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Cash For Junk Cars West Fargo, North Dakota- Who Buys Junk Cars? We Do! 

Cash For Junk Cars West Fargo, North Dakota

Known as a Tree City for over a decade and named one of the five safest cities in North Dakota, is the city of West Fargo. You can also enjoy great food at Maxwell’s Bar and Grill. But what is not enjoyable, is that old rusted car sitting in your driveway. Cash Cars Buyer is here to purchase that old car for fair market value. 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

We also offer first-class “FEE-FREE” junk car selling services that will leave you pleased as a platter of fried pickles at Rookies Sports Bar and Grill. Begin here with obtaining a FREE online quote on that car. Love what you just created from the information you supplied? Then, it’s time to pack up that old rusted heap of metal madness and send it on its way, while you get paid! 

500 Dollars for Junk Cars- How Much is My Car Worth? 

Many of our valued junk car selling customers seek $500 for their old clunker. On the low end of the spectrum, we offer $100 for a junk car. But for specific models, we can offer thousands of dollars. Regardless of where you sell your car the potential junk car buyer will have his or her checklist of items that they mark off when looking to buy a junk car. While we offer fair market value for each junk car we buy, we look at such factors as: 

  1. Year, make and model
  2. Status of title, do you have the title to your car
  3. Level and amount of damage- and where that damage is located 
  4. The physical location of your car and more. 

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Who Buys Cars in West Fargo, ND Without a Title? 

Looking to get rid of that old clunker, but afraid you can’t sell it because you lost the title? We buy cars with no title and we just may buy yours! all we ask, is that you have your car registration as well as picture ID for the sale of your car. Once you obtain those items, you can click here and get a FREE quote for your car in a matter of minutes! 

Junk a Car FAST! We Make it Quick and Easy! 

Give Us Vehicle Details 

When you have the time, provide us with your vehicle’s details and be sure to be as detailed as you possibly can. The more information you provide, the better you offer. Click here to get started! 

Call us and Accept Your Offer 

When you have your FREE online offer, you can call us so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer. One of our friendly reps will ask you a few questions about your car, ensuring you receive the best guaranteed cash offer possible. 

Get Paid 

Once we have your approval, we will make plans to come to your home or location. And when we arrive, we will get to work quickly to inspect your car. We’ll verify all is well and then pay you on the spot! 


People Who Buy Junk Cars for Fair Market Value 

Junking a car can be a chore that you just don’t want to take on. What do you do, when you want to sell your old car without hassle or haggling? You sell it to Cash Cars Buyer so that we can offer you fair market value for it- without the games or schemes.  


The Junkyard Experience 

When you call a junkyard, typically, you’ll get someone on the line who is looking to make a quick buck just as you are. But some junkyards particulate in schemes as well as scams. Some will even use the old “bait and switch” tactic. This is when you are given one offer on the phone. You agree to it and when you meet the junkyard owner in person, that offer is lower by hundreds. This is after you paid to have your old car towed to the junkyard facility. What a waste of a day and your time! 


Selling Your Car Privately 

You may decide to sell your car privately, but you run the risk of dealing with shifty buyers as well as “no-shows”. And don’t forget that you have to remain safe when meeting someone who wants to view your car. 

Donating Your Car 

Sure, it may seem like a good idea to donate your car, but depending on your tax circumstances as well as the state you live in, you may or may not be able to write off the donation.  

We are Reputable Junk Car Buyers! 

When it comes time to sell your car, the only solution for you is to sell it to Cash Cars Buyer! We specialize in taking the frustration, stress and price-haggling out of selling a junk car. We streamline our process and make it quick, fast and convenient for you from beginning to end! 

I Want to Sell My Junk Car and See My Driveway Again! 

We get it and we are here to help. Who in life right now, needs a life full of clutter and junk? No one! In fact, we are not designed to live a life in junk and clutter. We as humans are programed for peace. We know that better than anyone and will work to help you see that driveway again! Studies show that living a life surrounded by junk can affect our minds and health. In an article posted on prevagen.com, the post states: “Clutter has negative effects on your mental and physical health, too. It can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or even depressed. Studies have shown that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are higher in people who have a cluttered home. Chronic clutter can leave your body constantly in a low-grade fight-or-flight mode, which is taxing on your body and mind.” The article also adds: “Research shows that cluttered home and work environments take a toll on your brain, your mental well-being, and your overall health. If you were thinking of skipping the spring cleaning this year, think again! Do it for your brain!” 


So, when you sell that old car you will:  

  1. Restore the peace in your life 
  2. Save money on getting that old car fixed 
  3. Reclaim your driveway, garage, yard or anywhere the old car used to be parked 
  4. Receive FREE junk car removal from us 
  5. Get paid on the spot! 

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Sell Your Junk Car & Get Cash Within Hours

When you agree to our offer, we waste no time preparing for the sale of your car. In some cases, you can obtain your FREE offer receive an in-person inspecting and payment all in the same day! Generally, it takes us 24-72 hours to prepare your offer, appraise your car and pay you on the spot! 

Can I Junk My Car & Save Our Planet?

You sure can! Did you know that over 80% of a junk car can be recycled? It’s true! Check out some of the items on that old car that can find life in a new car or as something else! 


Thinking of throwing those old tires in some landfill somewhere? Think again! Those old tires can be recycled. Used tires are also a very valuable resource to many scrap dealers too. Used cars can have new life as artificial turf and fuel. And once they are melted down, they can be made into new tires, and even tarps too! 


Auto Oil 

Your car’s oil never gets used; it gets dirty. Thankfully it can be cleaned and placed into another car. 



Aside from your car having metal, your car is comprised of a large amount of plastic. Once those old plastic parts are removed from your car, they can be melted into items that are very helpful for those in your community. Certain tools can be made of recycled plastics too. 


Auto Glass 

Thinking that your car’s old glass is useless? Not true at all! Your windshield glass can be changed into fiberglass insulation, new glass bottles and even concrete blocks. 


So, click here and begin to sell your car, as it ends up helping to save our planet! 


What Fees Do I Have to Pay, After I Junk My Car? & FAQs 

What’s the best place to sell a car online? 

Forget the conventional methods of selling a car online and sell it to Cash Cars Buyer. You can do better things with your money, instead of paying for fees for folks to see your used car!  Click here to obtain your FREE online instant quote! 

Do you buy cars with frame as well as flood damage? 

We sure do! You can sell your car to us, regardless of its condition! We buy all makes and models! 

What fees do I have to pay, after I junk my car? 

Nothing! You pay NOTHING to get rid of your junk car! Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! 

Will my transactions be safe and secure? 

From beginning to end! Your safety and security are the most important aspect of your junk car sale! We are a licensed, bonded and insured company. We operate in truthfulness, straightforwardness and integrity. Not many junk car buyers can say that! 

West Fargo! It’s time to end the “stare-downs” with that old clunker taking up space in your driveway! Sell that car, get paid on the spot! Cash Cars Buyer is ready to turn that old jalopy into the kind of cash that brings endless joy! 

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