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When the Car is Burning Oil Fast, Get It Fixed ASAP.

Car is Burning Oil Fast

Some car problems require attention, like when the car is burning oil too fast.

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There are repairs that can wait in life – the sketchy USB connection, for example.  Then there are others that require immediate attention – a flat tire, bad brakes, or the car is burning oil too fast.  Knowing which is which is important when it comes to caring for your car.

Maybe you have recently been wondering if now’s the time to change from a lightweight oil to something heavier – will it stop the car from burning oil too fast?  Well, if your car has a lot of miles on it, then maybe.

This is the type of everyday advice many of us are just now finding out!  We never got good car lessons from our family members or in school, and now, we must look up the resources on our own.  That’s what often leads people to study up on cars that burn oil too fast.

What Oil Does and Why it Might Be Burning Too Fast in Your Car

Fast burning oil in a car is a problem.  To understand its complexity, one needs to study up on the ins and outs of motor oil for a car.

The oil keeps the engine lubricated so that it doesn’t break down on itself.  

The rule of the road is that for every 5,000 miles or so, no more than ½ quart should be lost.  New cars will be able to perform even better.  The difference between 5,000 miles isn’t usually enough to harm the engine.

However, sometimes the oil is lost quickly.  It seems like every other day the oil needs to be topped off.  That isn’t normal.

There are many reasons the car engine could be burning through oil quickly.  It could be bad seals or worn gaskets. It might that the engine has the wrong type of oil inside.  It might even be that the car is just plain old.

Why is My Car Burning Oil So Fast?  A few causes.

A car that is burning oil fast is not a car on which you can rely.  That’s the truth.

For example, you always have to second guess if the car can make a long trip.  You might be worried that you need to pour MORE oil into the engine or that you’re running low. You need to wait a long time, at least half an hour, to let the engine cool before you get moving.

That wait time is not efficient by any means.  Oil-guzzling cars are annoying and a hazard.  They’re also a financial risk.  Repairs and tows will be costly when the engine finally gives.

The car’s oil-burning problems are not just going to go away on their own.  It requires decisive action to remedy the situation. 

The key here will be to be able identify a cause of the problem.  If you will take the car to a mechanic, then this is really where the work ends.  Sit back, relax, and wait for the estimate.

If you are thinking of going the DIY route, there are a few things to check out when the car engine’s oil is burning too fast.

Check seals and gaskets.  If these seals are bad, cracked, dried, or damaged, the oil will leak out.  This requires you to refill the engine with oil more often.  The repair isn’t that bad, usually.  Get it taken care of right way.

Everything in life requires cohesion and balance – your car’s engine oil follows suit.  If the engine doesn’t have the right oil, old oil, or bad oil, it may be losing it quickly – burning or leaking.  Be sure to consider this problem.

If you know how to check the engine oil yourself, you can give the dipstick a quick gander.  The colors brown and dark brown represent an engine in need of service.  Black also means call the garage as soon as possible.  

It’s really just an oil change – grab the old pan, filter, and tool kit and give it a go.  If that isn’t what you do, then call the mechanic and have a professional handle the work once and for all.

What about the piston rings?  The old damaged piston rings are at again!  They will let the oil slide right through to that combustion chamber if you don’t keep an eye on them.  The last thing you want is carbon deposits.

First it was high blood pressure, now it’s high oil pressure.  We have to check on the oil pressure to monitor the health of your car engine.  

You know, sometimes the problem with a car is that it’s just too old to operate like it used to.  For example, an old engine might burn up or leak oil due to its age and condition.  

Chicago Car Owners Lament Fast Burning Oil in their Cars 

In Chicago, the suburbs, and beyond, drivers worry that their car engines are burning oil too fast.

If you are thinking about this 24/7, you may be worrying over nothing.  The first five years of an engine’s life are its most robust years.  

If something does break down, it usually is an error in construction, often covered under warranty and everything.  It’s no wonder people only drive cars for six or seven years before wanting a new one.

Synthetic oil often works its way into this conversation.  Mechanics remind drivers that it is a little craftier and can actually work its way through more compartments than traditional motor oil – meaning some loss.

The name of the game here is routine maintenance.  Regular oil changes and the occasional peek at a car’s dipstick can work magic in terms of sparing yourself from shelling out big bucks to your local garage.

There are Bigger Problems Indicated by a Car Burning Oil Fast

When the car burns oil too fast, not all causes are small.  There could be a major engine problem like a blown head gasket.  

Some engine problems are serious and costly to repair.  One common symptom of such issues is the fast burning of car oil.

Whether or not you think this is a serious problem, you should contact a mechanic right way.  Be sure to keep an eye on the oil level in the meantime.

Some cars will flash the oil light or send an alarm that the oil is low.  Be sure to take the appropriate action when you see these notifications.

It should also be noted that you can’t rely on the oil system of the car on its own, especially on older vehicles. 

A Little Oil Consumption is Typical in Engines

When talking about cars that are burning oil too fast, and what a headache they cause, it might be wise to remember that a little oil consumption is to be expected.

Oil is pretty great stuff, but it is still a liquid subject to chemistry and physics. Some is going to be lost, burnt, turned into deposit, caught in the filter, or leaked somewhere along the line.  

This isn’t a concern in the newest of cars, but the normal wear and tear will do it after a few years on the road.

You should remember how much loss is normal depends on the car’s make, model, age, and condition.  

You have a real problem on your hands when you start leaving behind oil puddles everywhere you go.  If you find yourself needing fresh oil before 3K, you should get help for the car engine, too.

When the smoke coming from the exhaust shines with color of robin’s egg blue, you know there’s an issue.

What to do if You Suspect Your Car is Burning Oil Too Fast

If you think your car is burning oil too fast, then you need to do a little experiment to determine if your conjecture is accurate.

Park the car on a flat surface.  Leave it alone for about half an hour so it cools.  Check the engine’s motor oil level using the dipstick.  If it’s low, refill it.

Write down the mileage in a safe place.

After one week, check the oil level again.  If it’s significantly lower, you’re losing oil at a dangerous rate (if you drove less than 3000 miles).

Call a mechanic!

Some cars, by the way, are just notorious little oil burners, leakers, and guzzlers.  

A quick way to find out if your car is on the bad engine oil list: type your make, model, and year into a search engine.  If you see a crowd of people griping about the same issue, you know you’ve got a common cause on your hands.

To Find the Source is to Know Why Your Car is Burning Oil So Fast

When you want to answer the riddle of why your car is burning oil too fast, there has to be a moment taken to figure out the reason for the occurrence. 

Be logical.  The cause is NOT that you are bad luck, that you deserve to have a car that burns oil too fast, how the planets are aligned or anything like that.

It’s related to the car’s engine health and how well it has been maintained over the years.  

Yes, there may be a degree of responsibility if you were lax with the oil change schedule.  However, sometimes these repair needs are a fluke – nobody’s fault except those who built the car at the factory.

When you see the obvious signs of a car burning oil quickly (blue smoke, leaks, smell of burning oil, etc.), react quickly to the problem.  

Check out the sources of the problem or call a mechanic.  

Some problems are simpler to solve than others – even when a car that is burning oil too fast.  For example, maybe the oil pan is badly adjusted.  It’s got a little leak of its own.  Once the pan is tightened, the overconsumption of oil comes to an end.

You can even spot some repair needs by where the leak is.  For example, if you’re catching the leak at the back of the motor engine, then it could be a bad seal causing the problem.  Getting to that seal is a task in and of itself.

For this reason, non-professionals should call a mechanic…or a tow truck!

Should I send my Car to a Junkyard Because It’s Burning Oil Too Fast?

Sometimes with cars, we get so frustrated we fantasize about sending the old piece of garbage car to the junkyard; perhaps if your car is burning oil too fast, you should.

A car that burns oil too fast isn’t necessarily one that needs to go to the junkyard.  A mechanic should check out the car to identify causes.  Maybe a simple additive, oil change, or oil pan adjustment can solve the problems quickly and affordably.

Then again, you might find out the head gasket is bad.  That’s a hefty repair bill!  How old is your car?  How much does it mean to you?  Maybe you should send it to the junkyard.

In fact, the junkyard pays cash for old cars no matter what condition they are in –an oil leak could be the signal for which you’ve been waiting, one that says “this car is done.”

You could take the cash you earn to buy a new(er) car, get a transit pass, or even buy a fresh pair of sneakers.

Sending a car that is riddled with problems to the junkyard may hurt your pride a little (it shouldn’t), but the payout and the fresh start are worth it in the end.  

The Final Say on A Car Burning Oil Fast

A car that burns oil too fast could be a small little issue or a giant headache depending on the situation.  Work with a mechanic to figure out which it is and go from there.

Remember, the junkyard is always an option!

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