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Cash For Junk Cars Barrington, RI – We Guarantee Our Offers! 

Cash For Junk Cars Barrington, RI

Located in Bristol County, Rhode Island and approximately seven miles southeast of Providence is the town or Barrington. Known for Haines Memorial State Park, East Bay Bike Path and the Narragansett Sailing School, Barrington gives residents peaceful, natural surroundings and more. 

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️


And when it comes to that junk car sitting in your garage, you desire peaceful surroundings as well. Let Cash Cars Buyer, purchase that unwanted, old and dented car fast. You can obtain a FREE online offer, as well as a host of “FEE-FREE” services that are a savory and inviting as the salmon and vegetables at Table Bistro. You’ve search for the best junk car buyer and now you ‘ve found us! Let Cash Cars Buyer make that heap of headache a metal memory FAST! 

Local Junk Car Buyers in Barrington, RI- We Guarantee Our Offers! 

Whether you have a dented SUV, a rusted van, or even a pick-up truck with no wheels, we can buy those vehicles, while making you a solid offer that we will stand by. No need to call a tow truck once we buy your car. Towing is on us! 

How Selling Your Junk Car Works 

The process of selling your dented, damaged and dilapidated car is easy! We love simplicity and we strive for it with each junk car seller!  

Enter your car’s details 

First, take the time to enter your car’s information. Once done, you can view your FREE online offer and move forward with the sale of your scrap car! 

Accept your offer and schedule a pick-up 

When you have your FREE online offer, it’s time to move forward with the sale of your vehicle. You can call us so that we can discuss your car in more detail. This will ensure that we provide you with the best guaranteed cash offer. All that’s needed now is your approval. And once we have it, we will ask the best day and time to come to your home or location- to appraise your car and pay you right then and there. 

Get paid and get that car towed away FAST 

After we appraise your car, we will fill out the necessary paperwork, process your sale and then pay you right on the spot! “check in the mail”? No way! We pay right when we tow your car away! 

With Cash Cars Buyer, we know you have a great need to sell that junk car and we will work hard to make that happen! Begin here and tell us all about that rusted ride, NOW! 

Barrington, RI Junk Car Buyers Who Put Safety First! 

We love buying junk cars and we love making life better for each junk car seller. That’s why you never have to leave the comfort of your Barrington, RI home to sell your totaled, rusted, dented or damaged car. In fact, our local Barrington service areas include zip codes: 02806 as well as 02809. So, there is never a need for you to call a tow truck, only to bring your car, for an appraisal. We do that from your location, and then pay you for that junk car, FAST! Ready to begin? Great! Just click here! 

COVID-19 Update: Cash Cars Buyer and our team are working to ensure the safety and health of all junk car sellers. We practice physical distancing and we encourage you to contact us should you have more questions. We appreciate the chance to earn your business and encourage you to click here to get started with your FREE online offer

How to Sell My Old Car Online

Selling just about anything online is what many folks do these days. There is an online market for home goods, shoes, clothing, wigs, and even cars. So, why would you not sell a car online? But there is an art to online selling, that many individuals fail to master. And when it comes to selling a car online, lots of people don’t realize the work that goes into the process. From the pictures you have to take and post, to the description you have to write about your car- selling a vehicle online is a daunting and difficult task- for many. Don’t forget to post your contact information so that potential buyers can reach you. And then, there is the matter of scheduling showings- with people who may or may not show up. 

Conventional Online Junk Car Selling? No Way! 

Instead of dealing with folks who don’t show up to your car showings, or fiddling with pictures to post to an online marketplace, you can just sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer, for a fair offer! We are the best place to sell a car online. Think of us as the company with the “buyer built right in”! We buy all makes and models hassle as well as stress free to the junk car seller! 

Ready to get started? Just click here! 

Junk A Car- Experience the Cash Cars Buyer Difference! 

With Cash Cars Buyer, you can expect stellar service, that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them!  Additionally: 

  1. Our company is trusted by hundreds each month, for the safe removal of their junk cars- as well as fast payout! 
  2. We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Our business is built around integrity and honesty. 
  3. You can have your car sold in a matter of days, not weeks or months. 
  4. In most cases, same day pick up is available. 
  5. We offer FREE towing from your home, office or Barrington, RI location. 
  6. You can obtain a FREE online quote 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Who Buys Cars With No Title In Barrington, Rhode Island? 

You have searched and searched for that title, but you have come up short. Where is it? How are you going to sell your car without it? Cash Cars Buyer purchases cars without the car title and we just may buy yours! In many instances, the absence of your car title is not an issue. We ask that you have your ID as well as your registration when you’re ready to sell your vehicle. Get started now, with your no-obligation and FREE offer, now! 

Sell That Old Car Fast- Save Our Planet! 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer love our Mother Earth just as much as the next person does. That’s why we believe in recycling car parts and helping to save our Earth. Check out some of the parts of an old car that can be given new life!


The tires on your old car can be melted down and repurposed into fuel, tarps, artificial turf and even brand-new tires! 

Motor Oil 

The oil you put in your motor never wears. It only gets dirty. This is the reason that you get oil changes. If you decide to dispose of your old oil yourself, you run the risk of contaminating the soil and the water supplies.  We take oil to a certified collection center, so that the oil can be cleaned and reused.


Auto Glass

Think that your old auto glass is useless? Think again! That old windshield glass can be transformed into concrete blocks, fiberglass insulation and even new glass bottles.



The plastics on your car can be melted down into tools and items that can help others in your local community! 

So, sell your car and help save our Mother Earth! Ready to get started? Click here now! 

Cash For Junk Cars Today Anywhere in Barrington, RI 

Regardless of where your junk car is located in Barrington, RI, we’ll buy your junk car! We are close, professional, helpful and we pay fair market value for all makes and models. We buy EVERYTHING including:

  • Vehicles that run or don’t run
  • Totaled or wrecked vehicles
  • Vehicles with no title 
  • Vehicles with water or flood damage
  • Vehicles that are just too expensive to repair
  • Vehicles that have tickets
  • Vehicles that have no keys
  • Vehicles with no wheels, rims or tires
  • Vehicles that have a huge “ugly factor”! 

Sell your car today, to the best junk car buyers in the business- Cash Cars Buyer! 

Junk Car Buyers in Barrington, RI Who Make it Easy from Beginning To End! 

If you’re looking to sell your junk car in Barrington, you will be hard-pressed to find a more experienced junk car buying company than us- or even a more seamless transaction- than the one we offer. We are the junk car buyers in Barrington, RI who make it easy to sell your vehicle. You’ll receive:

  • FAST money payouts- we pay on the spot! 
  • Convenient appointment times (in some instances, we can arrive the same day!) 
  • FREE paperwork and processing of your order- we handle all of the work! 
  • The ability to sell your car without a title. 
  • FREE towing and more!

500 for Junk Cars 

Looking for $500 for your junk car? While it’s certainly possible, you have to keep in mind that the offer you receive from us, is based on the full condition of your car. On the low end of offers, junk car sellers can see a few hundred dollars for the sale of their junk car. On the high end of our offers, a car may be worth thousands of dollars. Regardless of the car you have to sell, you can count on a fair offer that we will stand by! 


Barrington! Looking for a fast, easy and profitable way to get rid of that old car? Sell it to Cash Cars Buyer and let us purchase that sorry car, for sensational cash, FAST! Click here to get started

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