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Cash For Junk Cars, South Burlington, VT- We Buy All Makes And Models! 

Cash For Junk Cars, South Burlington, VT

Home to the headquarters of Ben & Jerry's- ice cream pioneers- and University Mall- the state’s largest mall, is the city of South Burlington, VT. But there’s nothing cool and sweet about that junk car sitting in your South Burlington driveway. So how can you get rid of it? Who can you sell it to, for fair market value? What company offers a “FEE-FREE” way to get rid of that old clunker? The answer is simple- Cash Cars Buyer! We buy all makes and models and we are certainly interested in buying your old, totaled, damaged and wrecked car! You can obtain an instant offer on that car and get it towed the same day! We offer a host of services and each one is FREE to you! So, enjoy some ice cream! Savor a great day with the family at Szymanski Park! Just don’t spend another minute looking for a junk car buyer to buy your car! 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


Local Junk Car Buyers in South Burlington, VT! 

When it comes to getting the best deal on your junk car, you want services that will not break your bank. You also want personalized service that is private, safe and secure. Cash Cars Buyer can offer you all of that and then some! Whether you live in zip code 05408, 05407, 05405, 05403 or 05401, we can come directly to your location, appraise your car and then pay you on the spot! Just click here for your FREE online instant quote!  

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me for Fair Market Value? 

Many times, junk car sellers want to hurry and get rid of an old car. Lots of junk car owners become so desperate, that they will take any offer made to them- not realizing that they were low-balled, bullied or scam. If you choose to take your car to a scrap yard, or a junkyard, watch out for pitfalls that selling to some junk car buyers can bring. 

Fake Incentives 

If a junk car seller seems to be offering you incentives to sell your car that seem a bit “too good to be true”, then chances are, it is. Many times, scheming junk car sellers will offer you incentives that come with so much “red tape” that they seem unbelievable and they are!  You may find that their “great deal coupons” are so restrictive and offer promises that just seem ridiculous.  Be cautious and get things in writing! 

Placing Pressure on you to Sell Your Junk Car   

No one has time to see a smooth walking or fast-taking junk car salesman pressure you into selling your junk car. A good junk car buyer will give you time to think about the offer presented. Furthermore, he or she will take the time to answer your questions and provide all deals in writing. So, if you find yourself being pressured into making a decision, then it’s time to leave. Not only is pressure poor customer service, but it is also the sign of a con woman or a con man trick. People make poor decisions when they are under pressure, so it’s best to leave that high-pressure pit and move on to another junk car buyer. 


No License? No Credentials? No Sale 

If you see and junk car operating without a license, or the company is not licensed, bonded or insured, then you need to walk away.  Although a license isn’t always a guarantee that you’re dealing with a reputable business, the lack of a license is a definite red flag. If the business is legitimate, then there should be a visible license. 


Delay in Payment? Not on Your Watch! 

If a company chooses to buy your junk car and you agree to the offer, then you need to be paid when the company comes to pickup the car. There is no need to hear a “your check will be in the mail” message from any junk car buyer. Selling your car now and getting paid later? Not on your watch! 

We Buy Junk Cars! 

Cash Cars Buyer takes away the frustration and hassle of selling a junk car.  We are licensed, bonded and insured- and we can prove it! And when it comes to a delay in paying you? There is none! Sell your car to the best junk car buyers in the business. Sell it to Cash Cars Buyer, NOW! 

Junk A Car FAST! How it Works 

Enter your car’s specs 

Take a few moments of your time to enter your car’s information. The more precise you are, the better and more accurate your offer will be!  Once you have your offer, you can view it and call us! 

Accept your offer and choose your pickup day! 

When you call us, we will ask you some questions about your car. Then, we will formulate the best guaranteed cash offer, possible. Love what you hear? Great! It’s time for you to pick a day and time for us to come appraise your car and then pay you on the spot! 

Get paid! 

On the day we agree upon, we will promptly arrive to your home. We’ll waste no time inspecting your car, firming up the contract and then paying you on the spot! 

Don’t just sell your car to anyone. Sell it to the best junk car buyers in the business! Sell it to Cash Cars Buyer! 

500 Dollars for Junk Cars- Is it Possible?   

The short answer to this question, is yes. But keep in mind that you have a junk car. We here at Cash Cars Buyer pay fair market value for all makes and models. Our job is to present you with FREE services as well as the fairest price possible for your car. Additionally, we look at several factors when buying a car. Some include: 

  • Year, make and model 
  • Level and amount of damage; location of that damage 
  • Status of the title- do you have the title to your car? 
  • Weight of the vehicle 
  • Physical location of the car and more. 

Click here to find out what your car is worth in a matter of minutes! 

Selling a Car Online- Do Folks Want Old Cars in Vermont? 

Yes, they do! We went on the South Burlington Craigslist and found some great cars on the site. From a Chrysler Town and Country, to a 2008 Corolla, car buyers certainly have their choice of vehicles to buy! All of these vehicles have another component in common- the work that it took to assemble the ad. Selling a car online can be expensive, and time-consuming. There are the pictures you have to take of the car- as well as upload to your preferred site. Then, you have to write the description about your car too.  Don’t forget that you have to give your ad time to aggregate and reach potential car buyers in South Burlington. 

But there is an alternative to selling that old car online

Why not sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer- South Burlington’s premier junk car buyer! We don’t need photos of your car, unless you want to show them. And you don’t have to spend any money getting the word out, about your car. 

Just click here and tell us all about your car. Then, call us so that we can ask you some questions. We’ll make you a guaranteed cash offer on that car, FAST! 

Sell Your Old Car- Get FREE Junk Car Removal! 

Did you know that when you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we will remove that car for FREE? You will never have to pay to have your car hauled away! While lots of companies offer this, lots of places don’t. It’s just one of the many reasons you should sell our old car to us! 

We don’t need your car to be perfect! 

We buy cars in less-than-perfect condition. Whether they be totaled, have accident damage, flood damage or just generally broken-down- we make the process of selling that unwanted car, quick, fast, easy, convenient and FREE for you! 

“What fees do I have to pay, when I sell my car to you?” & FAQ 

I don’t have the title to my car. Can I still sell it to you? 

You sure can! In most cases, not having the title is not an issue. We ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your car. 

What fees do I have to pay, when I sell my car to you? 

Cash Cars Buyer is a “FEE-FREE” service! You never have to pay us anything! We take care of everything! 

Even the towing is free?   

It sure is! Even the towing is FREE! 

What’s the best place to sell my car online? 

You can bypass all of the work that comes with posting a used car ad online brings. Instead of taking and uploading photos, or even waiting for buyers who turn out to be sketchy, sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! You can obtain a FREE online instant offer and sell that car to us in a matter of days- not weeks! 

When I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer, is my transaction and information safe and secure? 

It sure is! We are licensed, bonded and insured. We operate our business in honesty and straightforwardness! 

South Burlington, sell your car to the best junk car buyers in the business! Sell it to Cash Cars Buyer! Let us turn that old jalopy into joyous money for you, FAST! Click here to get started NOW! 

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