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Cash For Junk Cars Moreno Valley, CA – Junk Car Buyers Near Me? We Are! 

Cash For Junk Cars Moreno Valley, CA – Junk Car Buyers Near Me? We Are! 

Moreno Valley is known for the March Field Air Museum, Moreno Valley Community Park and more. So how does you junk car fit in? Well it doesn’t. it’s time to let a licensed, bonded and insured company take that clunker off of your hands. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Cars Buyer is ready to make your property beautiful once again, as we buy that junk car that is doing nothing, but taking up space. 

We offer a host of services that make selling your fast, easy and convenient. 

You can get an instant offer on your junk car any time of the day. And our services are completely fee-free to you. 

Sell My Junk Car Fast- Nothing to Fear 

Thinking that selling your junk car will cost you lots of money?  Wondering how many months it will take you to get rid of that rusted ride? When you sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, you can confidently sell your car to us and we have a few good reasons you should! 

  • We offer cash on the spot. Some companies offer a check or a bank draft. But not us. 
  • You will never be judged for wanting to sell or for selling your junk car to us. 
  • You can get an instant quote on your car in a matter of seconds. And the more detailed you are, the more precise your offer will be. 
  • We’ve been buying junk cars for over a decade now. So, we are pros at this and we love what we do. 

I can sell my car privately 

You sure can and that may serve as a viable option. But here are a few tips to think about as you move forward with that private sale. 

Be sure to know the condition of your car 

Looking to sell your car for the maximum amount? Even having a junk car, you need to know what your car is worth. Click here and you can get an approximate value on your ride from Kelley Blue Book. 

Know what works and what doesn’t 

You may want to take your car to a mechanic and find out what works on your car and what doesn’t. This helps you to be an educated junk car seller when a potential buyer asks you a question. 

Decide how you want to sell your car 

Are you going to sell your car as an entire car or are you going to sell it part by part? Be sure to know so that you can list your car parts separately. 

Are Dealerships Junk Car Buyers? 

Generally speaking, no. It depends on the condition of your car. The main objective of a dealership is to make money. So, the dealership may look at your car as having close to no value. The dealership may look at your car and see that there are so many repairs that it needs. So, chances are, you may get a polite “no thank you.” 

We are local to Moreno Valley – Junk Your Car Fast 

Moreno Valley  is in Riverside County and is part of the San Bernardino-Riverside Metropolitan Area. Lots of great restaurants line several streets. There’s BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, HOGGS Gourmet Grill and more.  

And with all of the conveniences there are, why wouldn’t there be a junk car buyer, offering personalized service? We can come to your 92551, 92552, 92553 and surrounding area. 

You never have to bring your car to us. We can come to you. And for many residents, we offer same day appointments. 

Three Steps and You have Cash

Enter your car’s specs  

Once you have the information about your junk car, enter it in and receive an instant offer in a matter of minutes. Once you do, call us so we can ask you some questions and we will make you a guaranteed cash offer. 844-663-7286. 

Accept your cash offer 

Once you have your guaranteed cash offer, you can accept it. And when you do, we will make plans to come to your Moreno Valley home. We even may be able to come out the same day you accept your offer. 

Get your cash fast 

Once we arrive to your home, we will get to work inspecting your car. When all is well, we will put the cash in your hands, FAST. 

Cash Cars Buyer always offers free towing

We are not concerned with the condition of your clunker. Instead, we are concerned with offering you the best service possible. And to ensure that, we offer a host of services that make our customers happy. One of them is our FREE junk car towing. 


Whether your car is wrecked, broken down, or wrecked our tow drives will come to you for free and usually within 24 hours. 


With our experienced and professional tow truck drivers, they know what they are doing. And they will pick up your junk car safely and efficiently. So, call Cash Cars Buyer today to get started. 844-663-7286. 


I don’t have the title to my car! 

Here in California, you can obtain a duplicate car title and then sell your car privately or to a seller. But if you find that you are not able to get your duplicate car title, we still may be able to buy your car. 

In most cases, not having the title will not prevent you from selling your car. We ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale. 

Once you have those items in hand, obtain your instant offer on your car. Now you’re well on your way to turning that rusted out ride into cool cash.


Cash for Junk Cars – Does My Car Need Wheels to Sell It?  FAQ 


Where can I sell my junk car? 

Tired of looking for a place to sell your junk car? Sick of hearing what companies WON’T do? Cash Cars Buyer WILL buy your junk car and make it convenient for you, every step of the way. We got an offer for you. We buy all makes and models and offer fair market value for each. Looking for an instant offer, to see what your car is worth? Click here. We make selling your junk car easy. 

Does my car need wheels to sell it? 

Not at all. You don’t have to have four, three or even two wheels for us to offer you a great price for your car. Your junk car doesn’t even need wheels. Even though wheels may add value to your car, you can still get a fair price without them. Lots of our customers choose to keep the wheels to their car. As long as you know that will lower the price of your car, it is fine buy us. But you can still count on stellar service from us.  If you want to keep your wheels, then please let us know ahead of time. 

Can you buy a hail, flood or frame damaged car.? 

Mother nature can be relentless on our cars.  You can encounter a strong hail storm that smashes the windows of your car. Or you can live where there are hurricanes. And then you are looking a sever flood damage regarding your car. Regardless of the issues your car has, we will buy it and offer you a fair quote.  When you input the information for your instant offer, just remember to please indicate and describe the damage to us in as much detail as possible. Once we have the information, we will quote you the best price on your car. 


I lost my title. Will you still buy my car? 

Lots of times, we buy cars without the title and we may buy yours. If you can’t get a duplicate car title, we may still be able to buy your car. Just have your registration and ID. And be sure to indicate that you don’t have the car title once you get your instant quote


What fees Do I have to pay? 

We are “FEE-FREE” to you. You pay us nothing to sell your car. No paperwork, processing or towing fees. Our junk car buying services are completely free to you. 


Do I need to bring my car to you? 

Not at all. We are local to Moreno Valley and will come to your location. 


How soon can you come, inspect my car and then pay me? 

Once we have everything we need for a successful sale of your junk car, we can come to you fast. In many cases, we offer same-day appointments. Generally, we can have your car picked up in as little as 24-72 hours. 

Why sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

  • You can get an instant offer on your junk car any time, day or night. 
  • Once you sell your car to us and all goes well, you’ll get paid on the spot. 
  • We offer FEE-FREE services. You never have to pay us anything to sell your junk car. 
  • Even if you don’t have the car title, we still may buy your car. If you have the car registration and an ID, call us. 844-663-7286. 
  • Our agents are friendly, fast and local to Moreno Valley. 
  • You are never judged for selling your car. You will be treated with dignity and respect, from beginning to end. 

Contact Cash Cars Buyer today and count your cash for a better tomorrow. 844-663-7286.