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Cash For Junk Cars, Murfreesboro, TN – We Offer Same Day Pickup! 

Cash For Junk Cars, Murfreesboro, TN – We Offer Same Day Pickup! 

Murfreesboro, TN may be known for its American Civil War history, but the “real war” is the one in your backyard. You have gone back and forth on the battle line, with wanting to get rid of that old clunker, crowding your personal property. You try, you fight for your rights with local junkyards and you even spend time and money with towing and phone calls. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The madness stops with Cash Cars Buyer. Forget the battles you have endured trying to get rid of your junk car and losing. It’s time to come over to the winning side and sell your car the fast, efficient and easy way. 


Begin the victory, with an instant offer. Once you input your car’s information you will know what your car is worth, in a matter of minutes!  Then, call us and find out just how easy it is, to sell that broken-down vehicle! 


Sell Your Car to A Reputable Dealer in Murfreesboro NOW!  

If you had a dollar for every time a company told you what they CANNOT do for you, when it comes to selling your car, you would be able to afford a new car! 

We get that and that’s why we are a junk car buying company that says “yes”. Our trained, experienced and accomplished junk car buying agents know what it’s like to sell a junk car and all of the hassles it can bring. 

Forget that. We don’t deal with hassles. We deal with efficiency, honesty and straightforwardness. Whether your car has no keys, only two wheels of front-fender damage, we will buy it. Furthermore, we will offer you fair market value for it too. In many cases, our customers set their sights on a particular amount. Then they find that their car is worth more than they thought. 

Local Service Right to Your Front Door? Yes! 

Another bonus to selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer: our local and personalized service, right to your location. We wipe our feet of all of the stress, hassle and problems that come with selling your car. You will be welcomed with an efficient in-person car inspection and once all is good to go, cash in your hands. In fact, our Murfreesboro service includes front-door service to zip codes: 37133, 37132, 37131, 37130, 37129, 37128 and 37127. 

You NEVER have to bring your junk car to us; we come right to YOU! Additionally, all transactions are safe, secure and private. The only people who will know about your junk car sale, are the ones YOU share it with! Get that instant offer now, and call us for a great guaranteed cash offer, FAST!  

Same Day Junk Car Pickup? It Can Be Done! 

Cash Cars Buyer is all about ease, efficiency and expeditious service. Folks love that and we love providing it! For many of our valued junk car sellers, we can come to you and pay you for that junk car, the same day you call us wanting to sell it! Generally, you can get rid of that junk car and paid cash in 24-72 hours. Regardless, we will evaluate your circumstances and requests, and provide the best possible outcome to you! 

We want to buy your junk car and all you have to do, is get an instant offer can call us so we can prove it! 

Who Buys Cars That Don't Run?

In your case you have found out not many companies. Perhaps you decided to take your junk car to a dealership, only to have them turn their nose up to you. 

Or maybe you decided to sell your non running car on Craigslist and the ad is now months old. No one wants your car that doesn’t run.  

Selling a car that doesn’t run, can be frustrating as well as tricky. Is your car purely scrap? Is it damaged beyond recognition?  Do you have some engine trouble? Is the car a magnet for bad starters or battery corrosion? 


You have so many questions, but not enough solutions. Fortunately, Cash Cars Buyer knows how to value cars that don’t run, efficiently and expertly. In fact, you can get an instant offer on that non running car in a matter of seconds. And you can get cash for that heap of metal headache within 72 hours!  


Places That Buy Junk Cars – How it Works 

Enter your junk car’s information 

We want all of the information you have about your car, so that you can get the best instant offer on that car. Got rear damage? Type that in. Missing the title? Let us know. Have broken windows? We want to know! Only two wheels on the car? Indicate that! You see, the more detailed you are about your junk car, the better you instant offer will be. So, click here and let’s hear all about your car! Once done, you will get an instant offer you can accept of move on from. But we know you’ll love it. 

Accept your offer and answer a few questions, please 

OK, you got your instant offer and you love it. Awesome! Now, you can call us and speak to one of our friendly and warm agents. She or he will ask you some questions about your car. This will allow him or her to give you the best guaranteed cash offer possible. Like that offer too? Fantastic! Just “point us in the direction” of that junk car and allow us to inspect it and pay you cash! 

Get paid! 

We’re ready to come to you and appraise your car. When we get there, we will waste no time doing so! Just give us about 20 to 30 min to inspect your car, handle some processing and paperwork and then pay you the cash! 

How Much Is My Totaled Car Worth?

Getting into an accident is rough, and dealing with car insurance companies can be even rougher. No one appears to be on your side. And the wait to get anything done while wanting to close that chapter of your car accident, seems to never close.  


On top of that, you feel lost, depressed and even frustrated about the car accident. Then, you begin to develop the notion that your totaled car is worth nothing. 


Let us be clear: all cars have a value. It may differ on a case-by-case basis, but all cars have a value. 


Whether you have a junk, scrap or totaled car, or not, your vehicle has value. You can have the rustiest SUV that once belonged to Grandpa sitting in your backyard. You can have the rattiest old sedan that used to be Aunt Bertha’s from the eighties. 


Even if you can’t sell it through Craigslist, Facebook or Autotrader, you can still get money for that junk car.  


Junkyards may not be the answer

After a car wreck, you are now feeling vulnerable and desperate. You settled everything with your car insurance company, but now it’s time to get paid. 


You may or may not sell your car to a reputable junkyard, but you have to be careful. Many (not all) junkyard owners can “smell” desperation from a junk car seller and will prey upon them, as they are working to get paid fast. 


Factor in the damage and get paid 

As a knowledgeable junk car seller with a totaled car, you’re realistic about the amount of money you will see from your junk car sale. You just don’t want to have to put up with games, scams or schemes. 

You don’t have to! Our instant junk car offer will be a fair market value to you. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the offer, you can call us at any time and talk to us. 

As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we deal in honesty, integrity and straightforwardness. Forget the stress, hassles and time you are spending, explaining that “you have a totaled car and you are looking for a fair and honest price.” 

Sell your totaled car to Cash Cars Buyer and receive the “VIP” treatment you need, want and deserve! 

Junk Car Buyers Near Me – Free Towing and More! 

Looking for that wonderful, experienced junk car buyer in Murfreesboro? Look no further than Cash Cars Buyer! It’s time to sell us your car and take advantage of all we are offering you! 

Local and Personalized Service 

Forget calling a tow truck company and having to haul your car all around Murfreesboro for a quote. You never have to bring your car to us’; we come to you! 

FREE Towing! 

Once you sell your car to us, you never have to pay to have it towed away! That is our job and our expense. 

We are “FEE-FREE”!

Have you been calling other junk car buying places and listening to the “laundry list” of fees they add on to the sale of your junk car? 

Well, forget that with us! 

Cash Cars Buyer doesn’t charge for towing. And we don’t charge for the paperwork or processing associated with the sale of your junk car! 

A Reputable Car Buying Service 

Whether you have a great used car you want to get rid of, or a clunker that looks like it will blow over with a stiff wind, you can get an instant offer on it fast, and call us for a guaranteed cash offer. Regardless of the kind of car you have to sell, we will treat you with respect, dignity and honesty. That is our promise to you! 

Experience you can count on

We LOVE being in the junk car buying business. We love exceeding the expectations of our valued customers. With over a decade of experience, we have what it takes to make you happy with the cash that awaits you! Get an instant offer now, and give us a car later! We’ll be waiting to hear from you and buy that junk car from you, FAST!