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Cash For Junk Cars Macomb Township, MI – Up to $15,687

You have a junk car that’s just collecting dirt, dust and Michigan snow. The time to get rid of that clunker is now.  Whether you’re located in 48042 or 48044 here in Macomb Township, Michigan, we have local agents ready to help you get rid of that heap of a headache. There’s a company that pays cash for junk cars without long waits or hassles.

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Do I Have a Junk Car?

Macomb Township has some of the worst roads here in Michigan. The roads are so bad, that they even made national news! Talk about a SMH moment! With such problem potholes comes great chances to tear up a car. Maybe your car is beyond repair, due to the craters on the street. Maybe your car just wont start. You may have a junk car. So, what makes a car a junk car? If the cost to fix or repair it outweighs the car’s worth or your ability to pay for repair, it’s junk.

I’m Ready to Sell my Car

The state of Michigan has a process when it comes to selling a car. For starters, you need to locate the car’s title. Next, you, that car title and a working writing pen need to make way to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office (SOS) to file paperwork for the car’s sale. You can click here to find a Macomb Township Michigan location near you. As the seller, you have to complete your portion of the title assignment. Some folks here in the Great Lakes state call it the title agreement. Whatever you choose to call it, there are three parts to it. First, you have to supply the car’s mileage, selling price and selling date. That handy dandy writing pen will come in handy for the additional paperwork you have to fill out.

What if I Can’t Find My Car’s Title?

After a search of your home, you come up with no title, you can request a duplicate Michigan car title at the Michigan SOS office. Be prepared to pay a fee for it too. At this time, a duplicate car title fee is $15.00.

Can I Still Sell My Car Without Replacing the Lost Title?

Yes, but you must meet some requirements. I can’t lie. Michigan has strict rules in place about selling a car with no title. It’s in your best interest to find that car title to save yourself some aggravation. Think of the car title as protection. As a seller, having the car title protects you. It also protects your buyer. We strive to make each customer’s car selling experience a pleasant one. We also want to adhere to all of Michigan’s rules. So, if you can, take the time to find that car title, please!

Any Other Good Reasons to Junk My Car, Besides the Cash?

Absolutely! Check out the list I compiled below. And for the record, yes, cash is a great reason to junk your car!

  1. You’ll have more space and peace on your property. Even though you’re used to looking at your junk car in your driveway, you’ll love your home without it!
  2. You’ll save money. Michigan has no love for abandoned cars. So, if someone reports your abandoned car, the police will trace it to you. That spells f-i-n-e-s for you.
  3. Your car can be towed for free. Another reason to sell your car to junk car buyers, is that it will be hauled away for free!
  4. You’ll be helping with local recycling efforts. Did you know about 80% of car can be recycled? Michigan is big on recycling. That old car’s parts could be used to help someone else.
  5. It’s good for the environment. Clunkers are cars that may not start, but they are still a potential hazard. Many times, a junk car releases toxic chemicals into our soil. Those chemicals can then find their way into local water supplies. So, sell that car and protect the Macomb Township water!

I Can Sell My Junk Car Online

You sure can, but selling online comes with work. Let me break it down for you. If you decided to sell your junk car on Michigan Craigslist website, you’ll first have to take pictures that are detailed, in focus and really show your junk car. You’ll have to position your phone or camera all around the junk car so folks can see it at every angle. Secondly, you will have to make a list of things that are wrong (or even right) with the car. Online junk car shoppers or folks who sell old cars and see your ad, want as many details about the car they are buying. Thirdly, you have to turn that list into a description for that junk car. Here’s something else to remember too: scammers. Scam artists are all over the internet. They lurk on Michigan Craigslist, in Facebook groups and even on Instagram. So, be aware of folks who make weird requests or ask weird questions. Your “scam-dar” always has to be working to weed out scam artists all day long, for a successful online sale.

Tell Me More About Cash Cars Buyer Then

With pleasure! Cash Cars Buyer is a reputable car buying company. We purchase cars of all makes, models and years. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, we take the hassle, stress, guesswork and frustration out of the car selling business. Gone are the days of those loud and blinking neon “We Buy Junk Cars!” signs. We offer junk car sellers a quick and convenient way to sell their cars.

Where Do I Begin?

Glad you asked! First, enter your car’s information using our convenient online car tool. Next, we will contact you, asking some questions about your car.  After we’ve gathered what we need, you will have a free estimate in under a minute. At Cash Cars Buyer, we look at the merit of a car and make an honest offer. Our Macomb Township, Michigan agents, are experienced, accomplished and dedicated agents who will answer any and all questions you have. We want you satisfied from beginning to end.

After you have a transparent value for your car, you can choose to accept it or not. No stress. No obligations. We will purchase your car regardless of its condition. After accepting our offer, we will make time to visit with you and your car in your Macomb Township, Michigan home. After we inspect your car and everything is on the “up and up”, you’ll have cash in your hand right there!

Experience the Cash Cars Buyer Difference

At Cash Cars Buyers, there are no hidden costs. Seller fees? Not here. Processing fees? No on our watch. Transfer fees? Absolutely not. We provide upfront and honest information to you. We want your business and will work to obtain it. Your car may be junk, but you are the prize. So, contact us today, for a real offer on that clunky car. You have nothing to lose and money to gain. Come one, come all, Macomb Township! We’re waiting by the phone to hear from you! Make it a Cash Cars Buyer day and reclaim your backyard!

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