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We guarantee the best price for your used car period. No one beats our offer!​

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We buy both domestic and import cars. Latest model all the back to 2000 year models

Sell Car Chicago: Sell Your Old Car To Us

Trying to get rid of that old car in your driveway? Cash Cars Buyer offers free car removal and quick cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other clunkers in the Chicago, Illinois region.

With cars for cash car programs, you can sell your damaged car for cash! Even if your junk car lo longer runs, Cash Cars Buyer will give you cash for junk cars in Illinois!                                                                  

 About Cash Cars Buyer

We’re based in Chicago, IL. Cash Cars Buyer offers cash for clunkers in any condition near you, including: 

Wrecked or totaled accident cars
Cars with water or fire damage
Old cars and trucks even if they don’t run
Any other unwanted junk car that’s in your way!

Cash Cars Buyer will buy any and all junk cars, including old cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s. Don’t waste time finding someone who’ll pay you the cash you deserve for your junk car. Don’t waste money either on junk car removal. We'll pay instantly at pick-up with our cars for cash programs. 

Cash Cars Buyer will tow your junk car from anywhere in Chicago, IL. We’ll be there immediately when you're ready to get cash for your old car! Lots of cash, too.

How It Works

Cash Cars Buyer’s unique “buy all” mentality comes from years in the auto industry. We’ve bought vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and conditions for high cash offers. Here’s how our process works. 

Decision: You no longer want to wake up with an ugly junk car in your driveway. You want some cash.

  1. Action: You decide it’s time to call 773-791-4363 to get the most cash for your junk car or use our online form at
  2. Information: Answer some base questions and our seasoned professionals will provide you with everything you need to know about our high end offers.
  3. Setting It Up: We’ll set up a date and time for junk car removal. Cash Cars Buyer serves the entire Chicago, Illinois area. 
  4. Final Assessment: Receive same-day pickup and payment. One of our friendly junk car removal specialists will check out the car to confirm its condition and pay you on the spot.
  5. What We Do With It: We tow it to our facility and assess its condition. Either we’ll fix and resell, strip parts and sell, or scrap and sell.

With Cash Cars Buyer’s cash for junk cars recycling program, everyone’s a winner! You get stress-free cash, and we get vehicles that we'll use for parts or scrap. 

Don’t waste money on a pricey junk car removal service. Sell junk cars for cash with Cash Cars Buyer! We offer free junk car removal for old cars and junk cars that won’t run. Don’t spend a penny trying to get money for that old auto. We pay you cash on the spot with no strings attached.

   How To Get A Cash For Cars Cash Quote

Wondering how much cash you’ll get for your old car, truck, SUV, or van? 

Simply call at 773-791-4363. 

Our professional recyclers will ask some details about your junk car, including make, model, year, condition, damages, and missing parts. 

We’ll get you a competitive cash offer for your vehicle or check out our website to simplify this further. Our instant top dollar offers help you get home with cash in hand for your junk car

   Can I Still Get Cash For My Old Car If I Don't Have A Title? Keys? 

Don't have a title for your old car? Cash Cars Buyer can help erase your headache. We get you the cash you deserve for your old car. We’ll give cash for old cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans in any condition. 

Before You Get Rid of That Old Car

Before we get your vehicle towed with free junk car removal, remember to remove any personal items from the car. You’ll also be asked to remove the plates to return to the DMV. 

If your car is registered, call your insurance company to cancel the policy on the old car

Cash Cars Buyer will buy your used cars in Chicago, Illinois regardless of its condition.  

Get rid of that ugly junk car on your driveway. Cash Cars Buyer will buy junk car, trucks, and SUV’s for cash with our cash for salvage program. No more eyesores on your property! We’ll offer top dollar for junk cars in Chicago, IL.

Get Money for Your Old Car! 

You can literally spend months or years trying to sell all your junk car parts on Craigslist. That’s not mentioning the time and effort of removing the parts, cleaning them, and shipping. It’s a giant hassle and waste of your time. And the longer you leave that old car on your driveway the more its value drops and the uglier it gets. It's a liability! 

Get real cash for cars in Chicago, Illinois with Cash Cars Buyer! Use our free online form to find out the cash we can get you for that old vehicle! 

Or call today at 773-791-4363


 Sell Car Chicago: Sell Your Old Car To Us  

Selling your junk car on your own can be a hassle. You have to do things like run ads, list online, call junkyards, and listen to scammers and low-ballers. Trying to sell a junk car can seem like a difficult process. 

Many junkyards give you promises they won’t fulfill, and finding a junk car buyer you can trust online is a huge task. If you want to sell your junk car quickly, this becomes even more important. 

Cash Cars Buyer is the solution. We pay cash for all makes and models of junk cars and we’ll offer transparent deals you and your family can believe in. 


How To Sell A Junk Car Online


Selling a car online is becoming a larger commodity. You can find ways to sell used cars, new cars, or even junk cars with a trusted seller online. Choosing the right one makes all the difference. Selling a junk car can prove to be a most difficult and stressful process since people are usually looking to buy a car they can drive, not a wrecked fixer-upper. 

Cash Cars Buyer, however, doesn’t concern itself with vehicle condition. We are local Junk Car Buyers who’ll buy junk cars near you. If you ever googled, “who buys junk cars near me”, you’ll realize that finding a trustworthy junk car buyer can be a huge hurdle. That’s why we offer transparent offers on all makes and models. We’ll buy your Audi, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and anything in between! 

Many junkyards and scrap heaps would make the seller pay for junk car removal, even if it’s running, and would go on to low-ball you for your money. Cash Cars Buyer offers free junk car removal near you. Our junk car removal specialists will travel far and wide to make your selling a junk car experience easier and hassle-free.


Why Cash Cars Buyer Is So Trusted


We are high-volume junk car buyers interested in giving you cash for your junk car today! We will offer you a competitive CASH offer on any car, truck, or SUV in any condition in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t waste your time and energy on low-ballers and scammers in the public domain. 

We are licensed, insured, and bonded as a vehicle dealership but instead of making you deal with the trouble of coming to a dealership, we make the steps of selling your car safe and convenient. We’re backed with over a decade of experience in the Auto Industry. Trust Cash Cars Buyer to get you in and out with your cash in hand in Chicago, Illinois, hassle-free. Just give us a call and you’ll never look back. Call Now!


We Are Junk Car Buyers In Your Local Area


Ever wondered “how to sell my junk car”? The first step in the process is finding a place to sell junk cars for cash near you. Other “Cash for Junk Car” places may promise you cash, but they’ll lowball their offer to the ground. 

It’s for that reason that Cash Cars Buyer’s removal specialists will pay you cash on the spot when they pick up your junk car. Our drivers are experienced workmen with years of experience in the Auto industry. We aren’t low-ballers or scammers when we give you an offer.

Maybe your car lo longer is useful to you and you’re looking for a safe way to get rid of it. Let us take your stress away and pay you a great price. Perhaps you want to sell your car quickly due to a move; while the long process of selling your car privately can take months, Cash Cars Buyer can buy your vehicle and have money in your pocket within 24-48 hours. 

We help you handle the paperwork and even provide free junk car removal. You won’t find our convenience at a dealership. Don’t wait around. We come to you and make it quick and painless to sell a car you don’t use. 


Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me? (Free Junk Car Removal)


Finding the best offer for your junk car conventionally takes time… Lots of time. That’s the case with all makes and models. Junkyards and scrap heaps won’t look at trim or fancy cosmetics. They’ll give you the base scrap metal price for your vehicle… Even if it still runs! No one should have to accept that! You can call all the junkyards within 500 miles of you and you still might not find an offer you like. 

If you've ever searched, “How can I sell my car for 500”, you'll find a huge array of different people giving you their differing opinions on how to go about it, and if it's even possible! I'm here to tell you not only is it possible, but it can be a guarantee in many cases. Search all the online ads that read “We buy junk cars” and you’ll still be hard pressed to find an offer better than ours for your junk car. 

We’re looking for a vehicle just like yours! You’ll save time and sell your junk car faster and for more money! What’s there more to love? Don’t leave money on the table in Chicago and get a FREE offer today.


Cash Cars Buyer Offers Cash For Junk Cars Near You


Who’ll buy junk cars near me at great prices? Cash Cars Buyer is of the greatest junk car buyers in Chicagoland. Cash Cars Buyer revolutionized the cash for junk cars marketplace with our free tow service. Many other “Cash 4 Junk Cars” would make you pay the tow fee, but we’ll go to the farthest ends of Chicagoland to make selling your junk car for cash easier. 

We believe it isn’t fair to make you, the seller, go through the hassle of calling junkyards near you, searching around, waiting for low-ball offers, and rearranging your schedule just to get rid of your junk vehicle. 

Our service is one of the most convenient in the nation, with little to no work on your part. Just give us a few details and we’ll give you a value offer on your junk car.


1-2-3 Money – Simple Junk Car Selling Process


1. Give us a few quick details about your junk car and receive a FREE estimate. We’ll look at your car’s meit and offer a transparent value. Zero obligations. There’s no such thing as a car we won’t buy. You have nothing to lose so why not check it out. It’s really as simple as answering a few questions to get a high offer.


2. Once you accept our offer, we’ll schedule a convenient date and time to send a free junk car removal specialist to your home. They’ll do a quick inspection to verify its condition and make sure everything looks good.


3. After inspection, prepare to receive payment. Get Paid In Cash on the Same Day for your junk car! No secret fees or call-back headaches. Just plain cash in your hands today. 100% guaranteed.


We Buy Junk Cars (Guaranteed Offer)


Stop wasting your time with scammers and fraud offers. Get an offer now to sell your junk vehicle within 24 hours. We know our customers have busy lives, so we want to give you the quickest and most rewarding CASH offer out there. That is where Cash Cars Buyer comes in. We’ll almost always beat other dealership offers and give you the most cash possible. 

Fill out our form, receive an estimate, and GET PAID today. Don’t leave STRESS-FREE CASH on the table. Our established professionals know value when they see it, and we’ll get you the money you deserve for your junk car. Sell your junk car today with reliable junk car buyers.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Satisfaction


Here at Cash Cars Buyer, your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We want to make this experience a pleasant one so you and your family can have the peace of mind that you deserve. We take pride in simplifying the selling experience. We buy all makes and models in ANY CONDITION for cash. Give us a call at 773-791-4363 and receive a free offer from one of our knowledgeable sales people. 

A junk car removal specialist will contact you to schedule a convenient date and time for your free junk car removal and we’ll pay you cash on the spot. Don’t leave money on the table and call now to receive your free estimate. We care about our customer experience and value your time and interests. Selling your car or truck in Chicagoland has never been easier. 

 If you’re looking for a transparent and trustworthy selling experience for your junk car, you’ve come to the right place. Years of experience and many happy customers later, we’re fully committed to making your junk car selling experience easier and more convenient than ever.



Who Buys Used Cars Near Me?


Are you tired of low ball quotes from cash for junk car companies? Searching “who buys used cars for cash” makes it hard to find an honest one. Your junk car has some serious worth you’re not listening to! Do not let money waste waiting months to find buyers who’ll give you cash for a used car. At Cash Cars Buyer, our goals are honest and simple. We offer tested methods to take the hassle from selling a used vehicle away. Who buys used cars for cash? We do! Who buys used cars running or not? Cash Cars Buyer does! We will commit to make a pleasant selling experience and buy all junk car for top dollar! Stop worrying about scammers or not getting your money’s worth on your investment. Cash Cars Buyer is here to make your life easier. Our trained representatives and seasoned car removal specialists will get you home with your cash in pocket. Lots of cash, too. With decades of work in this auto industry, we can fully answer “Who buys used cars?” Cash Cars Buyer does! Never let a junkyard or dealership lowball you for the full cash you deserve. Sell a used car for some instant cash. Our honest offers help you sell your car quick n’ easy! No more ad fees, viewings to schedule, or spilling money for repairs. Just hard cash in your wallet today. We buy used cars running or not for cash money. Make simple cash your number one priority and visit our website for the next step to get cash for your used vehicle today!


What Is The Best Cash For Cars Chicago?


Looking for somewhere to do cash for cars in Chicago? Well, Cash Cars Buyer is ready to serve! Some methods of selling a used car take weeks and you’ll still lose money on your vehicle. Trying to get cash for junk cars in Chicago can seem like a time-consuming task. Get cash for junk cars in Chicago today with Cash Cars Buyer. Share with us some information about your junk car and watch our online tools give you a top dollar offer in under a minute! We’ll give you a great offer no matter where you live in Chicagoland. From Rosemont to Elgin, selling junk cars for cash is Chicago won’t get simpler than this.

The more you wait around, the more value your car will lose. Cash Cars Buyer will give you an honest quote and quick same-day cash. We love to go the extra mile, so get an offer today and receive free junk car removal! We’ll buy any and all junk cars for cash in Chicago, IL regardless of condition. Ignore the buyers who’ll tell you that your car has no value! We’ll buy all your vehicles and make your life easier in the process. With over a decade of experience, we’re dedicated to working hard so you don’t have to! Get the cash you deserve for your junk car! We make your life easier, we’re quick, and we pay bountifully! You’ll never find a more convenient system that pays like us anywhere in the U.S. Get rid of that unwanted headache and sell your junk car today. To get a free, no-obligation offer, call 773-791-4363 or visit our website. Answer a few questions and we’ll help you everywhere along the way. We truly look forward to making your life a whole lot easier.


Should I Sell My Car Or Trade It In?


Nowadays there are so many methods of selling a car online. Dealers, online services, and local buyers may come to mind, but there are always question marks around each one of them. 

We’ve all thought about selling a car before, but is it really better to trade-in or sell your car to a dealer? Is it better to sell a car privately or keep it? So many questions, but we have all the answers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you sell a car.


How Much Is My Car Worth


The first step should obviously be thinking “How much should I sell my car for?” You don’t want to be lowballed but you also don’t want to go in there thinking your car is a million-dollar vehicle.


A few great tools to use are Kelly Blue Book and TrueCar. They have a price engine that looks at vehicle sales across the nation to give you a rough estimate for your car’s value.


They will show you the average price for private, trade-in, retail, and certified pre-owned vehicle sales. You’ll notice that trade-in will be the lowest since the dealership must try to prep the car for resale and make a profit. 


The Certified Pre-owned vehicles usually have the highest trade-in values since they’ve been put to the standard of certain quality tests. Now you’re ready to dive into the different selling my car experiences.


Should I Sell My Car Or Keep It?


Selling a car privately can have very rewarding pros with very irritating cons. The main pro is that it usually will earn you more money than a trade-in, but the biggest con is that it may take weeks or months to do so. 


The other major con is that it takes a lot of time and energy to sell a car on your own. You have to take pictures, write out specs, place ads, answer phone calls, schedule inconvenient viewing dates, and deal with scammers or thieves who’ll try to cheat you out of your car’s worth.


Prepare Yourself For The Commitment


Prepare yourself to be flexible with the price and with the timing you let people come to look at it. Make sure you only accept cash or a cashier’s check so you don’t get scammed. List on places like Craigslist for free. If you list on eBay you’ll have to pay the listing fee but you’d reach a much larger market of buyers.


Clean and prepare your car before you take photos! There are hundreds of online listings where the vehicle looks unappealing to the buyers. Make sure you tidy it up before you try selling it.


Should I Trade In My Car


Just like selling privately, there are many advantages of trading in a car as well as disadvantages. You may wonder should I trade in my car or keep it. The good news is that trading in a vehicle usually takes much less time than selling privately, but the reward may not be as high. 


This option is usually for people who want quick money that they need in a hurry. The biggest benefit is that it’s quick and easy compared to private selling. You may also get a trade-in tax credit when you trade-in your car. 


Sales Taxes


When you trade in a car you do pay sales taxes. In most states, you only pay on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of your new car. When you’re wondering if you should trade-in your car or sell it privately, it’s important to keep these things in mind.


Remember to run the numbers beforehand to see what money you could make privately and how much to sell it for. If it’s significantly higher, it’ll probably worth your time and efforts. 


Tips On Trading-In Your Car 


Just like with private selling, investing in making the car look good may get you a higher offer. Also, make sure you negotiate the price of your new car and your trade-in car separately. Many dealerships will try to give you a low offer for the trade-in and mask it with an appealing new car price. Just make sure you’re paying attention.


When Should I Sell My Car


Have you wondered at what mileage should you sell your car? It varies. A car’s value depreciates at different rates. There is a big dropoff after the first year and another after the fifth year. If your car is on the newer side (2014+) then sell it between the years 2-4. For example, if I bought a new car in 2014 I should sell it between 2016-2019 to get much more value than the year 2021 for example. 


However, if your car is a bit older or beat up, you should sell it ASAP. That old clunker’s losing value by the minute. This is especially the case for German vehicles like Mercedez-Benz and BMW since their parts are very expensive to repair. Selling a car sooner rather than later is the best option. 


So, Should You Sell Your Car? – The Bottom Line


Sometimes having a car becomes less important than having extra cash this month. Sometimes having a car will suck your pockets with gas prices and repairs. Maybe your car is a junk car sitting in your driveway gathering unwanted attention. 


No matter what the reason is, make sure you check all your options as well as your financial situation before you decide on anything. Every owner’s situations are unique, but looking at these considerations will help you get a solid answer. 


Deciding whether to trade in a car or sell a car privately boils down to two key questions: How important is it for you to get the most for your car, and how much work do you want to put in?

Last-Minute Considerations


Selling a car privately will get you an extra buck or two, but the time and effort you have to spend may not make it worth the hassle. Trading-in a car is always about convenience, but that convenience comes at a lower price. Trading in your car will save you time and money. The deal happens that very same day. 


With private sales, you have to place ads, find buyers, make calls, arrange dates to view the car, wait for payments, and deal with people calling you back when something goes wrong. At most dealerships near you, you’ll find that some salespeople will use tricky methods to buy your car for cheap. 


So What’s The Best Method To Sell Your Car- Cash Cars Buyer


The best method is Cash Cars Buyer. We’re a nationwide network of car auctions, junkyards, and dealerships who pay cash for cars of any make, model, or conditions. When you’re selling a junk car or a used car, our salespeople are ready to give you a fast, competitive offer to buy your junk car. 


You have literally just stumbled upon the best method to sell your car. Join the many others who chose to sell their car with us today. We come to you and pay you cash on the spot. You’ll sign a few papers, and the car is off your shoulders. As a bonus to our customers, we offer free junk car removal. 


No towing fees. No ads. No tricks. We’re honest and transparent junk car buyers near you who want to give you cash for your vehicle today. Call 773-791-4363 or fill out our online form to get a free offer today.


Cash For Junk Cars Chicago, IL


Are you sick and tired of low offers for your junk car? Did you know that there are other ways to junk your car in Chicago, IL that you may not have looked into? 


Junkyards Will Bring You Unnecessary Trouble 


If you want to deal with junkyards, you’re asking for a headache. You’ll be searching up junkyards, making phone calls, haggling prices, dealing with junk car buyers, placing ads, and doing everything you can, only to get terrible offers. 


Don’t burn yourself out. Most make you pay for towing and will treat you like trash. Go ahead. Call all the junkyards within 500 miles of you. You’d still be hard-pressed to find a better offer than what I’m about to reveal to you.


The Simple Method To Sell A Junk Car – Cash Cars Buyer


Cash Cars Buyer was created to solve the junkyard problem. Here at Cash Cars Buyer, we serve you with our instant offers and free junk car removal on all used or junk cars. We are a service based on buying high-volume junk cars for cash in Chicago, IL. Our junk car removal specialists will come to you and pay you cash on the spot to make your selling experience easier. 


Most junkyards cannot boast a free towing service. It’s literally free junk car removal with competitive cash quotes for your junk car! Don’t allow junkyards to charge you for towing and hidden expenses to make their money back!  


Our Honest Car-Care


We want to buy your junk car and help you get cash for junk cars in Chicago, IL. Don’t waste time or energy with buyers looking for any unsuspecting sellers to scam. Check us out to get real cash for junk cars in Chicago, IL. You can call  773-791-4363 or fill out our online form to sell your junk car in Chicago, IL today!

I Want To Sell My Car Quick


You’ve had your car for years, but you’re starting to realize that your used car is slowly turning into a junk car, or your junk car is slowly becoming garbage! It’s about time for you to take action and sell your used or junk car before it’s too late! 


If you’re stuck with a junk car, you know most buyers aren’t exactly looking for fixer-uppers. Here are the top certified methods for selling your car quick.


Where Can I Sell My Car For Parts Near Me?


This first option is very time-consuming but can be rewarding. Selling your junk car for parts. Start with a search like “pick-n-pull’s cash for junk cars to get an idea. You’ll need to dismantle the valuable parts and sell them online or to local junk car buyers or junkyards. If you chose to sell parts yourself, be prepared to wait weeks or even months to sell some of the parts.


What are pick n pull yards? It’s where cars are laid out and people come to buy parts and take it off the vehicle themselves. The problem with selling to junkyards is that they can oftentimes be untrustworthy and will make you pay a junk car removal fee. That’s pretty much an over-glorified shipping label that’ll decrease the potential cash you could profit. 


Where Can I Sell My Car For Scrap


Trying to scrap your car is another popular method today. Perhaps start with a search such as “scrap my car for cash online quote”, or maybe try calling different scrapyards in your area. Be prepared for heartbreak sometimes if you’re trying to sell your car for scrap. Scrap Yards in Chicago, IL view your beloved Toyota or BMW as a big iron ingot they can flip for a few bucks. They don’t care about your trim package or fancy wheels. Base metal scrap price. Nothing more and nothing less. 


Sell My Car Today


Those are the two common methods to sell a junk car in Chicago, IL, but what if I told you there’s an untapped market of junk car buyers who’ll do the work for you? The best method for someone who’s selling a junk car is Cash Cars Buyer. 


We’re a nation-wide network of junk car buyers who offer free junk car removal, same-day payment, and a promise to go above and beyond to make selling easier. Fill out our online form to get cash for your junk car today!

Who Buys Junk Cars For Cash?


Finding places that buy junk cars for top dollar near you is painfully difficult. Who buys used cars if they're not running? Who in their right mind would spend money on a car that others would consider mere clutter? 


You’re right. 


It’s difficult to find a buyer in the public domain who’ll pay you money to take a junk car off your back. 


Thankfully, it isn’t impossible. There are dozens of services online who will buy junk cars for cash. You can sell your car for cash with instant quotes! One common question is “can I possibly sell my junk car for $500?” The answer is yes. 


What's The Best Cash For Junk Cars Method?


Cash Cars Buyer is an expert “cash for junk cars” service in Chicago, IL. Cash Cars Buyer is a network across the nation of local auctions and junk car buyers that compete to give you competitive cash offers on any vehicle in all conditions. New, used, broken, damaged. Pretty much anything with four wheels.


Our lifetime commitment is to create an experience that you, the customer, can be happy with. We’re all about transparency and, by simplifying the experience, we often times can get you home with much more cash, faster. 


Who Buys Used Cars Not Running?


You’ll be absolutely SHOCKED by the amount of money we’re ready to pay you for your junk car in Chicago, IL. Think about the cash you could get by selling that junk car in your driveway. Stop letting that car collect dust all day and get some value out of it with Cash Cars Buyer. Call 773-791-4363 or fill out our online form to get paid today!



How Can I Sell My Junk Car Same Day Pickup 


Your car did a lot for you back in the day, but now those days are over. Your car is sitting in your garage doing nothing but roting and collect dust all day. You start to wonder what's your car’s even worth. Thankfully there's a free and simple method to turn your scrap car into cash that you can actually use. 


Junk Car Buyers Will Help You Sell Your Junk Car With Same-Day Pickup


Finding a good junk car buyer online is a hassle-free alternative to the risky game of junkyards. They may even offer cash for junk cars same day pick up with some vehicles, depending on location. You could quite possibly get paid for your junk car within 24 hours of getting an offer. 


There’s one problem. What service can I trust to make the process as hassle-free as possible? Cash Cars Buyer is the solution for you. We’re backed with over a decade in the auto industry and have perfected our craft to make your life easier. We want to get you in and out with cash in hand to remove that pain from your life. 


Car Junkers Chicago IL


Stop letting your junk car collect dust all day and collect cash with free junk car removal same day pickup! To learn more on how much money you’re missing out on, call 773-791-4363 or visit! With our simple process, you could possibly sell your junk car with same-day pickup. Get Paid today!









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