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The Cost Of Brake Calipers

Brake Calipers

Are you having problems with your brakes? You might be having issues with your brake calipers. These are one of three braking system components in your car. The brake calipers are critical in bringing your car to a complete stop. If they start failing, you could face some serious problems. These can be very expensive to fix if you need to replace them. 

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Let’s say you have been told you need to replace your brake calipers. You will probably ask yourself how much money is this going to cost me? Additionally, you might be wondering how long will it take to replace? It is important to ask these questions before you replace the brake calipers. It can be difficult to financially plan for expensive repairs such as brake calipers. If you need to replace your brake calipers, you should plan to spend anywhere from $771 to $1,541. 


What Is The Function Of A Brake Caliper?


The brake caliper is a part of the car that gives it the ability to stop. This is a critical piece of the brake system. This helps aid your car to come to a complete stop when you brake. It is essential to keep you safe when you are driving so you can come to a complete stop very quickly. 


How do the brake calipers work? These squeeze your car’s brake pads against the brake rotor surface. This process slows your car down. Think about the brake caliper like it is a clamp. The brake caliper clamps down to stop the entire system so the car can stop immediately. The caliper is made up of two metal plates. 


When you need your car to stop, you press down on your brakes. This activates the brake system. What happens during this system? The brake fluid in the master cylinder will create pressure on the pistons which are located in the brake caliper. Then the caliper pushes against the brake pads which presses on the car’s rotor. The rotor is attached to the car’s wheels.  This process slows the car down and eventually will stop the car. 


What Happens If The Brake Caliper Breaks?


So what if your brake caliper is broken? This can lead to some very serious problems. The brake calipers play an essential role in your car’s safety features. Have you ever heard of sticking calipers? Often when your brake caliper is broken, it will be referred to as that. The reason for this is because they keep your brake pads a little bit depressed. This could cause the brake system to wear down quicker. 


Furthermore, broken caliper brakes can also affect other systems of your car. This could affect your car’s transmission system because it will cause it to wear down more. The transmission is one of the most important parts in your car. This is also the most expensive part. If your calipers are not working properly, they will cause more wear on the engine parts because they affect the speed of your car. If your car is forced to drive at slower speeds due to this, you will put more stress on your transmission system as you try to accelerate. The transmission system is being told two opposite things so it will start to wear out faster.  


The Symptoms Of Bad Brake Calipers


Brake calipers will age and start to wear out over time. They won’t work as efficiently as they once did. This happens because of the friction that occurs between the parts. When friction occurs, the entire system will heat up. When the system gets hot, these parts could start to overheat. If the brake calipers fail, a lot of problems will occur. Listed below are some symptoms of bad brake calipers. 


Noises From The Brakes: Have you ever heard a loud squealing noise coming from your car? You might have an issue with your brake calipers. They will make a very loud noise if they are not working properly. Additionally, if your brakes feel loose or stiff when you brake, you could have broken calipers. You know your car the best. You will be able to feel if they are working like they normally do. The brake system will deteriorate quickly so it is important to get them checked out as soon as you hear them making loud noises


Leaking Fluid: As you can imagine, anytime your car starts leaking fluid there is a problem. Most of the major systems in your car require fluid so it can work properly. Fluid helps lubricate the parts so they don’t overheat and cause too much friction. The brake calipers need brake fluid to work properly. 


The brake fluid is only allowed in certain places of the brake system. If any part of the system stops working properly, the fluid will leak everywhere and the brake calipers will become unresponsive. You might be wondering where to look for this excess fluid? You can normally find it below the brake calipers. You might also be able to find brake fluid in the engine system. It is important to determine where the leak is coming from so you can fix it before problems get worse. If you let this go on for too long, you could damage your entire brake system. 


Swaying Vehicle: The piston could lock up in a certain position because of extreme wear and tear from the heat. The heat is caused by the parts creating friction and rubbing together. When this happens, the brake calipers will lock up in place. If your brake calipers lock, this will cause your car to sway in one direction. Have you ever felt your car sway like this before? If so, you need to get your brake calipers checked out right away. It is not normal for your car to sway like this. 


If Your Car Takes Time To Stop: Do you feel like your car is taking a while to get to a complete stop? If your brake calipers are broken your car will take longer to come to a complete stop. The brake calipers create a force that will trigger your car to stop. When they are not working, your car won’t abruptly stop. You need to get your car checked as soon as possible if you suspect brake problems. A mechanic will be able to give you a diagnosis and give you a price estimate for a brake caliper repair. 


Can I Still Drive With Bad Brake Calipers?


If you notice that your car is having brake problems, you should stop driving your car. It is not safe to drive if you have a faulty brake caliper. You will not be able to suddenly stop your car in the event of a traffic jam. The moment you think you are having brake problems, you need to take your car into a mechanic. They will be able to diagnose what part of your brake system is failing and then they can fix it for you. 


How Can I Repair Brake Calipers?


If you hear your brakes making weird noises, you should check them out immediately. It is much better to stop the problem quickly before it starts developing into a worse problem. There are some ways you can test your brakes to see if they are functioning properly. It is pretty simple to test the brake calipers. They will show failure while you are driving your car. If you notice your swaying, your car’s brake calipers could be broken. 


Often brake-related issues are a result of low brake fluid levels. The brake fluid is essential for the brake system to work properly. The first thing you want to do is to check the brake fluid to see if there is enough of it. If the fluid falls below the line, you will need to refill it. Before you do this, you will want to check for broken parts. These broken parts could be leaking which is causing your fluid levels to be lower. If you need help locating any leaks or brake caliper issues, go see a mechanic. They will be able to give you a proper brake system diagnosis.  


If you are looking to save costs on replacing your brake calipers, you can replace them yourself. You won’t have to pay a mechanic for labor costs. If you are confident enough, you can do it by yourself. The first thing you will need to do is put your car up on jacks. Use axle stands to put your car up.


Once you have done this, you will need to remove the road wheel from the car. Next, find the carrier. This should be bolted to a wheel hub. Now you will need to locate the caliper. You can find this secured to the carrier by two bolts. Remove those bolts and then take the caliper off the brake disc. 


You have now removed the caliper. Now you will want to take off the brake pads. These are held on by clips so they should be easy to remove. Once you have finished this, you will need to take away the brake line from the caliper. Some brake fluid might start to leak, don’t worry this is normal. You can now put on the new caliper but make sure you push it all the way back to the caliper. 


You will need to put the brake pads back on with the clips and reposition the bolts that are on the caliper. Make sure the calipers are in the correct position and then you can bolt them back into place. Once everything is back in place, pump the brake pedal a few times to ensure everything is put back together. The last thing you will want to do is take your car out for a test drive. If everything sounds normal and drives smoothly, you have successfully replaced your brake calipers. 


How Much Does It Cost To Replace Brake Calipers?


The cost to replace brake calipers can be very expensive. This is often dependent on the make and model of your car. Different cars will involve different brake parts. A mechanic will be able to give you the best estimate for your exact car. If you have a mechanic replace your brake calipers, you will have to pay labor costs which will make the job more expensive. 


For example, the majority of times for this type of job the labor will cost around $300 to $400 on average. The brake parts themselves will vary depending on the type of car you drive and the parts that are involved within the system. It is always a good idea to price out some options before you go see a mechanic so you know they won’t try to sell you the most expensive parts. If you have a price range that you are trying to stay in and you have priced the parts out, there will be less of a chance the mechanic will offer you the most expensive parts. 




Are your brake calipers failing? It is critical that you get these fixed as soon as possible. It is very unsafe to drive your car if your brake calipers are failing. This could affect the ability of your car to come to a complete stop which puts you and others in harm’s way. 


Getting the caliper brakes fixed is very expensive. Since they are a critical part of your brake system, it costs a lot to fix them. You have to decide whether you want to fix this problem or sell your car instead. Is your car getting older? Are you spending a lot of money replacing different parts of your car? If so, you might want to save the money to repair it, sell your car, and purchase a new one. You can sell your car to us and we will give you cash for it. We will take your car in any condition.  


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Replacing the brake caliper is very expensive. Your care may not be worth the money it costs to repair it. If you don’t want to replace your brake calipers, you can sell your car to us instead. Contact us today to get a quote!


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