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Cheapest Place To Get Brakes Done

Cheapest Place To Get Brakes Finished

When it comes to getting brakes done, you want a quality brake job at an affordable price. So, where do you turn to achieve this? Where do you go? What is the cheapest place to get brakes done?  It’s safe to say that there are places around you, where you can get your brakes done. But how much do they charge? Are they cheap and use cheap brake parts? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We all need quality brakes on our vehicles. Without them, we would slam into just about anything as we drive. So, let’s explores some of the cheapest places to get brakes done, and see if quality is also at the forefront too! 

When replacing brakes, you want a technician who knows what he or she is doing and uses parts that will last. So, to achieve this, you want to ask questions. Check out some of the best questions to ask as you search for the cheapest place to get brakes done. 

“What Kind of Brakes Does my Car Need?” 

Before you head to that brake place, you want to find out what kind of brakes does your vehicle need. You may need to schedule a brake assessment with a quality mechanic and find out what kind of brakes does your car need to have in order to work at the most optimum rate. If you have brake pads that aren't too worn, you may only need to change the pads themselves, which is not a hard or difficult task.  But if you have brake pads that are very worn and you have other damaged components, then you may need more extensive brake repairs.

“What Other Services Do You Offer in Addition to Brake Jobs?” 

Once you schedule a brake job, you want to ask the mechanic if they offer other services. A brake job alongside an oil change is a great combination. Will the brake technician top off your fluids? Find out what other services that are offered after you get that brake job done. You may find that the brake place will offer a discount on another service, after you get your brakes done. The objective here is to get the most for your money. That brake place wants you as a repeat customer. They also want you to get the word out about their stellar service too. So, let that brake place put their money where their mouth is. Find out what other car services they offer. 

“Do My Brakes Come with a Warranty?” 

When you get your brakes done, you want a brake job that comes with some sort of insurance.  A warranty is a great way to get the insurance you need, on those brakes. If you DO go to a brake place and they offer no warranty, then consider that a “red flag” and drive elsewhere for your brake job. 

“How Long Will My Brake Job Last?” 

Before you get your brakes done, you want to find out how long it will take. Sure, you understand that brake places are busy, but you certainly don’t want to wait weeks to get a brake job done. If you do have to wait overnight, then ask if the brake place has loaner cars. A few hours for a brake job, is ideal for a brake job. And typically, you can get a friend or a family member to drop you off, as you leave your vehicle for the brake job. Get the work order in writing and be sure that you get a quality brake job in a great amount of time- a time that won’t cramp your style or your life. 

Should You Replace All 4 Brake Pads At Once?

You can purchase most brake pads in sets of four. So, is it necessary that you replace all four pads at once then? Both your rotors and brakes come in pairs. You have a set for the rear and a set for the front. You may find it easier to replace your brake pads in pairs, at the same time or you may find it easy to replace them separately. If your front brakes are in desperate need of replacement, then you may find a mechanic that can remedy this issue fast. 


Front Brakes Work the Hardest! 

Keep in mind that your rear and front brake pads wear at various rates. As a car owner, you want to remember that your front brake pads do the majority of the work. This causes them to wear out faster and need replacement far more often than you rear or back brakes. As you step on your brakes, your vehicle motions forward, and then lands on the front wheels. This place is the place where most of the braking power comes from.  This activity also increases the amount of friction between the road in front of you and your front tires- as it simultaneously takes pressure off the rear brake pads and rear tires.  Lots of car manufacturers know this and design vehicles according to front brakes working a great deal. So, many vehicles have brake pads that are designed to absorb the pressure, shock and friction due to heavy and tumultuous braking. 


Cheapest Place to Get Brakes Done- Who Offers Quality Service Without Breaking Your Bank? 

OK- let’s travel this great country of ours, and find out who offers some of the cheapest brake jobs without sacrificing quality and durability. 

How Much Does Jiffy Lube Charge For Breaks?

Jiffy Lube is a trusted name when it comes to car maintenance and they also perform brake jobs. Jiffy Lube offers brake replacement without cramping your day. From brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors or other brake parts, you can count on Jiffy Lube.  We did an Internet search and found a great offer from Jiffy Lube for brake service. The service is for $179 for a “Full Brake Replacement Package per Axle” at Jiffy which has a $365 value attached to it. Click here to see the offer and find more. We also found that Jiffy Lube also has great reviews for their brake service too. Don’t forget to check the web for offers. You want to visit places such as Facebook to see what offers Jiffy Lube has on brakes. Make sure that you visit the official Jiffy Lube Facebook page for brake offers too. 


How Much Does A Brake Job Cost At Midas?

Midas charges typically about $80 per hour for labor costs for brake work. The auto repair chain also charges about $50 for a complete brake drum package and about $60 for brake fluid replacement. For a complete rotor and caliper job, you can count on spending about $800. Midas also has a page where you can get an estimate on the repair services you need for your vehicle. Click here to learn more! We did a search of the Midas website and found some great offers on a host of services, including brakes. At the time of our search, Midas was offering a “Free Battery Check” as well as “$20 off of a new car battery”! We also found a brake special too. Click here to view more and find out the current specials that Midas has! 

Does Costco Do Brake Work?

While you can find great deals on paper towels and toilet paper, Costco doesn’t offer brake services. But they do have an auto program for its customers called Costco Auto Program.


Do Walmart Do Brakes? 

Walmart doesn’t offer brake jobs, but you can get great deals on tires. 


How Much Does Pep Boys Charge For Brakes?

We did a search and found that for a complete brake service, we found that Pep Boys charges $210 per axle for Standard service. For the Platinum service, the charge is $260 per axle. The Ceramic service is $280, while the Akebono Ceramic service is $300 per axle. We also went on the Pep Boys website and found some great rebates on brake services too. Click here to learn more

Does Firestone Do Brakes?

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers brake jobs as well as a host of other car maintenance services for you. Their brake services include: Standard Brake Service, Standard Auto Brake Service With Fluid Change and Lifetime Auto Brake Service. Click here to learn more. Regarding price, we found that for most models, the cost of a brake job can run about $149.00 to $159.00 for front or rear brake pad replacement. We also went on the Firestone website to find great offers too. Click here to learn about their current specials and more! 

Cheapest Place To Get Brakes Done- Final Tips 

In your quest to find the cheapest place to get brakes done, you may want to do the following: 

  1. Look for internet specials and offers. Check the web first, before spending your money on brakes. Check out specials and discounts. These large brake chains also have Facebook and social media pages too. So, check them out for coupons and discounts. 
  2. Find out what your particular car needs, and ask what discounts there are. Are you a senior citizen? Are you a veteran? Ask about specials for those particular groups too! 
  3. Do comparative shopping. If once place is down the road, the other brake place is the other way down the road, check both places and compare prices. Find out what each place is offering you in terms of a quality brake job. These places want your business, so make them work for it! 
  4. Get all brake estimates in writing! Not only is it enough to get a cheap brake job, but get the brake job and estimate in writing. You want to know what EXACTLY you are going to pay. 

No one has money to waste on brake jobs. We all want the cheapest place to get brakes done, as we all look to save money in these days and time. Do your homework, ask questions, and seek the best price as well as best service! 


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