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Cash For Junk Cars Billings, MT- We Buy All Makes And Models! 

Cash For Junk Cars Billings, MT

Whether it’s a shopping trip you need, or sightseeing of mountain ranges, you can find it all in Billings, Montana. In fact, one can see six mountain ranges from Billings. They include Pryor, Big Horn, Bull, Beartooth, Crazies, and the Big Snowy Mountain ranges. What you also see is that old rusted, totaled and wrecked car taking up space on your property. 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

That’s where we come in. We are Cash Cars Buyer, offering stress-less, haggle-free and “FEE-FREE” services for you to get rid of that car fast! In many cases, we can offer Billings residents same-day pickup and payout for that old car! Regardless of the condition of that old car, you can obtain a FREE online offer in a matter of minutes. We also offer FREE junk car removal too!  

How Much Is My Car Worth in Billings? 

The most asked question we hear as junk car buyers is, “How Much is my car worth?” We tell all of our junk car sellers that the final offer received for a junk car, depends on its condition. Regardless of where you sell your car, that junk car buyer will have some criteria he or she will review, before making you an offer on your car. Some of the factors we look at include: 

  1. Your car’s weight 
  2. Current price of scrap metal. Click here to see current prices for yourself! 
  3. Year, make and model of your car 
  4. Status of the car title- do you have the title or is it damaged or lost? 
  5. Current location of your car and more. 

Thankfully, we took the guesswork out of knowing what your car is worth. You can click here, input some information about your car and receive a FREE online offer! Cash Cars Buyer makes selling your old, non running car- quick, fast and convenient for you! Why not call us today!? 

I Want To Sell My Car For Cash, But I Lost the Title! 

Looking at that junk car and thinking that you’ll never get rid of it, because you lost the title? We here at Cash Cars Buyer purchase cars with no title and just may buy that jalopy from you! All you have to do, is provide your picture ID a well as your car registration. When you have those items, you can still obtain a FREE online offer by clicking here


Local Junk Car Buyers in Billings, With the Credentials You Want to See! 

Doing seemingly endless “Google” searches for junk car buyers near you can produce little to nothing. After you call different places, you may ask about experience, licenses and other credentials. When you find companies that have nothing, then it’s time to hang up the phone. We here at Cash Cars Buyer are licensed, bonded and insured. Instead of telling you want we cannot do for you, we love telling you what we WILL do for you! Need to see our credentials? No problem! We have them to show you! Just ask! 

Front Door Service with a smile- We Buy Junk Cars! 

Whether that pickup truck has only one wheel-  or Mom’s old sedan has only one door, we will buy those vehicles! No need to “pretty up” your car, or get it repaired! We take cars with lots of damage and a huge “ugly factor”! 

Another added bonus to our services is that we “bring the office to you”! You never need to call a tow truck company to have your car hauled away! We will joyfully get rid of that old jalopy! So, what are you waiting for? Obtain your FREE online offer, and sell that car to the premier junk car buyers in Billings, Cash Cars Buyer! 

Sell Your Car Privately in Billings, Montana? 

Thinking of selling that car privately in Billings, Montana? You can, but prepare for the work. 

Word of Mouth

Perhaps you are going to sell that car by letting your next-door neighbor know you have a car to sell. And hopefully he or she knows someone who would love to buy it. 

Sell it Online 

Maybe you’re ready to get into the online car selling game. Just be sure that you have clear and colorful pictures, a great description and lots of patience to wait for a serious buyer. 

Buy a Newspaper Ad

Yes, folks still read the newspaper these days. And many do read the classified section, to see what cars are for sale. But lots of these individuals want a junk or older car for practically nothing. Good luck with that! 

Instead, Sell That Damaged Car To Us! 

When it comes to selling a junk car, the name of the game is simplicity. You want a stress-free, safe, hassle-free and anger-free way to sell your old car. Simplicity and ease are in our DNA! Cash Cars Buyer offers you the quickest way to get rid of that junk car fast!  No need to spread the word about your car among folks in your neighborhood. Forget posting pictures and writing some crafty and slick description. We just want to know some details about your car, ask you a few questions, and make you an offer! Ready to get started? Great! Just click here! 

We Buy Cars While Keeping You Safe! We Buy All Makes and Models! 

We are all living in some very different times these days- where safety is important.  Cash Cars Buyer gets that and has safety measures that protect you as well as our team members. Not only do we protect your personal information, but we protect you as well. Forget bringing your car into an office, requesting an offer. You can sit in the comfort of your home or location, and receive a FREE online offer in a matter of minutes!  


Selling Your Car During COVID-19 Pandemic: We here at Cash Cars Buyer are still conducting business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we want you to know that we practice physical distancing within the most sanitary conditions. While your safety is first, be sure to let us know how we can best accommodate you, during this global crisis.  


How To Sell Car Quickly, Easily And Conveniently 

When you are ready to sell that car, we offer a quick and convenient process for you! Check out how easy it is to sell you car fast! 

Tell us all about your car 

Take a few moments to tell us about your car and be sure not to leave any detail out! The more precise you are with your description and information, the better your FREE online quote. When you have your offer and are ready to move forward, call us! 

Accept your Guaranteed Cash Offer 

Call us after you review your offer. One of our friendly agents will ask you a few questions pertaining to your car. This ensures that our team provides you with the best guaranteed offer, under the Billings, Montana sun! Love what you just heard from our team? Awesome! It’s time for the appraisal and payout! 

Get Paid When You Sell Your Car! 

Once we have your “A-OK” for the offer, we will ask you the best day and time to come to your Billings location, inspect your car and then pay you on the spot! The entire process takes less than 30 minutes! And if you have any last-minute questions, ask away! 

Forget the towing! We got that covered! 

Remember that we offer FREE junk car removal once we buy your car! Our personalized service covers Billings zip codes

  1. 59101
  2. 59102
  3. 59103
  4. 59105
  5. 59016 
  6. 59112

We come ready to look your car over, handle the processing and paperwork, and pay you right then and there on the spot! No mailed check or delayed payments here! We pay fast and pay you when you sell you car! Click here for that fantastic FREE online offer now

Will You Buy My Car with Engine Issues? 

We sure will! Sometimes, the cost of getting an engine rebuilt or fixed, is not worth it. In fact, you may be spending more on that engine repair, than the entire car is worth! How much does it cost to rebuild an engine? “If you are looking to replace or rebuild the engine of an old vehicle, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to $4000. If you don’t want to rebuild the engine yourself, you should be prepared to pay about $50 to $100 per hour for labor”, according to our article entitled: “How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild an Engine?” You can click here to read more. Sometimes it makes sense to get that engine fixed; other times, it’s best to just sell it. 


So, sell it to the best junk car buyers in Billings! 

Why be saddled with engine repairs, faulty starters and brakes that seem to go out just about every other month? Older cars can be costly to maintain. Forget the hassle and stress of spending your paychecks paying for a car that refuses to be stellar. Sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

  1. We have over a decade of junk car buying experience and we LOVE what we do! 
  2. Forget price haggling. We stand by our offers! 
  3. You can get an offer on that car in a matter of minutes! Whether you’re enjoying a great cup of coffee in the morning, or taking care of business in the evening, that FREE online offer is available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 
  4. No title? Generally, it means no problem! Just have your picture ID as well as your registration for the sale of your car. 
  5. Physical distancing is implemented to keep you safe! We want you happy, healthy paid! 

Billings! You have tried the rest, now it’s time to get an offer from the best. Fair market value, “FEE-FREE” services and more! That’s what you can expect from Cash Cars Buyer! 

Ready to get a FREE quote on that clunker? Click here now! 

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