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How Much Does It Cost to Wrap A Car? All That You Need to Know

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap A Car? All That You Need to Know

If you're wondering, “how much does it cost to wrap my car?” Expect to pay as low as $2000 and as high as $10,000 depending on your vehicle's type, the manufacturer, the wrap type, and the time of the year. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Car wraps are getting very popular these days. They don't only enhance your vehicle’s overall appearance, they also protect your vehicle from harmful UV radiation and other damages your vehicle might experience during your daily commute.

Understanding “how much it costs to wrap a car?” is a must before making a final decision. Putting a car wrap is not identical and differs significantly depending on the manufacturer and many other factors.

This article provides you with all you need to know to determine how much you will pay to wrap your car. It also highlights the main factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for your next car wrap. Finally, it answers several FAQ related to car wrap costs 

What is a car wrap?

Before we discuss how much does it cost to wrap a car? Let's make sure that we all understand what it means to get a car wrapped.

A car wrap is a very thin material that you add to your vehicle's exterior and provides it with additional strength, protection from UV radiation, and other aesthetic benefits. The thin layer is made of Polyvinyl chloride, which gets bonded to your car's plastic, glass, or paint whenever you activate it with water. 

Car wraps come in many different shapes and designs. You can choose to cover the entire vehicle by selecting a full car wrap. You can also go with a partial wrap, which means that you only cover certain areas with a graphic or a certain letter. Some commercial companies use car wraps for advertising certain products. Finally, if you would like a customized car wrap, you can also do so. Customized car wraps are usually used for sports teams and other professional reasons. 

What factors impact the cost of car wrap?

Determining how much it costs, the price will differ depending on the wrapping material, your vehicle size, and the type of customization you would like to go with. However, some other factors have to do with the wrap itself, including the following:

  • The manufacturer

There's a very common misconception that car wraps are all the same, and it's just the complexity of work that determines how much you pay for the car wrap. However, deciding which manufacturer to go with is a big factor in car wrap prices. 

The biggest names in the field of car wraps are 3M, VVIVID, and TECKWRAP. The three manufacturers provide very high-quality car wraps, and it comes with multiple colors and different finishes. If you decide to go with any of these mentioned manufacturers, prices can be significantly higher than others thought; you'll get the top quality indeed market. 

  • Your vehicles size

Obviously, since car wrap costs come by the square foot, your vehicle size is a big component when it comes to determining the final cost you will pay for wrapping your car. 

The other thing to consider is the labor cost. If your vehicle is larger, it will impact the price of the material itself and require additional labor costs. Wrapping a car is not like painting it, and it requires a certain level of skill sets to do the right job for their best results.

Automotive experts recommend having a professional perform the car wrapping because if things are not done right, it can significantly impact your vehicle's exterior. It costs you more to fix the problems than hiring a professional. Interestingly, professionals who do car wraps are referred to as professional auto salons, making sense because wrapping a car involves a lot of talent. It's exactly like visiting a hair salon. 

  • The season

Did you know that car wraps prices differ significantly depending on the time of the year where you get the job done? Yes! Most manufacturers get much busier around spring and early summer because most customers get their federal or state tax refunds. Other employees usually receive their mid-year or end of the year bonuses. Thus, if the price is a big component in selecting when to wrap your car, it's very important to analyze and evaluate when's the best time to perform this car wrap and be prepared for that. 

How much does it cost to wrap a car?

As we indicated before, determining how much it costs to wrap a car does not have a single answer because it depends heavily on many variables. Automotive experts broke down car wrap prices by vehicle type. Let's take a closer look at some of the common prices for wrapping a car professionally: 

  • Compact car or coupe 

Compact cars require the lowest car wrap prices, and it usually starts at around $2000. However, the final build depends heavily on whether you're performing the wrap yourself or at a professional salon. The car's design is another component to consider when looking at how much it will cost you to wrap it. 

  • Luxury sports cars

Luxury vehicles are the most expensive for performing car wraps, which makes a lot of sense. In general, if you are planning to wrap a luxury or sports car, expect to pay as low as $5000, and it can get as high as $10,000, if not more. 

  • Full-size SUV

If you have a full-size UV, expect to pay about $4000 for performing car wraps. Again, the price can go a little higher depending on the size of this SUV and the amount of wrapping you want to perform. 

  • Family sedan

Car wrap on family sedan vehicles is not too expensive compared to all other vehicles mentioned in this list. Usually starts at $3000. 

  • Compact crossover

Finally, if you plan to wrap a compact crossover vehicle, expect to pay around $3500 at the start. 

How to save on car wrap?

If you're still interested in wrapping your car and think that it's costly, there are plenty of approaches you can apply to reduce and save on car wraps.

  • Select the right time of the year

As we indicated before, summer and spring are considered the hot seasons for car reps. It’s better to avoid wrapping your car in these times because most manufacturers are busy expecting customers who have their tax returns and end-of-year bonuses. 

  • Determine what design you're looking for

The final car wrap design could cost you a lot if you decided to go with hand drawings, for example. Therefore, you need to spend some time thinking about what exactly you're looking for. Consider the number of art elements and discuss your ideas with different car wrap professionals to see how much your design impact can the final costs. 

  • Do not wrap the roof unless necessary

If you think that wrapping your entire vehicle is costly, think about not wrapping the roof. Painting the roof is a huge area, and it takes the bulk of car wrap costs. Therefore, unless wrapping those is necessary, you can ignore them and save money. 

  • Think about partial wraps 

The final thing to keep in mind is that wrapping the entire vehicle can cost you significantly more than wrapping some portions. Therefore, if you think that full car wrap is expensive, consider wrapping just some portions to add whatever you're interested in, like a letter or a drawing, to certain locations of your vehicle. 

Is it cheaper to get a car painted or wrapped?

In general, painting the cart with a cheap shop should not cost you as much as wrapping it. However, if you decided to go with professional car paint that involves several coats, the cost might end up the same at the end of the day.

Before you plan about whether to wrap your car or paint it, think about tool buy it after you if you decided to sell this car. When wrapping a car with a certain design, you're reducing the pool of potential buyers in the future because not all buyers might be interested in your design. 

How long does a wrap last on a car?

In general, wrapping the car takes about two to three days for professionals to apply the wrap and leave the vehicle to sit for a certain time. Some manufacturers can get the job done with him in only 1.5 to two days. You'd better get in touch with the manufacturer or the professional auto salon to get an accurate idea about whether they can get your vehicle wrapped in a shorter time. 

Do car wraps ruin your paint?

Wrapping your car should not damage the original manufacturer's paint. The result depends heavily on how the car wrap was removed. If it's removed with caution and properly, the manufacturer's pain should not be affected. Keep in mind that it also depends on the quality of the original paint and whether it's a manufacturer factory high-quality paint. 

Can you put a wrapped car through a car wash? 

Automotive experts recommend brush washing your car if it has car wrap. Even when brush washing the car, it is important to do it properly so it doesn't damage the film and causing it to peel off. Thus, you better avoid going through a car wash when your car has car wraps. 

Does wrapping a car affect insurance? 

It all depends on your insurance companies. Some companies might consider wrapping the car as a modification, which might affect the insurance rates. Other companies might not consider it a big deal, and your premium should be the same.

Therefore, you'd better get in touch with your insurance company before wrapping the vehicle and ask them how this will impact the overall premium price. 

Is it worth wrapping a car?

Wrapping a car is definitely a good idea because it adds another layer of aesthetic to your vehicle and enhances the durability of the exterior. 

However, if you plan to wrap a car, it is very important to consider your vehicle's status. For example, if your car has some major mechanical problems, it might not be worth wrapping the car because you might get rid of it anytime soon.

The other thing to consider would be your vehicle's overall value, especially if you plan to go with customized arts on your car. Some car wraps might not interest every person, and if you're planning to sell this car anytime soon, you're reducing the pool of potential buyers. Therefore, keep this in mind before making your final decision about wrapping your car or not.  


Wrapping cars have become very popular nowadays, especially with the increased numbers of advanced talented car wrapping professionals. If you are interested in wrapping your car, it's very important for you to understand how much it costs to wrap a car?

In general, wrapping your car should cost you somewhere between $2000 and $10,000, depending on your vehicle size, the manufacturer, the time of the year, and other factors.

If you plan to wrap your car, it is very important to make sure that the car is in good condition because you don't want to waste this money. For instance, if your car has major mechanical problems, it might not be worth this money, and instead, you should sell it to Cash Cars Buyer and use it towards a better car. 

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