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How Much Does An Engine Replacement Cost? It Could Be Upwards of $7,500! 

How Much Does An Engine Replacement Cost

When researching “how much does an engine replacement cost,” most drivers are shocked to find out how much they will have to spend to keep their car on the road. Since the transmission and engine are the two most expensive vehicle internal components, car owners will have to fork over thousands of their hard-earned dollars to fix their beloved car!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


With the average replacement cost coming to between $3,000 and $7,000 on most cars, the total price may not be worth the debt you will be in for the repair. Instead of an engine replacement, many car owners look towards other solutions – like an engine rebuild or selling their car to a used junk car dealer.


If you find that an engine rebuild is also not worth the headache and thousands-of-dollars in debt, then using CashCarsBuyer to take your junk car off your hands could be the way to go. Let’s check out the total engine repair and rebuild costs, the benefits of an engine rebuild, and the total engine replacement cost. 

Engine Rebuild Cost

When trying to figure out “how much does an engine replacement cost”, you need to know the most common repairs associated with engine troubles in your car. Most drivers wonder how much engine problems will cost them since the engine and transmission are the most expensive parts to repair.


Since the labor is not quite as easy as other internal mechanisms to repair on time, drivers can expect the hours of skilled labor to also run at a higher rate than repairing simpler parts. Although every engine is different, most drivers will need the help of a skilled mechanic to take apart -a and put back together – their car’s power mechanism. 


A typical engine rebuild will typically run between $2,500 and $4,000 in parts and labor costs, with the type of engine repair depending on which parts need to be removed and replaced. In some cases, the bearings and seals may need to be removed, while in other cases, the entire engine may need to be taken apart. 


For example, if the crankshaft is acting up and causing issues in the vehicle, this is a sign that the crankshaft will also need to be removed and inspected before reinstalling the engine. The mechanic will also have to analyze and inspect the cylinder head, pistons, and engine block to confirm or verify the damage along the same lines. 

Engine Rebuild vs. Replacement

When looking at an engine rebuild vs. engine replacement, you may be wondering why any driver would choose the rebuild. Although it may seem easier and quicker to replace your car’s old engine, there could be more potential hurdles to deal with in the long run. 


The first step in rebuilding your engine involves removing the engine from the car and disassembling it completely. Once the engine has been taken apart, cleaned, and analyzed by a local mechanic, the damaged parts are replaced with new or refurbished parts. The new parts used have to meet OEM standards to be durable, long-lasting, and meet the road standards.


In an engine rebuild, the most common parts that have to be replaced due to friction damage and wear-and-tear include the O rings, bearings, gaskets, timing belt, timing chain, valve springs, oil pump, and seals. If your engine has extensive damage, then the mechanic may also have to replace the crankshaft and pistons.


On that note, when calculating how much an engine replacement costs, if your engine has extensive damage to the pistons and crankshaft, a rebuild may not be the best choice. The engine block may have to be bored to align correctly, meaning that the total labor time may override the money you would be saving on an engine rebuild. 


In this case, there are two instances where an engine rebuild is not a viable or safe option for the driver. First, if the engine block has been damaged internally like the connecting rod is broken, this can lead to an inoperable engine. Furthermore, if the engine block’s exterior cracks, the engine rebuild is not a safe fix.

Engine Rebuild Advantages

If you decide that your engine only has minimal damage, like with the O rings or seals, the rebuild is a safe and cost-effective option for your vehicle. Instead of finding out “how much does an engine replacement cost,” you will only have to calculate the total cost of the parts and labor for your engine rebuild.


The advantages of choosing this option involve recycling engine parts and reducing the stress and environmental harm from replacing an internal car mechanism. Furthermore, the best benefit of choosing a rebuild is the compatibility with the electrical system. Since the ECU is programmed to work with the original engine, keeping the original parts enhances the electrical connectivity and communication system. 

What are the signs of a necessary engine replacement?

When figuring out “how much does an engine replacement cost,” you need to see if the total price is even worth the headache and the hole in your wallet. If a rebuild is not possible for your vehicle, or you can’t pay a hefty sum on the spot for a temporary solution, an engine replacement could be a better choice. 


There are a few signs that you need to go forward with the replacement, helping you answer “how much does an engine replacement cost.” Knowing the total monetary amount you will have to pay your mechanic will sway your final decision as to whether you should pay for a repair, rebuild, or replacement. 


Some signs that a replacement is best for your vehicle includes the engine stops running completely, loud noises are present in your engine, the engine trouble has only worsened over time, and there is a huge pile of oil under your car when you let your car sit for long periods of time. The puddle of oil is most likely the last symptom before your engine completely seized and prematurely fails while driving.

Common Reasons For Engine Replacement

To figure out “how much does an engine replacement cost,” it is crucial you know the common reason for an engine replacement – and how to avoid these problematic causes. If you can’t see or notice the signs of engine damage, you may not catch the signs of issues before it is too late.


If you see a hole inside of the engine, then there is no way you can spend money on a rebuild and expect your car to run still. In this case, you will have to find out the answer to “how much does an engine replacement cost,” since that will be the only procedure that can save your car.


Additionally, if the engine rebuild’s entire cost is the same as a replacement, this is another reason to continue with the replacement. An engine replacement will last longer and give new lifeblood to the car, while a rebuild is best for minimal damage to your vehicle.


Lastly, some older cars may not have rebuild kits available on the market to purchase. In this case, you need to find the answer to “how much does an engine replacement cost,” and start looking for local mechanics who can safely and quickly replace your engine. 

How much does an engine replacement cost?

When finding out how much an engine replacement costs, you need to take into account the make, model, and year of your car. Although it differs between models, you can still expect to spend over $3,000 for a replacement. In some cases, engine replacement’s total cost will cost the driver around $7,500 for parts and labor.


For example, paying for a new SUV car, like the Ford F-150, will run drivers around $7,000 for a V8 engine. The total cost of the labor is between $2,000 and $2,500, while the $5,000 is for the cost of the parts. In this case, when answering “how much does an engine replacement cost,” your price will be at the higher end of the price range. 

Performance, Diesel, and Luxury Cars

Suppose you are researching “how much does an engine replacement cost” for luxury, sport, diesel, and performance-oriented cars. In that case, you may find that the average costs are much higher than for traditional vehicles on the road today. 


To give you an idea of how much you could be spending on an engine replacement, a Bugatti Veyron’s engine will run around $350k – this is around $345,000 more expensive than a traditional replacement estimate. Furthermore, a Corvette Z06 LS7 engine will cost around $14,000, while a 6.3-liter GM engine will cost drivers around $6,000 for a replacement.


Lastly, most domestic V8 vehicles will run between $5,000 and $10,000 for the parts’ cost, since the V8 engines are more performance-oriented and contain edition horsepower compared to 4-cylinder or V6 engines. When looking at the answer to “how much does an engine replacement cost,” drivers need to factor in the car’s engine type and cost.

Labor Costs

Since the engine is such a complicated and complex mechanism, drivers should expect the labor costs to cost at least $1,000 – and that’s on the low end of the price spectrum. A basic garage could charge as little as $50 an hour, while a specialized mechanic or dealership could be triple the price. 


For those calculating “how much does an engine replacement cost,” the average price for an old vehicle will be between 10-15 hours of billed time. For more modern cars, drivers should expect between 15 and 20 hours of labor for a typical replacement. Most of the time required for the replacement comes down to how much labor and work the mechanic or dealership has to do to transfer the old parts into the new engine block. 


On average, expect to pay at least $1,000 on the low end, while a high-end garage or dealership will generally cost around $4,000 on average for the replacement cost. 

Are you looking to junk your car?

If you find that the total engine replacement cost is not worth the price, the next step is to decide what to do with your car. If you let your car go to scrap, then you have a few options: you can sell your car for parts, bring your vehicle to a junkyard, try to sell your car online, or use a reputable junk car buyer – like CashCarsBuyer.


CashCarsBuyer has trustworthy and communicative agents who can help you sell your car quickly and painlessly. Not only will you get cash in hand the day you sell your vehicle, but you also will not have to worry about waiting to get paid or when the check will arrive in the mail. 


We give you money on the spot, ensuring the deal is lucrative to both parties. With full transparency, we pride ourselves on our communication with clients, our extensive range of service, and the nation’s best prices. If you are trying to sell your car for some quick cash to save towards your next vehicle, then CashCarsBuyer is the way to go!

The Bottom Line

If you face an engine replacement and look up “how much does an engine replacement cost,” you may find that paying the total price is not worth the hole in your pocket. Since an engine replacement will typically run between $3,000 and $7,500, an engine rebuild or selling your car could be the best choice for those with older and used cars.


Since an engine rebuild is better for the environment, your car’s electrical system and saves you a few thousand dollars in the long run, you could choose this option if you think your car has many more years left on the road. 


However, if you find that your car is slowly losing its performance capabilities and you have been contemplating purchasing a newer and safer vehicle, using CashCarsBuyer to take away your junk car for quick cash could be the best choice for you! 

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