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Car Makes Rattling Noise When Accelerating – That Engine Rattle On Startup Is Bothering Me! 

Car Makes Rattling Noise When Accelerating

There’s nothing more aggravating than a car that makes rattling noises when accelerating or starting. So, what can you do about it? Instead of kicking your car and shouting obscenities, we can offer some causes and point you toward the help you need. 

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What Are the Reasons for Car’s Rattling Noise When Accelerating?

“Shake rattle and roll” belongs in a song, not in your car. Let’s gather some reasons that your car is rattling after you hit the accelerator pedal. We will also examine some fixes for each issue. 

It May Be a Bad Torque Converter 

One of the reasons that you are experiencing rattling in your car during acceleration, could be due to a faulty torque converter. Although the sound may sound very faint, as your car idles, it will begin to pick up in speed and sound as you hit the gas. All of this discord with your wheels, could mean the “end of the road” for your torque converter.  Do you think this is the case? Then it’s time to take your car to a mechanic. 


Solution For The Bad Torque Converter 

The money you spend getting your torque converter fixed will be more than just an outright replacement of the part. But a mechanic or auto professional will look at your car, before deciding to replace your torque converter. Lots of mechanics will charge you anywhere between $500 and $1000 to replace your torque converter.  Interested in A DIY repair of your torque converter? You can expect to spend anywhere between $150 to $500 for parts. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact amount you will spend, as the amount of money you have to fork over lies within the make and model of your vehicle. You will certainly be cutting your repair bill in half with a DIY job; but if you are not well versed in fixing this, then you really should take your car to a professional. A torque converter job is a huge undertaking. It involves removal of the transmission so that the vehicle’s torque converter can be thoroughly inspected- and then replaced if need be. Given such, you may need to think twice about performing this DIY task. 


Could it Be The Motor Mount? 

Another cause of your car rattling as you hit the gas, could be due to the motor mount which is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. That motor mount may be ruptured and leaking fluid as far as the eye can see. One way to pinpoint this issue, is to look for dark lines of dripping oil that may be on the frame next to the side mount or underneath. It may be a bit difficult to determine the failure with just a look- especially if there are no oil stains. You’ll have to take your car to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis. 


Solution To Ruptured Motor Mounts

Thankfully, your damaged or broken engine mounts can be resolved rather quickly and without you spending too much cash. You may be tempted for a DIY fix of these mounts, but it may be to your benefit to take your car to a mechanic. He or she will be able to put a lift under your vehicle and replace your mounts. While your mechanic will replace your broken or worn motor mounts, you can expect to spend between $200 and $500 for the repair.  


Have You Checked Your Vehicle’s Transmission Levels? 

Although not a major or huge issue, it may be to your benefit to check your transmission fluid levels. The vehicle’s fluid should be at a level that the vehicle’s manual recommends. Low fluid levels in the transmission are but one of many reasons that a car can rattle during acceleration. 


Solution To The Transmission Issues You Are Having 

If you are a car owner, who routinely changes your transmission fluid every 30,000, 40,000 or even 60,000 miles, then you should never have an issue with your transmission or its fluid levels. But nevertheless, if you are experiencing any kind of rattling, then you certainly want to check the transmission fluid levels- or ask a mechanic to do so. If the levels are very low, you or your mechanic will add more fluid. The average cost of a transmission fluid change is about $100. 


Are Your V-Belt Pulleys Loose Or Bent? 

Your V- Belt Pulleys are components that are responsible for transmitting power between axles by utilizing a v-belt alongside a cross-section that is trapezoidal. Stellar V-Belt Pulleys offer a high-speed power transmission solution which stays resistant to misalignment and slippage. So, if your V-Belt Pulleys become loose or bent, the contact that the metal-on-metal makes will create a horrible rattling sound once you put your foot on the gas.  To inspect your V-Belt Pulleys, turn off your engine, open your vehicle’s hood and look at your vehicle’s V-belts. You will notice that a belt is bad if you see damage in the form of frayed or tattered sides. 

Solution And Cost of Repairing V-Belt Pulley 

When you have a pulley that is loose or damaged or loose, then it’s time to take your car to a mechanic. Plan on paying anywhere between $110 and $400 to have the vehicle’s tensioner pulley completely replaced. Labor costs for this repair, can range between $40 and $155. Parts for this repair can be as little as $80 and as much as $225. 


Are Your Vehicle’s Heat Shields Loose? 

If your vehicle’s heat shield becomes broken, damaged or even loose, because of rust or some other issue, then that heat shield will vibrate and cause a rattling sound. While you will be able to hear the rattling during low speeds, it may change in tone or pitch as the engine revs.  A mechanic will need to inspect your heat shield. Many vehicle heat shields will last the entire lifespan of the vehicle. But heat shields are prone to failure- so it will be to your benefit to get a proper diagnosis from an accredited mechanic or auto professional. 


Solution to Loose Heat Shields 

There is some great new here. If your heat shields don’t have any serious damage, then your vehicle’s heat shields are fast and inexpensive to fix and repair.  For a replacement heat shield, you can expect to spend about $300. Your mechanic may also perform spot welding on that heat shield at his or her local shop- which is also a great solution. 

Perhaps There is an Issue With Your Valve Train System 

Is your car making rattling noises that sound like bottles making clinking sounds? Then chances are you have an issue with your valve train system. The valve train system in your vehicle has the task of operating both the exhaust as well as the intake valves. Any worn or stuck parts- even the hydraulic lifters- may cause ignition that is premature in the combustion chambers. Many refer to this premature ignition as carbon rap and can be traced to filing your car with fuel that is the incorrect octane level or just dirty oil. 


Solution To The Issue of the Valve Train 

If your valve train- which you can find at the top of your vehicle’s engine- is the cause of your car rattling, then you need to see what kind of oil you are using in your car. For oil that is dirty, then an oil change may be all you need to end the rattling. You can also starve off the rattling by putting the correct fuel in your car. For example, if your car only accepts 95 octane and you are using a lower grade such as 89, then this may contribute to the rattling you hear.  


A car rattling when accelerating can grow to more than a daily annoyance. After noting the rattling while accelerating and reading our detailed article, it’s time to allow a mechanic or auto professional to help remedy the issue. If you are up for a DIY fix, be sure that you are calm, experienced and ready to tackle what’s ahead of you. You can get rid of a rattling car that makes noise when you accelerate- and having a game plan will certainly help you FAST! 


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