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When you are selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer, we make selling your car easy!

Cash Cars Buyer is here to buy your junk car with ease!

Our FREE services include:

  • FREE junk car removal
  • No hidden fees
  • personalized service to your Fresno home and more!

We can come to your home or location located in 93650, 93765, 93740 and surrounding areas!

So, instead of sweating of how you’re going to get rid of that old van in your backyard, go to Fresno Park and enjoy some quiet time!

But whatever you do, leave the junk car woes to us!

Cash for Junk Cars Fresno – “How much cash do you get for junk cars?”

Usually, the range salvage companies can pay for vehicles is between $200 and $400 dollars. The dollar amount you will see for your car will be based on its condition.

The amount of money owners of junk cars will see is based on the year, make and model of that junk car. Location also plays a role in this as well.

You can eliminate all of the guesswork and find out what your junk car is worth by obtaining an instant offer on your junk car! Just click here to get your offer now!

How much do scrap yards pay for junk cars?

The vast amount of the weight in your car is composed of steel. It's fairly simple for an auto professional to determine the value of scrap steel at local recycling yards. Amounts of about $150 per ton are pretty typical. So, your car may be worth around $300 to a scrap yard. As a junk car seller, you may find it beneficial to know the current price of scrap. You can click here to view it.

Cash for Junk Cars Fresno

Cash For Junk Cars Fresno – The Cash Cars Buyer Difference

  • We pay in cash on the spot! You will never see a bank draft or check with us!
  • Did you damage your car title? We buy cars with no title! Just have your picture ID as well as car registration with you.
  • Whether your car has no keys or isn't running, we can purchase it and you can still get an instant offer on it.
  • We offer FREE junk car hauling! You never have to pay to have your car towed!
  • Once you accept our offer, you will have standing and solid appointment time!

Wait! There's more!

  • We are local to Fresno!  You never have to leave your home or office to sell your junk car!
  • As a licensed bonded and insured company, we are straightforward with all of our customers and we work to earn your trust!
  • We’re pleasant to deal with and as friendly as can!
  • We know lots about the junk car buying business and can answer any question you have about your car!

How do I sell my car privately in California?

To sell a car in California, begin with contacting your local DMV office. And from there, just know that you have some additional tasks to take care of.

  • Then, be sure that you release of your ownership of the vehicle.
  • Additionally,  make sure that the car you want to sell has a current as well as valid smog certificate. You many want to check if this applies to your car.
  • Don’t forget that odometer statement. You have to give this to the buyer, this, for a car that is less than 10 years old. Click here for additional tasks you have to take care of!
  • With you having a junk car, you may find it beneficial to discuss the measures you need to take with your local titling office.

How Can I Junk My Car for 500 Cash Near Me? Get Cash for Junk Cars Quickly!

We know that you have in your mind a $500 payout for your junk car. And based upon your car, Cash Cars Buyer might give you much more than you expected.

We look at the full merit of a car. This includes the car’s year, make and model. We also look at the scrap and parts of your car too. And we will also investigate where your car is located in the Fresno area.

Get rid of that car fast!

We purchase cars in 24-48 hours, so you can get rid of a non-running car fast! When you sell your junk car, you want to make sure that you recoup any money you put into it. For example, if you had a new engine or a starter put into the car, you want to make that money back.

Lots of times, people will often pay the money for repairs even when their car is older. After all of the money you have put into a car that still doesn’t perform can be difficult to come to grips with. And for most companies, they will only see just a junk car.

So, you have to know all about your car and to do this, start with the Kelley Blue Book offer of your car. To end, know the value of the parts you outfitted the older car with.

Junk My Car – How It Works

Enter your car’s details

Be sure that you take the time to answer a few questions about your car so you can get an instant offer on most cars. To ensure you get an accurate offer, make sure that you enter precise information about your car’s trim, title status, mileage, and condition prior to your submission for the instant offer. After, you can connect with us to answer some additional questions and obtain a guaranteed cash offer on your car.

Accept your offer

Once you’re satisfied with the offer, we will schedule the in-person appraisal as well as pick-up of your car.

Get paid cash!

When all is well, we will hand you a check during the free junk car pick up!

Cash For Junk Cars Fresno – Junk My Car Same Day Pickup Available!

How Much Can I Sell My Car For?

Seeking money for your junk car? Cash Cars Buyer can offer you a fair price for your car without any hassle or hidden fees! can give you a fair offer for your car by following three easy steps that will put extra cash in your pocket!

Begin the process of getting an instant offer for your car and accept it. Once you do, we will schedule a pick up for FREE. And when all is good to go, you can collect your payment as soon as we haul your car! The best part is that in many cases, we can complete the process in 24 hours!

Selling my Car Online

Selling your cars online just got easier with Cash Cars Buyer! We buy all makes and models! Even if you don’t have the title to your car, we still may buy it! Just get that instant offer and know where you stand on the value of your car!

Do I have to bring my junk car to you?

Not at all! Lots of other car buyers, and dealerships that purchase vehicles and charge for towing and will tack on fees. All you have to do is to provide information for an instant offer. When you do, you can get a guaranteed offer!  When you accept our offer, we’ll come to you with your cash offer, and we take care of the processing as well as paperwork. We make selling your junk car simple!

Cash for Junk Cars San JoseTo Get Started Just call 1-844-663-7286!

What Kind of Vehicles Do We Buy?

We buy all makes and models! This means that we will purchase your rusted, old car, beat up old truck, or the totaled SUV!

How Much Will We Pay for Your Vehicle?

We calculate the value of each vehicle individually. This ensures we can offer you the highest payout possible. Just provide the details of your vehicle and get the process started with no-obligation!

When Do I Get Paid?

We provide cash for your car the same day we inspect it and pick it up! We pay cash and then haul you car away for free

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

NEVER! In fact, all of our services are completely free to you! You never have to pay for paperwork, towing or the processing of the sale of your car.


Places That Buy Junk Cars

Chances are, you have been thinking of selling your car on Craigslist. The site is a great site and folks can sell as well as buy a multitude of things, even a car.

But you have to put in the work

Places That Buy Junk Cars

Chances are, you have been thinking of selling your car on Craigslist. The site is a great site and folks can sell as well as buy a multitude of things, even a car.

But you have to put in the work

For you to sell a car on Craigslist as on of the places where you can buy a junk car you have to do the following:

  • Take photos that are sharp and focused.
  • Write a creative and enticing description that is honest.
  • Post a way for folks to get in touch with you. A phone number or an email would be ideal.

Craigslist list also comes with some risks.

  • Buyers may car and set up a time, then never show up.
  • You may get a host of scam and spam emails and text messages that can be annoying and even have links that are dangerous to open.
  • Folks may work to scam you out of money for the sale of your car, by asking you to send money.

Skip the work and the issues and just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! We make selling your junk car in Fresno, quick and easy!

So, for all of the work you think you have to do, just call 844-663-7286 and let's turn that clunker in to great, cool and amazing cash!

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