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Cheap Replacement Engines: The Ultimate Guide!

Cheap Replacement Engines

The engine is often described as the heart of the car. It pumps the air and fuel and converts the heat from burning gas to a force that drives the wheels of a vehicle. The engine plays a vital role in the car’s overall performance and it must be why it is one of the most expensive auto parts to replace. As it is one of the most financially painful parts to replace, many are in the lookout for and choosing cheap replacement engines. 

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It’s no surprise when one looks for more affordable replacement engines because replacing an engine can cost you around $2,500 to $10,000 depending on the engine size, how new and how complex it is. 


It is fortunate that we now live in a world of modern technology where many options of cheap replacement engines are available. Consumers have been given more options and ways to replace their car’s engines without hurting their wallets.


Cheap replacement engines: Which is the best? 


Cheap replacement engines come in different types and each of them have different price tags. Let us talk about each of them to help you decide and find the perfect cheap replacement engine for your car. 


  • Used or second-hand engines.


A used or second-hand engine is an engine that was taken from a damaged or junked car. These engines need to be tested first and have to go through extensive quality checks to make sure that it is still in a good working condition. 


Since used or second-hand engines have been taken out from wrecked or totaled cars, it is likely that the engines don’t have that much mileage on it yet and its parts won’t need replacing. Basically, you just take it out of the wrecked car and place it into a new car – given that the engine is compatible with the new car.


Used engines are one of the cheap replacement engines. You will save a lot of bucks if you can find an engine that is compatible with your car. To make sure that you will get the right engine, you will have to do a lot of preparations. 


First you can gather all the important information about your engine. This can help you find the right cheap replacement engine for your car. You need to get and write down your engine’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, its engine code, and the date of its production. 


VIN can be found on your VIN plate which you can find on the front, driver’s side of the dashboard. The production date can also be found embedded in the VIN number while the engine code can be found engraved on the engine itself. 


You can also search online for some backups or other compatible engines if ever you won’t find the exact engine you need.  


  •  Rebuilt engines.


Rebuilt engines are the ones that have gone through a process. This type of engine is basically used engines that have been disassembled, cleaned, have parts that have been replaced or updated, and put back together. 


Rebuilt engines can be great cheap replacement engines. It is comparable to used engines but with a better working condition since some of these engines’ parts have been replaced or updated. Although a rebuilt engine’s value and reliability can only be determined by the ones who did the work. 


If the mechanics who are great at what they do are the ones that rebuild used engines, then these engines would probably turn out more durable and reliable than the ones built by an unprofessional. Rebuilt engines that were done properly can last for many years.   


Among all cheap replacement engines, a rebuilt engine is probably the cheapest option of all. Although it’s cheap, buying it is still a gamble. That is why it is advised that you need to research ahead of time before you decide to buy a rebuilt engine. You have to make sure that the person or shop you are buying the engine from is reputable and can offer you a good warranty in case a problem occurs. 


  • Remanufactured engines.


Remanufactured or reconditioned engines are known to be durable and reliable. These types of cheap replacement engines are known to be the highest quality option compared to the used and rebuilt ones. 


A remanufactured engine is a bit more expensive than the other two but is far less expensive than a brand new engine. For this reason, this type of engine is still considered as one of the cheap replacement engines. 


It is a bit expensive since remanufactured engines have to go through a long process of reconditioning. The engine will be taken out of the car first then it will be stripped to parts. The parts will then be cleaned thoroughly removing all contanimations which can only be done by certified engine professionals. The parts will then be inspected and checked for any damages or failure. If damages or defects have been found on the parts, they will be fixed or removed and new parts will be installed. If everything is done, the engine will be reassembled with due care using high-tech equipment and machinery. 


Although it is listed as one of the cheap replacement engines, you can rest assured that its quality is good since the process of rebuilding engines is so thorough and is handled with so much care. The remanufactured engines also have to undergo many reliability and durability tests before they can be sold in the market. These engines are checked by the professionals and each one comes with a warranty. 


Cheap replacement engines: Why do you need to buy one? 


Now you know the different types of cheap replacement engines and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. You might want to ask yourself, do you really need to buy a cheap replacement engine, buy a new one, or just buy a new car?


If your vehicle’s engine really needs a replacement and your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a new one then opting to have a cheap replacement engine will be reasonable. Plus, choosing a cheap replacement engine comes with a lot of benefits too. One of the benefits is that it helps extend the life of your car without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Some of the cheap replacement engines can also compete with the performance and ability of a new car minus the additional expenses of taxes, insurance, and other hidden fees in buying a new car. New vehicles are costly and if you consider  buying a second-hand vehicle, keep in mind that you will never know what you’ll get. You could purchase a used vehicle with underlying issues that give you more headaches than your old one. 


Cheap replacement engines: Where can you buy them?


Buying cheap replacement engines is a lot easier today since there are lots of options available. You can now buy cheap replacement engines from various sources. Here some of the options.

  • Local junkyards


If you are looking for used or second-hand engines, you can always find one and other  cheap car parts in your local junkyards. Keep in mind that getting cheap replacement engines in your local junkyards can be difficult and time-consuming. You need to be prepared before visiting one to make sure that you will be getting a great-quality engine. 

  • Online markets


There are lots of shops online that sell auto parts and cheap replacement engines. You just have to search these online markets and shops, search each one and compare prices and warranties. Take note of each one as this can help you decide which one is the best choice for your car. You can also read and compare the reviews and ratings of each shop. 


  • Specialized companies


There are companies that specialize in buying and rebuilding engines. A cheap replacement engine from this kind of company can provide an assurance that the engine you will be getting is of better quality. Of course, you need to research more about each company and find a reputable one. Expect that it will be a bit expensive, but it’ll be worth it since it can give you peace of mind. 


  • Auctions


You can participate in an auction and hunt for used car engines. You can visit a vehicle auction or you can search for an online auction. You will be surprised at how cheap some of the auctioned salvage vehicles are. You can choose and bid for these salvage cars. Look for a car that has the same engine as yours. Make sure that you check the vehicles’ history before picking one that best suits your needs.  


Finding cheap replacement engines can be tiring since it requires a lot of effort. You need to be careful of what you choose especially if you have a limited budget. Most people typically search for the cheapest one they can find but remember that as much as you want to save a couple of bucks, you also have to make sure that what you are getting is durable and reliable. When in doubt, you can always call your mechanic friends and ask for advice and queries. You don’t want to waste all your efforts and start all over again. 





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