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Common 2019 Ford F150 Complaints – Hard Upshift & Downshift Are Among The Transmission Problems! 

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The Ford F-150 truck is indeed an American classic vehicle. Introduced in the mid-1970s, the F150 offers many owners reliability, durability, and great torque. But the 2019 model has seen its share of issues that range from transmission problems to issues with leaking oil. Let’s take a look at the 2019 Ford F150 and some of the major flaws that this truck has as well as common 2019 Ford F150 complaints.

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2019 Ford F150 Engine Issues – Common 2019 Ford F150 Complaints

Many owners of the 2019 Ford F150 experienced lots of engine issues quite early with their 2019 Ford F150. While repairs to the engine are costing the average 2019 Ford F150 truck owner about $8,000. many owners hope that their truck is covered under warranty- and there will be no out-of-pocket expenses. Excessive oil consumption seemed to be the top complaint. Let’s take a look at what some 2019 Ford F150 owners had to say. 

2019 Ford F150 Owner Number One- Engine/Oil Problem- “…The Oil Barely Showed on The Stick” 

This 2019 F-150 STX 5.0L truck owner ran into an issue with low oil even after a DIY oil change. The owner further stated that after the truck reached the 5000-mile mark, the dealership was contacted, though an application on a mobile device. Since the owner didn’t get a call to come in, the owner decided to change the oil on his/her own. After checking the dipstick after the oil change, the oil was barely visible on the dipstick. The owner saw no visible leaks on the concrete, where the truck was parked.  In addition to changing the oil, the owner also changed the filter. Then, after a check of the oil lever at 8,600 miles, the F150 owner found that the oil was low of about a quart of oil. It was then that the owner took the truck to the Ford dealership, and discussed the oil consumption of the F150 truck. The owner stated that the dealership re-programmed the engine as well as the transmission. The dealership also reportedly changed the low oil sensor and dipstick too. The owner further stated that after getting the “run-around” from a Ford service agent, the mechanic told the owner that Ford had been having issues with the reprogramming of certain Ford vehicles. The F150 owner stated that the dealership topped the oil off, with the brand-new dip stick. The owner also noted that with limited auto mechanic skills, he/she was not sure how a computerized system could make a vehicle use excessive amounts of vehicle oil. After several checks of the oil, the owner found the oil levels to be low.  


2019 Ford F150 Owner Number Two- Engine Problem- “Now I'm checking oil about every other time I buy gas” 

This 2019 Ford F-150 bought his/her vehicle in March of 2019. The owner specifically purchased the 2019 Ford F150 with the 5.0 V8 engine. The owner further stated that he/she does a monthly check of the oil levels, after refueling the F150. Although the oil was new to the owner, the levels looked fine to him/her. But after a check of the oil in July, the oil appeared to be low to the owner. As a result, the owner returned to the dealership. 


After a check of the oil at the dealership, the Ford mechanic found no oil located on the dipstick. I Nevertheless, the Ford dealership changed the F150 owner’s oil- and was later told that Ford was performing an “oil consumption test”. Given the low levels of oil in the past, the F-150 owner is now checking oil levels far more frequently- than the monthly check.  After more issues with the oil, the owner purchased another Ford truck. This particular truck needed an engine replacement after just four months after the purchase.  

The 2019 Ford F-150 Transmission Problems – Common 2019 Ford F150 Complaints

Not only are low oil levels plaguing the performance of many 2019 Ford F-150 trucks, but many owners are reporting issues with the transmission. Various 2019 Ford F-150 truck owners reported issues with shifting. While hard upshifts between 5th and 4th gears plague drivers, the downshift between 9th and 10th seemed to plague 2019 F150 owners as well. Many Ford dealerships reportedly made claims that they had never heard of the issues with the shifting -leaving a multitude of drivers with bumpy, loud and exacerbated shifting. 2019 Ford F-150 truck owners who took their trucks to mechanics with these shifting issues, are reportedly being left with little to no help from Ford. 

Power Stroke Problems With the 2019 Ford F150 

Another issue that is problematic for 2019 Ford F-150 owners, seems to be the power stroke. Reports of power stroke fails have been reported- which can potentially cause significant accidents and wrecks. Without a substantial power stroke, drivers could experience engines shutting off without warning, while operating the F150 at highway speeds. The faulty power stroke issue is also problematic, because of a possible inability to restart the vehicle. Should you experience this issue, you want to pull over somewhere safe, and call for road assistance. 


Leaking Oil – Common 2019 Ford F150 Complaints

Many 2019 Ford F-150 drivers are having a difficult time with oil that is leaking. Reports of oil leaks from the right head gasket, just in the back of the engine have been reported. The oil is reportedly leaking and then finding its way onto the F150’s exhaust. The potential for the oil to damage other components is quite real, thanks to the oil leaking issue. The repair of the oil leaking could be an expensive one for 2019 Ford F-150 owners-costing truck owners up to about $3,000 or even more- should the truck have no warranty. 


Several Issues Plague One 2019 Ford F-150 Owner 

If all of the afore mentioned issues were not enough for you to endure, just take a read of what one 2019 Ford F-150 has experienced. The owner bought the 2019 F150 bought this brand new and began seeing issues with the transmission after just 2,000 miles. Not only was the truck difficult to shift, but the paint began chipping off of the truck, as well as trim pieces falling off. The owner then took the truck to the dealership, just after these problems surfaced. But the owner stated that Ford “refused” to work on the F150, until it was reportedly “completely broke”. The owner wrote about wishing to have his/her Jeep Grand Cherokee back and offering Ford one star for lackluster customer service and a poorly crafted 2019 F150. 

“So, What Is the Best F150 Model Year to Buy”? 

Perhaps your 2019 Ford F-150 truck isn’t making the cut for you. So, what model year of the Ford F-150 is the best? Industry experts say that the 2015 Ford F150 is a great model year for the F150. 

With a great mixture of technology, torque and amenities, the 2015 Ford F-150 provides a great balance between state-of-the-art conveniences as well as great durability. And since it has been on the road for some time now, you are bound to get a great 2015 F150 at a great price. The truck was such a prize that the 2015 was given the “Best Buy” award from Kelley Blue Book


“Do You Have Any Advice on How to Deal with My Ford Dealer When I Need Repair on My F150?” – Common 2019 Ford F150 Complaints

Check out these tips on how to deal with your dealership when you request a repair of your F150. 

Know if Your F150 is Still Under Warranty 

Whether you bought your 2019 Ford F150 as a certified pre-owned truck, or you took advantage of some other kind of special, know if your truck is still under warranty or not. Examine that warranty and look at the dates of it. 

Note That The Person You Speak With, May Not Be Servicing Your Truck 

These days, dealerships have agents who work as “middlemen and middle-women” between a customer and a mechanic. They will give you a business card, and tell you to call them if you have any questions, after you leave your F150 for repair. That person may not be the same person who is performing the work on your 2019 F150.  One of the dangers about this, is communication breakdown. Maybe there is something that you want Ford mechanics to know, before they begin working on your truck. That middle-person may mistakenly misconstrue the message you want to give to the tech working on your F150. So, be sure that you make notes about what you want to discuss, when it comes to the repair and fixes of your 2019 F150 truck. 

Try To Be Patient 

We know that once you drop your truck at the dealership, you want every mechanic there to drop what her or she is doing, and fix your car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. We as car owners and Ford F150 owners can become quite impatient. Then it leads to us calling a few times a day to see “…if the F150 truck I dropped off is ready yet and if so, how long?” It’s a major hassle to be without your truck- even if you get a loaner truck. But try to be patient and allow the team a considerable amount of time to get to your truck, and fix it correctly. May times, your “middleman” or “middle-women” will give you an estimated time and day of completion. And if repairs seem to be taking a bit too long, or you have missed your anticipated window of completion, call the dealership and ask what the hold up is! 


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