that cluttered home and work environments take a toll on your brain, your mental well-being, and your overall health. If you were thinking of skipping the spring cleaning this year, think again! Do it for your brain! 

So, what are some benefits of junking a car? 

  1. You will restore the peace to your home, as you no longer have to look at or walk around that old clunker to access your home or belongings. 
  2. The wildlife that is living in the car, can find somewhere else to go. 
  3. You will receive FREE towing once we haul that car away! 
  4. You can get money on the spot, once we appraise your car! 
  5. You can get a FREE online quote on your car 24 a day, seven days a week! 

Who Buys Cars with no Title? 

Did you lose the title to your car, or has it become damaged? Find comfort in the fact that we buy cars with no title- and we just may buy yours! Do you have your picture ID and car registration? Then we have a sale! Just have those items ready and be prepared to answer some questions we will ask you. Just begin the process by clicking here and tell us all about your title-less car! You will have an offer in a matter of minutes! 

Selling a Car Online  

We live in an online world of ecommerce.  Selling a junk car online may prove to be a viable option for you but it comes with lots of work. 


First, take pictures of your junk car and upload them to the site. But wait! Be sure that they are sharp, colorful and focused. 


Be sure that you write a description of your car that is so clear and tight, that not one perspective buyer doesn’t have to ask you a question. 


Now if you list your car on more than one site or in more than one marketplace, you have to pay the fees. This can add up as these fees can run hundreds of dollars. 

Do You Buy Cars with Blown Engines? & FAQs

How much does it cost to sell my car to you? 

When you sell your car to us, you never have to pay anything! Selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer is “FEE-FREE”!  You never have to pay anything to sell your car to us! 

Do you buy cars with no keys and with frame damage? 

Not only do we buy cars with no keys, but we buy cars with frame damage, flood damage and more! Just click here to get your FREE online quote, NOW! 

Do you buy cars with blown engines? 

We sure do! You can get a fair market value on that car from us! 

And you will pay for the towing of my car? 

We sure will! When you accept your offer, we will arrange to have that old car towed away, and you will get payment on the spot! 

Sell Your Car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Getting rid of your junk car should be hassle free- we here at Cash Cars Buyer make it so! Selling that totaled, wrecked and damage car to us is quick, fast, easy and profitable! We purchase hatchbacks, cars, trucks, vans and SUVs all over the country.  We take any year, any make, any model- even if you have a luxury or a foreign vehicle! With our guaranteed pricing, free towing and money paid on the spot, you can’t miss!  For that old car on your property, things are looking up when you sell to Cash Cars Buyer! 

  • We pay in money on the spot for all kinds of junk cars, even those that don’t start! 
  • Can’t find the title to your junk car? We buy cars with no title! In most cases not having your car title is not a problem. Just have your ID and registration. 
  • We offer FREE junk car removal! You never have to pay to have your car hauled away! 
  • Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! That means you don’t need to hassle with paperwork, processing or hauling fees! 
  • We are local to your area & can arrive to your location in as little as 24 hours! 
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, 24/7, in the privacy of your own home! 
  • We are a licensed bonded and insured company. That means we are honest, trustworthy and real with you, from beginning to end! You will have the best possible outcome to your junk car selling experience with us! 

Sell that old car to us, and get the money you need, want and deserve, NOW

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